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The following page is for anyone trying to locate afellow crew member or relative.  The list contains links to email sent tome about the person indicated. To request to be listed click here.

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Shipmates and Friends of Chief Warrant Carpenter Robert (Bob) Froemming NoSpam_ThorneF@aol.com Son I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, Chief Warrant Carpenter Robert (Bob) Froemming. He served in USS Pennsylvania from 2/14/44 until the ship was taken in for repairs after the attack at Buckner Bay. He worked in the Damage Control Division (not sure which Div was in charge of that). My father passed away in 1969 (I was way to young to either understand or appreciate the sacrifices you all made at that time) so I was never able to talk to him about his experiences. I am a retired Chief Gunner's Mate (missiles) having served 24 years on active duty. The only name I ever heard him mention was "Sy" (guessing at the spelling) who was apparently a DC phone talker. My father's second wife disposed of all his mementos after his passing and I am very interested in learning about his time on the Pennsylvania. I know that he served in the USS Blackhawk and USS Otus prior to his tour in Pennsylvania, but he only talked about Pennsylvania. Any information is greatly appreciated. My email is ThorneF@aol.com. Thank you
Shipmates and Friends of

Walter Edwin Jones

John W. Jones Son I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, Walter Edwin Jones, who was apparently on the Pennsylvania during the attack on Pearl Harbor. My father passed away in 1983, and I know very little about him and his time served during WWII, and would greatly appreciate any information anyone might have about him. 
James E. Craig Jacque Jakob Grand Daughter in Law Looking for anyone who new James E. Craig, First Lt. Commander of the USS Pennsylvania during WWII at Pearl Harbor.
Jack Howard Kehoe Greg Kehoe Son I am trying to find any shipmate or information on my father who was on the Pennsylvania sometime between 1943-1944. My father did not talk about his Navy days very often but I do know that he was in several campaigns in which he was nearly killed. Can you please help me get some information? His name is Jack Howard Kehoe. He was killed in a plane crash in 1986 and my family and I are trying to get some information about when he served in the Navy.
William Molstad Ernie Jones
10th Division
Shipmate & friend Looking for shipmate William Molstad (Bill) he was a ship mate in the 10th division. Last known address was in Inglewood, Cal. If you have any info please contact me or the Pennsy Web
Shipmates and Friends of
Robert Eugene KENNEDY (Shorty) Seaman 2nd Class
Karolyn Kennedy Witte Daughter My dad was Robert Eugene KENNEDY (Shorty) Seaman 2nd Class aboard USS Pennsylvania until 30 Nov 1934 when he was discharged. I need to find more information about him during that time and afterward when he lived in Long Beach CA and worked at Douglas Aircraft during the war. I would like to hear from anyone who might have know him because I was told he was married during the time he was in the service and would like to find out more about him during this timeframe. Shortly after leaving the service he was robbed and hit over the head with a lead pipe and had very little memory of his earlier life. I am his daughter and remember after his naval days that he had buddies who would come and visit.  Please Contact Karolyn if you have info.
Shipmates, 5th Division Dave Holmberg Russell Nuzum's Nephew I wish to find shipmates or anyone who may have known my uncle who served aboard the Pennsylvania during 1943 - 1945. Or if someone could tell me about the 5th division which is the one in which he served. His name was Russell Nuzum and he died some years ago without really saying much about his service during the war except to show us some pictures when I was very young. I believe his battle station was at one of the AA guns somewhere around the beam of the ship (at least according to another of my uncles). Thank you Dave Holmberg.
Shipmates, from "R" Division Sheila Spencer James E. Lipsey's daughter I would like to hear from any of his crew mates. He was in the "R" Division from '42 - '45.
Shipmate and Friend 
Don Levitt of  Eugene OR.
Al Crabtree
(2nd Division)
Friend We left the Pennsy together on Mar. 15, 1945. He was a 1st class Gunners Mate. We were very good friends and had made all the rates on the same dates. He left Vallejo, Ca on the 17th of March for Oregon on his thirty day leave and he reported to the east coast for reassignment and I reported to Pleasanton, Ca and was assigned to the 12th Naval district at San Bruno, CA. I would like to know if I could make contact with him or his family.
Herbert Ralph Richards  Sarah
His youngest daughter Am looking for shipmates of Herbert Ralph Richards.  He was on board the Harry Lee for a short stint, the Sarsi, and the Pennsylvania. I want to know what kind of man he was at that time.  Any information will be greatly appreciated. 
Harold Comstock Walter Jones Friend Seeking information about Harold Comstock who was killed aboard the Pennsy on Dec. 7th.  Harold and myself enlisted together in 1941 and attended Radio Communications school in San Diego.  Harold went to the Pennsylvania while I went to the Northampton. I have never been able to learn of his battle station when he was killed, can anyone help me?


