USS Pennsylvania BB-38
1945 Crew Roster

A very special thank you to Rebekah Freimann, 4th grade school teacher from Louisiana for typing and submitting this list of almost 2500 names, Send her a thank you, this was a lot of work folks.

Names are listed by LAST name first. 

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Search using Control (Ctrl) + F,  push both keys at the same time, type in the name (last name) that you are looking for and then click FIND.  

Then if you find a name go to a the Divisions Page and look for the picture in the Division.

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I need to have his division and years of service if possible.



Name                                           Division

Bates, Lt. J., Jr.                            Gunnery Department

Price, Lt. T.                                  Gunnery Department

Melvin, Lt. E.                                Gunnery Department

Weaver, Lt. R                               Gunnery Department

McClelland, 1st Lt. B.                   Gunnery Department

Cates, Lt. C., Jr.                           Gunnery Department

Bramley, Lt. Comdr. J.                 Gunnery Department

Lesick, Major J.                           Gunnery Department

Freedman, Comdr. A., Jr.             Gunnery Department

Klein, Lt. Comdr. P.                     Gunnery Department

Ahlgrimm, Lt. Comdr. C,              Gunnery Department

Davidson, Lt. R., Jr.                      Gunnery Department

Hawley, Lt. F.                              Gunnery Department

Hill, Lt. R.                                     Gunnery Department

Reed, Lt. C.                                 Gunnery Department

Cooke, Lt. D.                               Gunnery Department

Dyer, Lt. H                                   Gunnery Department

Asaff, Lt. J.                                   Gunnery Department

Schroeder, Lt. R. [jg]                    Gunnery Department

Peterson, Lt. D. [jg]                      Gunnery Department

Gazdik, Lt. J. [jg]                          Gunnery Department

Martin, Ens. W.                            Gunnery Department

Malek, Ens. J.                               Gunnery Department

DeBuhr, Lt. C. [jg]                       Gunnery Department

Brawner, Ens. L., Jr.                     Gunnery Department

Fitts, Ens. W.                                Gunnery Department

Tavss, Ens. P.                               Gunnery Department

Sullivan, Ens. E.                            Gunnery Department

Klein, Lt. D. [jg]                           Gunnery Department

Lynett, Lt. L. [jg]                          Gunnery Department

Gard, Lt. B., Jr. [jg]                      Gunnery Department

Glindeman, Ens. H., Jr.                 Gunnery Department

Cax, Ens. W.                                Gunnery Department

Dunning, Ens. E.                           Gunnery Department

Hatfield, Lt. H. [jg]                       Gunnery Department

Lantelme, Ch. G. H.                      Gunnery Department

Flammang, Lt. H. [jg]                    Gunnery Department

Neary, Lt. S. [jg]                          Gunnery Department

Fergus, Lt. L. [jg]                         Gunnery Department

Maupin, Ens. L. Jr.                       Gunnery Department

Swersky, Ens. H.                          Gunnery Department

La Plant, Lt. O. [jg]                      Gunnery Department

Ogle, Ens. P.                                 Gunnery Department

Gossman, Lt. G. [jg]                      Gunnery Department

Gustafson, Lt. R. [jg]                     Gunnery Department

French, Lt. P. [jg]                          Gunnery Department

Laughlin, Lt. E. [jg]                        Gunnery Department

Vanek, Ens. J.                               Gunnery Department

De Mayo, Ens. J., Jr.                     Gunnery Department

Beckham, Ens. C.                          Gunnery Department

Carter, Ens. W.                             Gunnery Department

Clay, Ens. A.                                 Gunnery Department

Hibler, 1st Lt. B.                            Gunnery Department

Glidden, Lt. H. R.                          C & R Department

Howard, Lt. Comdr. E. D.             C & R Department

William E. Stock Jr., Comdr.        C & R Department

Gage, Lt. W. H., Jr.                       C & R Department

Hill, Lt. W. W. [jg]                        C & R Department

Bertram, Ch. Carp. R. A.               C & R Department

Carson, Ens. J. W.                         C & R Department

Duckett, Ch. Bos'n. M. L.              C & R Department

Haldeman, Lt. R. G. [jg]                C & R Department

Mills, Ens. J. L., Jr.                        C & R Department

Hershey, Ens. G. F.                       Engineering Department

Allen, Ens. J. G.                             Engineering Department

Williams, Lt. L. D.                         Engineering Department

Wilson, Lt. A. W.                          Engineering Department

Gallant, Lt. Comdr. A. E., Jr.        Engineering Department

Elliott, Lt. W. H., Jr.                      Engineering Department

Cohen, Lt. A. J., Jr.                       Engineering Department

Hamerstadt, Lt. J. R.                      Engineering Department

Montalvo, Ch. Mach. R. V.           Engineering Department

Scharn, Ch. Elec. V. G.                 Engineering Department

Kieffer, Mach. E. C.                      Engineering Department

Moore, Ch. Mach. H. H.               Engineering Department

Thoene, Ens. F. A., Jr.                   Engineering Department

Wason, Ens. R. A., III                   Engineering Department

Moody, Ens. S. C.                         Engineering Department

Sproul, Ens. J. B.                           Engineering Department

Scroggins, Ch. Pay Clerk T. S.     Supply Department

Flowers, Lt. E. R. [jg]                    Supply Department

Standish, Lt. Comdr. E. M.            Supply Department

Harris, Lt. Comdr. R., Jr.               Supply Department

Wedin, Ens. R. S.                          Supply Department

Whitten, Lt.[Jg] Rodney OTRG    Communication Department

Bradford, Ch. R. E. Charles H.     Communication Department

Gibbons, Ens. Hugh. E.                  Communication Department

Liles, Lt. Rupert D. [jg]                  Communication Department

McCarthy, Lt. Harold J. [jg]          Communication Department

Sands, Ens. Eugene A.                   Communication Department

Graves, Sh. Clk. Reese E.              Communication Department

Ducey, Lt. John McM.                   Communication Department

Braselton, Lt. Herbert B.                Communication Department

Flynn, Lt. Comdr. Russell Francis  Communication Department

McCarthy, Lt. William J.                Communication Department

Massey, Lt. Fred Eugene               Communication Department

LeRouax, Ens. Richard R.              Communication Department

Snyder, Ens. Joseph E., Jr.             Communication Department

Bryan, Ens. James David, Jr.          Communication Department

Don Carlos, Lt. Waldo E. [jg]       Communication Department

Overstreet, Ens. Robert K.            Communication Department

Brunke, Lt. Arthur C.                     Communication Department

Lacy, Ens. Evan H., Jr.                  Communication Department

Forsley, Lt. Comdr. E. T.               Medical Department

Daft, Lt. R. E.                                Medical Department

Foertner, Lt. Comdr. J. F.              Medical Department

Sheeran, Lt. A. D.                         Medical Department

Grant, Lt. Comdr. A. W.               Medical Department

Wieselman, H.                               CPO

Polston, C.                                    CPO

Collins, J.                                       CPO

Holmes, C.                                    CPO

LaLiberty, H.                                 CPO

Razor, U.                                       CPO

Estridge, A.                                   CPO

Thomas, R.                                    CPO

Noble, H.                                      CPO

O'dell, J.                                        CPO

Kane, A.                                       CPO

Yeager, F.                                     CPO

Pace, R.                                        CPO

Stone, W.                                      CPO

Chowaniec, W.                              CPO

Woodard, G.                                 CPO

Burleigh, L.                                    CPO

Smith, G.                                       CPO

Leverton, T.                                   CPO

Williams, S.                                   CPO

