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I should have revised this page a long time ago.  We are no longer using Firetalk or Paltalk.  However, several of the guys are on Yahoo instant messenger and it is free and works really well.  You can download it here ---> .  You  will need a yahoo user name which will be your yahoo email address ( and the first part of the address is your yahoo ID (the stuff before the @ sign). 

You must have a microphone and speakers if you want to voice chat, but you don't need them to do instant messaging.  

After you download it be sure to do a audio setup (you will need a microphone plugged into your computer) this will let you know that every thing is ok at that point.

I suggest that if you are not familiar with Yahoo that you read the help files and/or take the online yahoo tour. 

Here are some Pennsy Yahoo ID's

Ken Munro - navy_buff  That is an underscore between navy & buff

Grant Shotswell - granona

Morris Harwell  - mharwellusa

I will add more later....


See you there