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Welcome to your USS Pennsylvania  Email Account,

Folks, I am going to keep this simple and it  probably don't apply to any of you but I have to say it.  There is only ONE rule, NO SPAM.  Anyone caught sending unsolicited mail to numerous people will have the account closed, no and's, if,s or but's about it, your done.  If you don't know what SPAM is you are lucky.  SPAM is unsolicited mail that is sent to you or sent by youSo the rule is NO SPAMMING

I would recommend that when you give your email address to another site that you use an address such as SO& or SO&  or some other free email account or use your regular address.  It is OK to give your Pennsy address but you will run the risk of getting junk mail at that address as well.  

This Account is yours for as long as you want it and use it. If you find that you are not using it, I would appreciate a note saying that I can reissue the account under a different name, there is a limited number of accounts available and if you are not going to use it then I would like to offer it to someone else.

The email account is FREE.  However, please keep in mind that the USSPENNSYLVANIA web site costs money to maintain.  There are monthly server costs and domain registration fees that will always be due.  If you can afford, a one time, small contribution of $10 that would go a long way to seeing that the site is always up to date and present on the World Wide Web.  This is NOT requiredIf you have made a purchase of a product you have already done your part in keeping this web site operating, and I thank you very much.

Enjoy the account and welcome to the Pennsy Family.........


Ken Munro

Contact me::

Ken Munro - BB-38 Web To request an account

Thanks for your support !!!!!!!

Ken Munro


Legal stuff:

The webmaster reserves the right to cancel and/or charge for the use of  email address at any time and for any reason.  If email sent by any user is offensive and or objectionable to any other person and that person files a complaint at the following address: Email MEthen the offending account will be terminated and any fees will not be refunded.  The webmaster will notify the offender and allow him or her to respond to the complaint but the Webmaster will make the final decision.