Miller, R.                                       CPO

McGuire, P.                                   CPO

McDonald, C.                               CPO

Ryan, K.                                        CPO

Fiegenspan, E.                               CPO

Miesse, N.                                     CPO

Karlovich, N.                                 CPO

Anderson, L.                                 CPO

Lorenzen, E.                                  CPO

Buice, W.                                      CPO

Fickel, A.                                      CPO

Brabenec, L.                                  CPO

Lyons, J.                                       CPO

Chailland, E.                                 CPO

Craft, S.                                       CPO

Bailey, W.                                    CPO

Nease, F.                                     CPO

Gainor, C.                                    CPO

Priebe, A.                                     CPO

Kuhlenbeck, L.                             CPO

Land, M.                                      CPO

Anderson, P.                                CPO

Styner, K.                                     CPO

Kniesley, J.                                   CPO

Conry, E.                                      CPO

Smith, R.                                      CPO

Wade, R.                                      1st Division

Lileks, Vernon A.                          1st Division

Krawczyk, J.                                1st Division

Carpenter, R.                                1st Division

Gruchalski, Z.                               1st Division

Howerton, D.                               1st Division

Waldron, M.                                 1st Division

Inwood, R.                                   1st Division

Rundberg, R.                                1st Division

Ashwood, W.                               1st Division

Bailey, H.                                     1st Division

Compton, L.                                 1st Division

Coeyman, S.                                 1st Division

Lachtrupp, L.                                1st Division

Wronski, F.                                  1st Division

Lavallee, P.                                   1st Division

Balke, R.                                      1st Division

Allsopp, J.                                    1st Division

Ragsdale, S.                                 1st Division

Horner, R.                                    1st Division

Mallory, M.                                  1st Division

DiCarlantonio, A.                          1st Division

Andrick, R.                                   1st Division

Baier, E.                                       1st Division

Whitener, H.                                 1st Division

Keller, D.                                     1st Division

Anderson, W.                               1st Division

Baer, H.                                       1st Division

Keller, D.                                     1st Division

Hall, M.                                        1st Division

Henriksen, J.                                 1st Division

Berger, H.                                    1st Division

Conatti, J.                                     1st Division

McIntire, L.                                  1st Division

Reed, G.                                       1st Division

Bischoff, V.                                  1st Division

Myracle, J.                                    1st Division 

Bailey, H.                                      1st Division 

Gibson, W.                                    1st Division

Couchman, R.                                1st Division

Aubrey, R                                      1st Division

Kilgore, L.                                     1st Division

Litherland,R.                                  1st Division

Arnett, H.                                      1st Division

Mazel, H.                                      1st Division

Brainard, G.                                   1st Division

Swersky, Ens. H.                          1st Division

Asaff, Lt. J.                                   1st Division

Schroeder, Lt. R. [jg]                    1st Division

Atkinson, G.                                 1st Division

Woods, G.                                   1st Division

Hubbell, J.                                    1st Division

Anderson, C.                                1st Division

Avey, E.                                       1st Division

Baldwin, T.                                   1st Division

Bandy, C.                                     1st Division

Gibbons, R.                                  1st Division

Andregg, G.                                  1st Division

Winterbottom, R.                          1st Division

Horvoth, J.                                   1st Division

Runion, E.                                     1st Division

Poulia, E.                                      1st Division

Curto, M.                                     1st Division

Lesniewski, E.                              1st Division

Manley, J.                                     1st Division

McCord, D.                                 1st Division

Ledesma, R.                                 1st Division

Baginski, R.                                  1st Division

Baldwin, H.                                  1st Division

Little, L.                                        1st Division

Putnam, L.                                    1st Division

Ashworth, J.                                 1st Division

Malak, J.                                      1st Division

Ames, W.                                     1st Division

Alick, M., Jr.                                1st Division

Morgan, H.                                   1st Division

Metcalf, C.                                   1st Division

Waara, W.                                   1st Division

Anderson, C.                                1st Division

Worthy, J.                                    1st Division

Arcadi, N.                                    1st Division

Babb, C.                                      1st Division

Adams, H., Jr.                              1st Division

Rushing, J.                                    1st Division

McMahon, J.                                1st Division

Jones, Harvey Douglas                2nd Division

Dede, L.                                       2nd Division

Jones, F.                                       2nd Division

Laddusaw, J.                                2nd Division

Lackey, L.                                    2nd Division

Ryan, K.                                       2nd Division

Clay, Ens. A.                                2nd Division

Maupin, Ens. L.                            2nd Division

Cates, Lt. C., Jr.                           2nd Division

Wendler, H.                                  2nd Division

Cook, J.                                       2nd Division

Jones, S.                                       2nd Division

Martin, E.                                     2nd Division

Cross, J.                                       2nd Division

McCabe, G.                                 2nd Division

Ballut, W.                                     2nd Division

Hood, R.                                      2nd Division

Shirley, M.                                    2nd Division

Brennan, R.                                  2nd Division

Kay, M.                                       2nd Division

Romero, J.                                    2nd Division

Haney, D.                                     2nd Division

Mendez, V.                                  2nd Division

Beall, P.                                        2nd Division

Bauer, G.                                      2nd Division

Welsh, J.                                      2nd Division

Tice, W.                                       2nd Division

Morrison, L.                                 2nd Division

Griffiths, R.                                   2nd Division

Meade, J.                                     2nd Division

Cantrell, D.                                   2nd Division

Cowart, J.                                    2nd Division

Smith, E.                                       2nd Division

Hans, J.                                        2nd Division

Eddy, K.                                      2nd Division

Banta, J.                                       2nd Division

Hankins, J.                                    2nd Division

