The American Battleship

USS Pennsylvania BB-38

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Crewman 1924-1927

Received an email from Casey Heninger back in 2010 about his grandfather and his service on the USS Pennsylvania in the 1920's, here is a little of that communication:

Hi Ken,
It was nice talking with this morning. Sorry about my email address going away.  Please let me know what info you might need and I will be happy to send it to you.  My grandfather was Miles M. Mosley and was a Boatswain's Mate on board from 1924-27. He passed away in 1986 and I remember him mentioning he worked in the turrets loading shells during firing exercises of the 14" guns. I inherited his pictures and some memorabilia when he passed away and it has all been digitized. Would be great to see it archived on the internet.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

Casey Heninger

The amazing part of this was the attached photos and details of which I am going to post here.....

Click on the photos to see larger view

USS Pennsylvania - Pamama Domain of the Neptunus Rex