The moon was shining full and bright,
On August 12th-----that tragic night.
We were on our way to join the fleet,
And help bring the Japs to total defeat.

The crew was full of joy and fun,
We had received the word that the war was almost won.
Our ship to the Japs was not a stranger,
The gallant dreadnaught--the "PENNSYLVANIA".

She had fought like hell since Dec. 7th, fourty-one,
When America's war had just begun.
She pounded the Japs throughout the Pacific,
The crew was tough and her guns----terrific.

But August 12th will be a day to remember,
When word came from the Japs that they would surrender.
Then out of the sky came a Japanese plane,
And released a torpedo which caused destruction, death and pain.

For a while it looked like the big "P"s chance was mighty slim,
But the skill and courage of her fighting men,
Saved her from sinking to the depths within---
And now the Pennsy is sailing again.

This ship had fought and braved the sea,
That's why we speak victoriously,
Of a faithful ship---strong and true,
Which still flies---the red, white, and blue.


Submitted by John Curry

This was found in his father's Pennsy things