Jones, G.                                      2nd Division

Gillian, G.                                     2nd Division

Carpenter, W.                              2nd Division

DiMichele, D.                               2nd Division

Balash, P., Jr.                               2nd Division

Carpenter, E.                                2nd Division

Jesperson, H.                                2nd Division

Langford, F.                                 2nd Division

Shannholtzer, J.                             2nd Division

Beard, W.                                    2nd Division

Schettler, C.                                 2nd Division

Smith, O.                                      2nd Division

Cooper, E.                                   2nd Division

Becker, V.                                    2nd Division

Pierce, E.                                      2nd Division

Butler, W.                                     2nd Division

Casdorph, J.                                 2nd Division

Rood, C.                                      2nd Division

Regula, R.                                     2nd Division

Hankins, J.                                    2nd Division

Jenson, D.                                    2nd Division

Davi, R.                                        2nd Division

McLeod, O.                                 2nd Division

Bateman, G.                                 2nd Division

Goerndt, H.                                  2nd Division

Ellis, W.                                        2nd Division

Boone, H.                                     2nd Division

Kall, R.                                         2nd Division

Bartrand, R.                                  2nd Division

Blackford, W.                               2nd Division

Bradley, J.                                    2nd Division

Sauer, F.                                      2nd Division

Carpenter, L., Jr.                          2nd Division

Patterson, W.                               2nd Division

Goff, R.                                        2nd Division

Norby, L.                                     2nd Division

Budzynski, R.                               2nd Division

Bradley, W.                                  2nd Division

Hanrick, C.                                   2nd Division

Troutman, W.                               2nd Division

Bell, L.                                         2nd Division

Malloy, T.                                     2nd Division

Brower, B.                                   2nd Division

Giordano, D.                                2nd Division

Ward, H.                                      2nd Division

Hoefer, John Henry                       3rd Division

Dougherty, Michael                       3rd Division

 Gary, Homer L                              3rd Division

Gordon, E.                                   3rd Division

Gordon, A.                                   3rd Division

Czerwinski, T.                              3rd Division

Tavss, Ens. P.                               3rd Division

Chailland, E.                                 3rd Division

Laughlin, Lt. E. [jg]                       3rd Division

Hauck, R.                                     3rd Division

Gee, E.                                         3rd Division

Rote, H.                                       3rd Division

Woolston, R.                                3rd Division

Wilson, P.                                     3rd Division

Baker, C.                                     3rd Division

Dougherty, M.                              3rd Division

Bucker, R.                                    3rd Division

Gouker, W.                                  3rd Division

Pippen, L.                                     3rd Division

Simpkins, J.                                  3rd Division

Sneed, R.                                     3rd Division

Schnell, A.                                    3rd Division

Schulte, P.                                    3rd Division

Kent, E.                                        3rd Division

Dickinson, F.                                3rd Division

Trentham, L.                                 3rd Division

Tompkins, L.                                3rd Division

Meeker, M.                                  3rd Division

Barker, T.                                     3rd Division

Miranda, J.                                   3rd Division

Beckert, W.                                  3rd Division

Boynes, M.                                   3rd Division

Bennett, C.                                   3rd Division

Caraway, J.                                  3rd Division

Chavez, R.                                    3rd Division

Shaeffer, C.                                  3rd Division

Makowiec, W.                             3rd Division

McDowell, J.                                3rd Division

Rawls, F.                                      3rd Division

Schmitt, E.                                    3rd Division

Mersman, J.                                  3rd Division

Matej, J.                                       3rd Division

Mitchell, D.                                   3rd Division

Fulmer, A.                                    3rd Division

Dilgart, H.                                     3rd Division

Chaney, R.                                   3rd Division

Winkler, R.                                   3rd Division

Vertress, H.                                  3rd Division

Imel, H.                                        3rd Division

Calford, K.                                   3rd Division

Ryan, E.                                       3rd Division

Kerling, D.                                    3rd Division

Duffy, D.                                      3rd Division

Denslow, M.                                 3rd Division

Smith, W.                                     3rd Division

Southerland, B.                             3rd Division

Bishop, H.                                    3rd Division

Bailey, H.                                     3rd Division

Stanley, L.                                    3rd Division

Messick, J.                                   3rd Division

Robinson, D.                                3rd Division

Van Meter, J.                               3rd Division

Schieck, N.                                  3rd Division

Herren, H.                                    3rd Division

Marchio, F.                                  3rd Division

Mendoza, L.                                 3rd Division

Shafer, S.                                     3rd Division

Tenney, A.                                    3rd Division

Herron, E.                                    3rd Division

Miller, R.                                      3rd Division

Ortiz, E.                                        3rd Division

Harwood, D.                                3rd Division

Nelson, E.                                    3rd Division

Holder, L.                                     3rd Division

Sarussi, P.                                    3rd Division

Boxen, M.                                    3rd Division

Davister, A.                                  3rd Division

Daugherty, L.                                3rd Division

Deavers, M., Jr.                            3rd Division

DeVrieze, H.                                3rd Division

Fernandez, J.                                3rd Division

Camp, H.                                     3rd Division

Roellig, R.                                     3rd Division

Middleton, I.                                 3rd Division

Blanton, W.                                  3rd Division

Bailey, W.                                    4th Division

Huckabay, W.                              4th Division

Ramirez, J.                                    4th Division

Liska, W.                                     4th Division

Estes, L.                                       4th Division

Grawe, N.                                    4th Division

Middleton, R.                               4th Division

Hissem, J.                                     4th Division

Bailey, A.                                     4th Division

Busch, R.                                      4th Division

Warren, W., Jr.                            4th Division

Morris, P.                                     4th Division

Foley, J.                                       4th Division

Grounds, H.                                  4th Division

Cartwright, E.                               4th Division

