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USS Pennsylvania Hat (Custom) $19.95 X = See Below Custom Pennsy
USS Pennsylvania Hat (Standard) $29.95        
Polo Shirt   (with Logo)  $36.00 X = See Below Size (S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Sweat Shirt (with Logo) $46.00 X = See Below Size (S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Tee Shirt   (2 Sided)  $16.95 X = See Below Size (S,M,L,XXL)
James Flood Print $70.00 X = FREE Golden Gate View
James Flood Print $60.00 X = FREE Bow View
Pennsy Pin $14.95 X = See Below Rare and unique Pin (limited Quantity) 
Name Added  $3.00  X = See Below  Add YOUR name to Something
Book, Pennsy Second Edition ( Now Available!)  $47.50  X = See Below  The USS Pennsylvania Book
Pennsy Street Sign $16.95        
Book, The Quack Corps $17.95 X See Below by Art Wells, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Pennsy Gun Crew. 11th Division
Book, After the Mud $16.95 X See Below by Bill Shrout, His Navy Stories. 
Additional Shipping *    $1.00 X = See Below  See Below

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