About Arnold

Arnold Strang, born October 10th, 1921, comes from a family of seven children, five boys and two girls. He was the third child of the seven. During World War II, four of the five brothers were serving in the military. Charles (Chuck) in the Marines, Arnold (Arnie) in the Navy, Robert (Bob) and Albert (Al) were in the Army. All served their country well and returned home except for Albert, who was killed in France at the Battle of the Bulge. Their mother and father worked in the war plant to build war supplies throughout the war. Arnold served on the USS Pennsylvania from April 1943 until December 1945, at the age of twenty-two.

Through his civilian working career, he worked as a licensed master plumber on big construction jobs and apartment complexes, also, on power houses, boilers, and pumps in large industrial plants and steel mills, throughout Michigan, mostly in the Detroit areas.

Arnold married, Ruth, on June 22, 1941. Married for 58 years now. Through the years they remained close with their families, and they feel their life together has been real good. They have always enjoyed traveling throughout the United States on vacations, and loved weekend trips to see family and friends. Their travels have taken them from coast to coast, and north and south, all by automobile. All vacations included the children, and many visits to Grandmas and Grandpas. Even now, they think nothing about jumping in the car to go see family or friends in other states.

Even though Arnold had three heart attacks, the last one resulting in a quad-by-pass operation in 1992, he is still active and mentally sharp. He has many hobbies; besides traveling, he enjoys hunting, fishing, ice fishing, riding a motorcycle, boating, and snowmobiling. He also has always enjoyed working on all his vehicles (cars, trucks, van, snowmobiles, etc.) through the years. Keeps them in good running condition himself. He also loves to read, enjoys anything pertaining to history, and even a good western story, now and then. Arnold built a house, and an A-frame cabin up north, and is refurbishing their northern residence.

As for his passions, Dad said in the early years it was " Good Food and Drink"; however, now, health dictates the proper food and drink. Actually, I can truly say, his passion is his family. Both Mom and Dad have always been with family to share their joys, special events and sorrows.

They have been blessed with four daughters, five grandsons, two granddaughters and five great grandchildren, (three boys and two girls). Family has always been extra important to Dad and he always enjoyed getting together, playing guitar, singing with family members, and sharing stories of travels, and how things were when he was a boy growing up.

Arnold will be seventy-eight on October 10th, l999. He lives in Johannesburg, Michigan, a small town in Northern Michigan.