Gualdoni, L.                                  4th Division

Molton, C.                                    4th Division

Seroczynski, J.                              4th Division

Sloas, T.                                       4th Division

Shuster, R.                                    4th Division

Moore, R.                                    4th Division

McElroy, C.                                 4th Division

Hatfield, Lt. H. [jg]                       4th Division

Dyer, Lt. H                                   4th Division

Dunning, Ens. E.                           4th Division

Polston, C.                                   4th Division

Wilson, E.                                     4th Division

Fikes, E.                                       4th Division

Joefreda, S.                                  4th Division

Magnuson, L.                               4th Division

Duncan, R.                                   4th Division

Moore, L.                                     4th Division

McLaughlin, W.                            4th Division

Carter, S.                                     4th Division

Schroeder, A.                               4th Division

Fowler, F.                                    4th Division

Browning, C.                                4th Division

McNabney, A.                             4th Division

Kindsfather, T.                              4th Division

Hanley, R.                                    4th Division

Brooks, J.                                     4th Division

Turzanski, P.                                 4th Division

Dye, V.                                        4th Division

Elridge, H.                                    4th Division

Ricker, W.                                    4th Division

Riggs, A.                                      4th Division

Reece, R.                                     4th Division

Fales, C. Walter                           4th Division

Nail, G.                                        4th Division

Shied, R.                                      4th Division

Brown, M.                                    4th Division

Buchholtz, K.                                4th Division

Robinson, W.                               4th Division

Davidson, J.                                  4th Division

Middlebrook, L.                           4th Division

Cocanougher, W.                         4th Division

Pierce, R.                                     4th Division

Gray, J.                                        4th Division

Catley, C.                                     4th Division

Fay, P.                                         4th Division

Sanders, R.                                   4th Division

Ramsey, C.                                   4th Division

Carpenter, W.                              4th Division

Bukovitz, E.                                  4th Division

Seymer, O.                                   4th Division

Crager, S.                                     4th Division

Grey, K.                                       4th Division

Parks, W.                                     4th Division

Adams, E.                                    4th Division

Walker, W., Jr.                             4th Division

Kramer, R.                                   4th Division

Rassmussen, G.                            4th Division

Schuldt, H.                                   4th Division

Jensen, C.                                     4th Division

Grundmeyer, V.                            4th Division

Perrone, J.                                    4th Division

Ramirez, J.                                    4th Division

Perry, I.                                        4th Division

Schwengler, S.                              4th Division

Schrum, R., Jr.                              4th Division

Bollinger, R.                                  4th Division

Carter, J.                                      4th Division

Elmer, W.                                     4th Division

Kolling, G.                                    4th Division

Barron, W.                                   5th Division

Hempfling, William David              5th Division

Pollock, E., Jr.                              5th Division

Boyette, E.                                   5th Division

McAdams, C., Jr.                         5th Division

Bethke, C.                                    5th Division

Milam, J.                                      5th Division

Peterson, Lt. D. [jg]                      5th Division

Flammang, Lt. H. [jg]                    5th Division

Land, M.                                      5th Division

Davidson, Lt. R., Jr.                      5th Division

Klein, Lt. D. [jg]                           5th Division

Williams, J.                                   5th Division

Birchfield, R.                                 5th Division

Gruber, D.                                    5th Division

Short, H.                                      5th Division

Fenner, R.                                    5th Division

Klibert, R.                                    5th Division

Mayotte, E.                                  5th Division

Hevenor, D.                                  5th Division

Fecher, G.                                    5th Division

Bennett, C.                                   5th Division

Whilley, G., Jr.                              5th Division

Frazier, G.                                    5th Division

McCabe, G.                                 5th Division

Cecil, A.                                       5th Division

Chute, W.                                     5th Division

Lazenby, W.                                 5th Division

Lindeman, E.                                5th Division

Phancuf, A.                                   5th Division

Damron, D.                                  5th Division

Litwinowicz, M.                            5th Division

Barker, R.                                    5th Division

Chestnut, K.                                 5th Division

Luna, G.                                       5th Division

Brennan, R.                                  5th Division

McGuine, K.                                5th Division

Sedlacek, O.                                5th Division

Brooks, J.                                     5th Division

Petroff, C.                                    5th Division

Liverman, P.                                 5th Division

Chesla, W.                                   5th Division

Brake, S.                                      5th Division

Stover, D.                                     5th Division

Mathews, T.                                 5th Division

Smart, D.                                      5th Division

Lockett, W.                                  5th Division

Leslie, J.                                       5th Division

Conley, H.                                    5th Division

Griffin, T.                                      5th Division

Bruhn, L.                                      5th Division

Apel, H.                                       5th Division

Conway, F.                                  5th Division

Curley, J.                                      5th Division

Grant, H.                                      5th Division

Lavallee, J.                                   5th Division

Core, D.                                       5th Division

Swanton, R.                                  5th Division

Caldeira, H.                                  5th Division

Brooks, S.                                    5th Division

McHale, G.                                  5th Division

Rose, M.                                      5th Division

Robinson, J.                                  5th Division

Wright, C., Jr.                               5th Division

Mezak, J.                                     5th Division

Lepic, G.                                      5th Division

White, H.                                      5th Division

Clinton, J.                                     5th Division

Nuzum, R.                                    5th Division

Cantrell, J.                                    5th Division

Caudill, B.                                    5th Division

Kightlinger, J.                                5th Division

Helm, L.                                       5th Division

Metcalf, R.                                   5th Division

Claywell, A.                                  5th Division

