USS Pennsylvania BB-38

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2nd Division

Dec. 29, 1941 -  March 15, 1945

Charter Member of "America's Greatest Generation"

Albert (Cleo) Crabtree passed away Feb. 2, 2001 at 4:00 pm after a gallant fight with asbestosis.  I am going to miss him very much.  My heart and soul goes out to his family and friends, this was a GREAT man... 

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Albert Crabtree & D. Giordano Albert Blazejewski (in the car)&
Ben Burris, Albert Blazejewski &
Albert Crabtree
Ben Burris, Albert Blazejewski  Albert Crabtree & Shapiro
??? Albert Crabtree Albert Crabtree
Albert Blazejewski Ben Burris
Ben Burris Shapiro Shapiro
Geridono, D. Leavitt, Al Crabtree Tailor Shop at San Bruno, CA 1945 Tailor Shop, 1945
DW Givens, SM Missnirt, AC Crabtree, C. Hernandez, EJ Donnely, J Jarvis. Al was acting MAA at the base but worked in the tailor shop.
Goff and ???, 2nd Division J.E. Cook  2nd Division ??? & ??? 2nd Division 43-45
William (Bill) Mitchell, 1st division 41-43.  Bill & Albert were school mates & joined the Navy together in Melrose, NM, Nov. 1941 C.B. Cates, 2nd Division Officer C. B. Cates & ??? 2nd Division officers, 42-45
Captains Inspection, 2nd Division, 1944 Captains Inspection, 2nd Division, 1942 at Pearl Harbor ???, but was from Lynn, Mass. 2nd Division 1942
Captains Inspection, 2nd Division, 1944.  Front row, L-R, Cook, Goff, ??? ??? 2nd Division 43-45 Jarvis, Donnelly, Missnirt, & Crabtree
Leo and Albert (Cleo) Crabtree, Twins, in Vallejo, CA.  1945
Phyllis with Donna and Albert holding Wanda in the Sonoma Plaza in 1952  Albert & Phyllis Crabtree, Aug. 22, 1947, Santa Rosa, CA, Wedding picture of Albert & Phyllis on their  50th Anniversary, 1997  Wanda and Albert (Cleo) on the farm in 1956
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Phyllis and Wanda His Daughters Wanda & Donna

This is Cleo and me in December of 2000

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Cleo's Brother, Jay

  I want to thank Phyllis, Wanda, Donna, Al and all of Cleo's wonderful family and friends for making my father and I feel at home.  We are all going miss Cleo, he was a great man and an American Hero.