USS Pennsylvania History Project 

This is a form that will be used by Christina  for their history project on the USS Pennsylvania.  There are 10 questions on the form and they will be used in the "Personal Interview" section of the project.  

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In addition, anyone who fills out the form and submits prior to the history project deadline will receive a copy of the project when it is complete, so be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you for your snail mail address.  You may fill out the form after the deadline and I will be adding the info to the next edition.  All crewman who fill out the form below will receive a free copy of the next report.

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History Questionnaire

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1.  What year did you join the US Navy and why and when did you go aboard the Pennsy?


2. What Division were you in and what was your rate and rank, what was your job?


3. What was shipboard life like and were you married at the time and how old were you?  (food, sleep, watches, duties, liberty, the band, letters from home, boxing etc.)


4. What Naval Battles were you involved in and which one stands out in your mind and why? 


5. What was your most frightening and / or memorable experience during the time you were aboard the Pennsy?


6. How do you think the history and future of the Pennsy would have been affected had the torpedo missed the ship on August 12, 1945, three days before the end of the war?  Would the Surrender of Japan been held on the decks of the USS Pennsylvania instead of the USS Missouri and would the "Grand ol' Lady" still be here today?


7. What is it about your service on the Pennsylvania that makes you feel the proudest?


8. Do you feel that the USS Pennsylvania and its history is adequately remembered in history books and by the media and why?


9. How has your life have been changed because you served on the Pennsylvania and do you still keep in touch with your fellow crewmembers and why? (camaraderie, bond, battleship sailors etc)


10. What would you like future generations to remember or know about this great ship and her gallant crew?


Comments:  Feel free to say anything you like here, I thank you for your time and your service to this great Country, you are indeed Charter Members of  "America's Greatest Generation"...

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