Shumate, W.                                 5th Division

Cosper, E.                                    5th Division

Keyser, L.                                    5th Division

Ruppert, I.                                    5th Division

Wolfe, N.                                     5th Division

Boysnack, S.                                5th Division

Bradshaw, C.                               5th Division

Mattingly, R.                                 5th Division

Hinkle, D.                                     5th Division

Russell, A.                                    5th Division

Jones, R.                                      5th Division

Cowling, C.                                  5th Division

Hahn, D.                                       5th Division

Brookshire, M.                             5th Division

Quillin, R.                                     5th Division

Brawner, J.                                   5th Division

Elong, J.                                       5th Division

Kidwell, L.                                   5th Division

Schollmeyer, E.                             5th Division

Dolph, D.                                     5th Division

Poynter, J.                                    5th Division

Westenhouse, D.                          5th Division

Herring, L.                                    5th Division

Moore, T.                                     5th Division

Wilson, L.                                     5th Division

Hailicka, N.                                  5th Division

Dalton, F.                                     5th Division

Bozman, J.                                    5th Division

Leech, B.                                      5th Division

Littlefield, J.                                  5th Division

Sharrett, N.                                  5th Division

Crowell, W.                                  5th Division

Whitney, B.                                  5th Division

Witt, C.                                        5th Division

Hixsox, C.                                    5th Division

Sollie, W.                                     5th Division

Wade, L.                                      5th Division

Noel, J.                                        5th Division

Dauer, I.                                       5th Division

Nicklaus, H.                                 5th Division

Coleman, S.                                  5th Division

Copley, C.                                    5th Division

Cipolloni, G.                                 5th Division

Patrick, T.                                    5th Division

Meek, W.                                     5th Division

Farra, L.                                       5th Division

Benke, R.                                     5th Division

Roth, R.                                        5th Division

Keeton, S.                                    5th Division

Berry, J.                                       5th Division

Sheppard, D.                                5th Division

Champion, H.                               5th Division

Brooker, G.                                  5th Division

Savitsky, G.                                  5th Division

Marques, T.                                  5th Division

Bryan, W.                                     5th Division

Briseno, P.                                    5th Division

Haley, R.                                      5th Division

Grant, J.                                       5th Division

Hickey, Gordon                             6th Division

Fullerton, L.                                  6th Division

Frazer, G.                                     6th Division

Corriea, A.                                   6th Division

Hartman, G.                                  6th Division

Griffith, C.                                    6th Division

Boyet, M.                                     6th Division

Hollis, D.                                      6th Division

Lollar, C.                                      6th Division

Grimm, H.                                    6th Division

Ring, R.                                        6th Division

Harvey, D.                                    6th Division

Smith, W.                                     6th Division

Hall, J.                                          6th Division

Mariano, C.                                  6th Division

DeMayo, Ens. J., Jr.                     6th Division

Price, Lt. T.                                  6th Division

Gard, Lt. B., Jr. [jg]                      6th Division

Lynett, Lt. L. [jg]                          6th Division

Lake, T.                                       6th Division

Slaton, D.                                     6th Division

McMahon, J.                                6th Division

Ralston, A.                                   6th Division

Thompson, N.                              6th Division

Neuman, L.                                  6th Division

Geldhof, P.                                   6th Division

Smith, J.                                       6th Division

Steyskal, J.                                   6th Division

George, D.                                   6th Division

Hackney, B.                                 6th Division

Hale, R.                                        6th Division

Jonus, M.                                     6th Division

Mathis, C.                                    6th Division

Meadows, J.                                 6th Division

Harris, W.                                    6th Division

Johnson, Z.                                   6th Division

Dillon, W.                                     6th Division

Melvin, C.                                    6th Division

Bryant, W.                                    6th Division

Sorrell, C.                                     6th Division

Arrington, N.                                6th Division

Escobedo, R.                                6th Division

Whaland, R.                                 6th Division

Gherardini, L.                               6th Division

Lang, W.                                      6th Division

Wyke, C.                                     6th Division

Leathers, W.                                 6th Division

Nicholson, P.                                6th Division

Rogers, E., Jr.                               6th Division

Runchel, O.                                  6th Division

Coffee, R.                                     6th Division

McChesney, M.                            6th Division

Butts, J.                                        6th Division

Kale, C.                                       6th Division

White, H.                                      6th Division

Evans, J.                                       6th Division

Sallin, N.                                      6th Division

Deville, D.                                    6th Division

Ackerman, A.                               6th Division

Stedham, H.                                 6th Division

Godlin, W.                                    6th Division

Brackman, M.                              6th Division

Goenhout, E., Jr.                           6th Division

Dolman, J.                                    6th Division

Heinl, H.                                       6th Division

Hapka, V.                                    6th Division

Hamilton, H.                                 6th Division

Doniwicz, W.                                6th Division

Prince, E.                                      6th Division

Steines, M.                                   6th Division

Braybon, M.                                 6th Division

Eaton, L.                                      6th Division

Fusco, J.                                       6th Division

Jackson, J., Jr.                              6th Division

Borowicz, E.                                 6th Division

Causey, J.                                     6th Division

Voivedich, M.                               6th Division

Richards, W.                                6th Division

Gula, P.                                        6th Division

Hebert, A.                                    6th Division

Pignata, F.                                    6th Division

Smith, R.                                      6th Division

Riston, G.                                     6th Division

Meyer, G.                                     6th Division

Kiriakidis, W.                               6th Division