Don Dawson Friend
 I served in WW2 in the Washington BB56. After the war I attended the USMM Academy at Kings Point. I lost the best boyhood friend I EVER had, and have found out after all these years he served in the glorious old Pennsylvania. I understand he was on her at Pearl on December 7th. If you or any of your shipmates can tell me anything about him, I will be eternally grateful. There was some correspondence between us when we were kids, but you know how that goes, especially during wartime.  
W. Boldt
Robert Lashbrook 
(Cat Eye)
Shipmate The person I am interested in is B/SM Boldt.  He was in CS Division  on USS Pennsylvania in 1945.  I was in F Division in l945. He nicknamed me "Cat Eye"
Joseph N.
Janet Daughter If anybody remembers anything about him please let me know. My farther has passed away I would like to find out more about him or about the crewman on the ship. 

A. J. Winchester

Howard Perry Shipmate Hello my name is Steve Perry. My dad Howard Perry served on the USS Pennsylvania 7th Division during 1943 to 1945. He is looking for a friend that also served during that time his name is A. J. Winchester. He also was in the 7th Division. My Dad would very much like to get in touch with him and say hi. If anyone has any information that could connect these two sailors please help us out.
Info About W.C. Anderson, MAA Heather Urich Granddaughter Looking for friends/shipmates of William C. Anderson would like to hear from anyone who served with my grandfather. He was a MAA aboard the ship. If you have any stories or just remember him, my sister and I would be very interested to hear them.
Donald McCormick   Nephew Donald McCormick, served on the Pennsylvania though 1941 and the months immediately following the Pearl Harbor attack. He was aboard ship during the attack. It's my understanding he was a PO/CPO assigned to the aviation (floatplane) division. I'm interested in hearing from anyone that had contact with Don.
Pete Strassel and Winfred Michon of "E" Division and Walter Saloun   John Bryant  Shipmates  John J. Bryant is looking for Shipmates from 6th and "E" divisions, 1943-1945.  My dad would like to hear from any of his shipmates. Pete Strassel and Winfred Michon of "E" Division and Walter Saloun of the Eighth Division, Submitted by his daughter Kathleen Bryant
J. (Nick) Balcerski 


Arnold  Strang  Shipmates  Trying to find J. "Nick" Balcerski for my father in law, Arnold Strang. It is something he has been trying to do for a long time. Understand the reason, read the Arnold Strang's Story on the Pennsy site. Any information please contact Jim Harriott   see info here
 Glenn Jim - 5th division  Clyde Copley  Shipmates My name is Becky Dant and I emailed a couple of weeks ago about a crewman by the name of Glenn Jim that my father, Clyde Copley, knew aboard ship. Dad has very little to go on except that Mr. Jim was his gunner's mate and was in the 5th Division. Dad remembers he was a Hopi Indian and that he left before 1945. Any information that can be found on this crewman would be appreciated! My father spent a Sat. afternoon with me looking over the website. It was really interesting listening to his recollections as we reviewed the War History and the 5th Division Photo (of which he has a copy, but does not include names). He explained photos of Buckner Bay (after the torpedo) and recalled the efforts to stabilize the ship. Thanks for all the hard work that has been put into this wonderful site! Again, we appreciate any information you ( or anyone else) may uncover regarding Glenn Jim. Thanks, Becky Dant