Departments & Divisions

The following is a complete pictorial list of the Crew and theirdivisions.  I have scanned them at a high resolution so that they retainthe maximum quality possible.  Please be patient when clicking on thephoto, it may take some time to load, depending on your internet connectionspeed.  If youhave any division pictures from different  years, please and Iwill post them,  Thank you.....

Pictures taken in 1945


CrewPhotograph.jpg (209111 bytes)
The Crew of 1946
submitted by Kory Vaught
6th Division "R" Division "E" Division
Submitted by Joanie Rice
gunnerydept.jpg (86043 bytes) c&rdept.jpg (71182 bytes) engineeringdept.jpg (63524 bytes) supplydept.jpg (41286 bytes)
Gunnery Department Officers C &R Department Officers Engineering Department Officers Supply Department Officers
commsdept.JPG (66275 bytes) medicaldept.JPG (44969 bytes) chiefs.JPG (363542 bytes) 1st.JPG (387651 bytes)
Communications Department Officers Medical Department Officers Chief Petty Officers 1st Division
2nd.JPG (208280 bytes) 3rd.JPG (373183 bytes) 4thdivision.JPG (206801 bytes) 5th.JPG (417924 bytes)
2nd Division 3rd Division 4th Division 5th Division
6th.JPG (278877 bytes) 7th.JPG (248569 bytes) 8th.JPG (229202 bytes) 9th.JPG (218592 bytes)
6th Division 7th Division 8th Division 9th Division
10th.JPG (204023 bytes) 11thdivision.JPG (203268 bytes) A.jpg (243905 bytes) A1.jpg (247238 bytes)
10th Division 11th Division "A" Division "A" Division
B1.jpg (249166 bytes) B2.jpg (246549 bytes) CR.jpg (264506 bytes) CS.jpg (261607 bytes)
"B" Division "B" Division "CR" Division "CS" Division
E.jpg (292605 bytes) F.jpg (284021 bytes) H.jpg (247381 bytes) I.jpg (243347 bytes)
"E" Division "F" Division "H" Division "I" Division
L.jpg (160471 bytes) M.jpg (351830 bytes) N.jpg (336364 bytes) R1.jpg (358767 bytes)
"L" Division "M" Division "N" Division "R" Division
R2.jpg (351855 bytes) R3.jpg (290009 bytes) S1.jpg (419490 bytes) S2.jpg (290944 bytes)
"R" Division "R" Division (Band) "S" Division "S" Division
V.jpg (302004 bytes) Maa.jpg (296703 bytes)
"V" Division MAA

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