Hooten, J.                                     6th Division

Holeman, R.                                 6th Division

Earle, W.                                      6th Division

Melton, J.                                     6th Division

Pryor, W.                                     6th Division

Boger, D.                                     6th Division

McBee, J.                                     6th Division

Dowell, W.                                   6th Division

Plunkett, B.                                   6th Division

Nicholson, H.                               6th Division

Luensman, A.                               6th Division

Speinger, M.                                 6th Division

Davis, W.                                     6th Division

Johnson, H.                                  6th Division

Smerk, D.                                     6th Division

Haines, R.                                     6th Division

Panter, G.                                     6th Division

Polston, J.                                     6th Division

Stanford, T.                                  6th Division

Stanford, J.                                   6th Division

Bremer, H.                                   6th Division

Pawkonion, J.                               6th Division

Steiner, E.                                     6th Division

Harbert, L.                                   6th Division

Hansen, L.                                    6th Division

Todrequez, E.                               6th Division

Humphries, G.                              6th Division

Bromwell, G.                                6th Division

Respole, M.                                  6th Division

Brewer, H.                                   6th Division

Dennis, L.                                     6th Division

Wingerter, E.                                6th Division

Hammons, R.                                6th Division

Hoffman, C.                                  6th Division

Staranowicz, S.                             6th Division

Gentile, J.                                     6th Division

Overla, E.                                     6th Division

Nordhouse, G.                              6th Division

DeLuna, L.                                   6th Division

Elliot, C.                                       6th Division

Lochner, R.                                  6th Division

Schuler, W. Jr.                              6th Division

Etheridge, H.                                6th Division

Graves, F.                                    6th Division

Smith, R.                                      6th Division

Griffin, C.                                     7th Division

Helman, D.                                   7th Division

Hons, K.                                      7th Division

Garcia, I.                                      7th Division

Garner, C.                                    7th Division

McGee, W.                                  7th Division

Tewell, J.                                      7th Division

Serna, R.                                      7th Division

Perry, H.                                      7th Division

Harsin, W.                                    7th Division

Harlan, M.                                    7th Division

Harsin, C.                                     7th Division

Hess, D.                                       7th Division

Ronald, A.                                    7th Division

Spellman, S.                                 7th Division

Mather, O.                                   7th Division

Johnson, W.                                 7th Division

Marcum, V.                                  7th Division

Grohs, R.                                      7th Division

Ridlehuber, R.                               7th Division

Cicero, V.                                    7th Division

Bioletti, R.                                    7th Division

Wallace, D.                                  7th Division

Gottlieb, D.                                   7th Division

Frisbey, J.                                     7th Division

Hull, G.                                         7th Division

Pennebecker, D.                           7th Division

Smith, W.                                     7th Division

Daruda, M.                                   7th Division

McGeorge, F.                               7th Division

Millen, R.                                      7th Division

Green, P.                                      7th Division

Loggans, W.                                 7th Division

Hill, R.                                          7th Division

Bodnar, E.                                    7th Division

Autry, T.                                       7th Division

Harris, W.                                    7th Division

Hetman, S.                                   7th Division

Flores, R.                                     7th Division

Joiner, L.                                      7th Division

Johnson, D.                                  7th Division

Winchester, A.                              7th Division

Sommers, J.                                  7th Division

Crenshaw, J.                                 7th Division

Gonzales, R.                                 7th Division

Phillips, D.                                    7th Division

Sikora, J.                                      7th Division

Hendershot, A.                             7th Division

Bentkowski, A.                             7th Division

Hendricks, G.                               7th Division

Gist, T.                                         7th Division

Gonzales, A.                                 7th Division

Solmonson, S.                              7th Division

Matheny, T.                                  7th Division

Hares, W.                                     7th Division

Wald, S.                                       7th Division

Hays, L.                                       7th Division

Sorensen, G.                                 7th Division

Harmon, E., Jr.                             7th Division

Harkins, H.                                   7th Division

Burch, R.                                      7th Division

Kilgos, E.                                     7th Division

Hinson, H.                                    7th Division

Hoke, E.                                       7th Division

Wilson, I.                                      7th Division

Heinzelman, W.                            7th Division

Kohler, F.                                     7th Division

Gimenez, M., Jr.                           7th Division

Smith, K.                                      7th Division

Entrekin, C.                                  7th Division

Foster, H.                                     7th Division

Prince, J.                                      7th Division

Camp, R.                                      7th Division

Link, R.                                        7th Division

Tubek, E.                                     7th Division

Wardell, A.                                   7th Division

Litton, J.                                       7th Division

Gibson, V.                                    7th Division

Anderson, R.                                7th Division

Plantiko, A.                                  7th Division

East, J.                                         7th Division

Bradley, L.                                   7th Division

South, D.                                      7th Division

Muhlenpoh, P.                              7th Division

McShan, J.                                   7th Division

Casey, D.                                     7th Division

Newton, E.                                   7th Division

Hay, R.                                         7th Division

Hardy, J.                                      7th Division

Callaway, H.                                 7th Division

Johndrow, N.                               7th Division

Fergus, Lt. L. [jg]                         7th Division

Vanek, Ens. J.                              7th Division

Hubbert, C.                                  7th Division

Martz, C.                                      7th Division

Geluso, A.                                    7th Division

Moore, I.                                      7th Division

Gallivan, H.                                   7th Division

Geleta, J.                                      7th Division

Carr, C.                                        7th Division

Herold, O., Jr.                              7th Division

Campbell, T., Jr.                           7th Division

Hanson, C.                                   7th Division

Head, H.                                      7th Division

Joiner, Lelan C                             8th Division

Koperski, Raymond                      8th Division

Ruckman, D.                                8th Division

Salaun, W.                                    8th Division

Havener, E.                                  8th Division

Umatum, K.                                  8th Division

Giger, W.                                     8th Division

Curry, A.                                      8th Division

Yaeger, F.                                    8th Division

Gustafson, Lt. R. [jg]                    8th Division

Bates, Lt. J., Jr.                            8th Division

Woodard, G.                                8th Division

Richardson, W.                             8th Division

Orlando, L.                                   8th Division

Jones, J.                                       8th Division

Herron, F.                                    8th Division

Delorme, A.                                  8th Division

Stirrat, W.                                    8th Division

Williams, W.                                 8th Division

Lunsford, J.                                  8th Division

Peterson, H.                                 8th Division

Stodden, L.                                  8th Division

Raymond, F.                                 8th Division

Cordell, R.                                    8th Division

Matney, G.                                   8th Division

Justus, R.                                      8th Division

Hicks, H.                                      8th Division

Rivera, A.                                     8th Division

Wojewadka, J.                             8th Division

Hudgens, J.                                   8th Division

Blanscott, T.                                 8th Division

Davis, E.                                       8th Division

Guibault, R.                                  8th Division

Jausen, F.                                     8th Division

Smith, D.                                      8th Division

Hamilton, H.                                 8th Division

Wall, R.                                        8th Division

Russio, R.                                     8th Division

Barone, P.                                    8th Division

Haskins, A.                                   8th Division

Mortin, R.                                     8th Division

Hubbard, H.                                 8th Division

Hunnicutt, F.                                 8th Division

Sebastian, F.                                 8th Division

Koperski, R.                                 8th Division

TenBraak, R.                                8th Division

Scanlan, J.                                    8th Division

Iannotti, M.                                   8th Division

Hura, T.                                        8th Division

Miller, W.                                     8th Division

Rakow, C.                                    8th Division

La Scala, T.                                  8th Division

McGuire, E.                                  8th Division

Hanes, E.                                      8th Division

Showers, I.                                   8th Division

Rose, W.                                      8th Division

Widman, W.                                 8th Division

Rubio, J.                                       8th Division

Miller, C.                                      8th Division

Pope, T.                                       8th Division

Daniels, C.                                    8th Division

Cayton, A.                                    8th Division

Mickey, G.                                   8th Division

Galbavy, S.                                   8th Division

Askew, J.                                     8th Division

Hrebic, E.                                     8th Division

Mooney, W.                                 8th Division

Willock, L.                                   8th Division

Matthews, R.                                8th Division

Metz, C.                                       8th Division

Platt, M.                                       8th Division

Baughman, E.                               8th Division

Jackson, J.                                    8th Division

Payne, C.                                     8th Division

Rowley, V.                                   8th Division

Slama, J.                                       8th Division

Martin, R.                                     8th Division

Murdock, W.                               8th Division

Sandin, H.                                    8th Division

Prater, C.                                     8th Division

Robertson, V.                               8th Division

Konsow, A.                                  8th Division

Sinhui, R.                                      8th Division

Martin, G.                                     8th Division

Sheldon, M.                                  8th Division

Arringdale, J.                                8th Division

Scott, L.                                       8th Division

Shaffer, C.                                    8th Division

Shirley, W.                                   8th Division

Stephens, L.                                 8th Division

Huston, R.                                    8th Division

Giambalvo, F.                               8th Division

Jackson, P.                                   8th Division

Ray, J.                                          8th Division

McKeehan, A.                              8th Division

Fischer, R.                                    8th Division

Burke, E.                                      8th Division

Johnson, A.                                  8th Division

McClain, H.                                  8th Division

Joiner, E.                                      8th Division

Keech, W.                                    8th Division

Sladek, D.                                    8th Division

Jankins, R.                                    8th Division

Huff, C.                                        8th Division

Willey, V.                                     8th Division

Berryhill, J.                                   8th Division

Heath, L.                                      8th Division

Mamp, S.                                     8th Division

Lynch, P.                                      8th Division

Hug, A.                                        8th Division

Anderson, Robert J.                      9th Division

Martin, W., Jr.                              9th Division

Guis, R.                                        9th Division

Hefner, G.                                    9th Division

Hall, C.                                         9th Division

Hutchings, W.                               9th Division

Hickey, H.                                    9th Division

Lennep, R.                                    9th Division

Wilson, A.                                    9th Division

Amezquita, E.                               9th Division

Bartley, T.                                    9th Division

Sciba, C.                                      9th Division

Lariviere, W.                                9th Division

Bruce, G.                                      9th Division

Birdsong, I.                                   9th Division

King, J.                                          9th Division

Kunz, F.                                       9th Division

Taylor, D.                                     9th Division

Kibble, J.                                      9th Division

Kitze, A.                                       9th Division

Romhilt, J.                                    9th Division

Zirk, F.                                         9th Division

Butts, M.                                      9th Division

Sokolosky, E.                               9th Division

Wiebe, E.                                     9th Division

Spencer, C.                                  9th Division

Glindeman, Ens. H., Jr.                 9th Division

Hill, Lt. R.                                     9th Division

King, J.                                         9th Division

Carter, C.                                     9th Division

Straus, N.                                     9th Division

Lusinger, A.                                  9th Division

Maddox, B.                                  9th Division

Ratliff, M.                                     9th Division

Ijames, C.                                     9th Division

Steinhebel, E.                                9th Division

Kowinski, W.                               9th Division

Patelzik, G.                                   9th Division

Peterson, M.                                 9th Division

Knierim, G.                                   9th Division

Pampanelli, R.                               9th Division

Gooden, J.                                    9th Division

Leaf, K.                                        9th Division

Pugh, C.                                       9th Division

Steimel, J.                                     9th Division

Ketchum, J.                                  9th Division

Kirk, R.                                        9th Division

Maha, B.                                      9th Division

Musquiz, R.                                  9th Division

Myers, R.                                     9th Division

Stewart, W.                                  9th Division

Nelson, B.                                    9th Division

Peer, L., Jr.                                  9th Division

Shoub, J.                                      9th Division

Bolfeta, J.                                     9th Division

Serios, G.                                     9th Division

Proffer, V.                                    9th Division

Kennedy, J.                                  9th Division

Carrico, R.                                   9th Division

Kubic, J.                                       9th Division

Cockerham, M.                            9th Division

Raffanelli, M.                                9th Division

Carr, M.                                       9th Division

Markwardt, R.                              9th Division

Dorn, K.                                       9th Division

Dorenkamp, R.                             9th Division

Lamphear, D.                               9th Division

Proaps, L.                                    9th Division

Neilson, D.                                   9th Division

Hughes, E.                                    9th Division

Skinner, M.                                  9th Division

Roberts, R.                                   9th Division

Knipstein, P.                                 9th Division

Calahan, J.                                    9th Division

Montanez, P.                                9th Division

Daugherty, W.                              9th Division

Creech, W.                                   9th Division

Bender, H.                                    9th Division

Silvers, H.                                     9th Division

Cook, L., Jr.                                 9th Division

Santaniello, N.                              9th Division

Kalcic, M.                                    9th Division

Upchurch, H.                                9th Division

Short, C.                                      9th Division

Blair, A.                                        9th Division

Funchion, A.                                 9th Division

Ford, H.                                       9th Division

Meyer, O.                                    9th Division

Borgard, J.                                   9th Division

Craig, E.                                       9th Division

Krause, F.                                    9th Division

Lewis, E.                                      9th Division

Parker, H.                                    9th Division

Dodge, R.                                     9th Division

Skaggs, P.                                    9th Division

Hudson, Howard W.                     10th Division

Miller, L.                                      10th Division

Kirk, K.                                       10th Division

Grove, R.                                     10th Division

Best, B.                                        10th Division

Goodwin, C., Jr.                           10th Division

Graham, W.                                  10th Division

Berthiaume, A.                              10th Division

Beckham, Ens. C.                         10th Division

Sullivan, Ens. E.                            10th Division

Thiess, R.                                     10th Division

Held, K.                                       10th Division

Tallman, L.                                   10th Division

Fischer, A.                                    10th Division

Bandzak, G.                                 10th Division

Tidwell, L.                                    10th Division

Shetler, H.                                    10th Division

Mitchell, J.                                    10th Division

Wagers, S.                                   10th Division

Hemann, L.                                   10th Division

Lynn, T.                                        10th Division

Driskell, H.                                   10th Division

Sarver, T.                                     10th Division

McBee, H.                                   10th Division

Avant, H., Jr.                                10th Division

Benson, D.                                   10th Division

Reece, M.                                    10th Division

Larkin, J.                                      10th Division

Smith, H.                                      10th Division

Lemaster, K.                                10th Division

Scott, D.                                       10th Division

Burke, B.                                      10th Division

Lough, A.                                     10th Division

Lilly, T.                                         10th Division

Lester, L.                                      10th Division

Hankins, R.                                   10th Division

Lischka, D.                                   10th Division

Albertson, J.                                 10th Division

Keith, J.                                        10th Division

Grzebiniowski, T.                          10th Division

Gallegos, P.                                  10th Division

Jones, E.                                       10th Division

Estes, C.                                       10th Division

Broome, G.                                  10th Division

Swanson, F.                                 10th Division

Hippler, B.                                    10th Division

Springer, R.                                  10th Division

Snyder, J.                                     10th Division

Lee, F.                                         10th Division

Cornele, D.                                   10th Division

Wood, F.                                     10th Division

Coon, J.                                       10th Division

Kalchick, S.                                  10th Division

Head, J.                                        10th Division

McCoy, F.                                   10th Division

Hollingsworth, D.                          10th Division

Scheidenberger, F.                        10th Division

Chagnon, C.                                 10th Division

McGaughey, K.                            10th Division

Vaught, H.                                    10th Division

Snyder, W.                                   10th Division

Milligan, E.                                   10th Division

Stoker, E.                                     10th Division

Michaelis, C.                                10th Division

Messner, C.                                  10th Division

Sutton, W.                                    10th Division

Malone, B.                                   10th Division

Lykins, H.                                     10th Division

Colosia, M.                                  10th Division

McClenny, J.                                10th Division

Horak, V.                                     10th Division

Danheiser, J.                                 10th Division

Angelo, A.                                    10th Division

Sweatmon, J.                                10th Division

Cruz, D.                                       10th Division

Hunter, A.                                    10th Division

Kimble, G.                                    10th Division

McGeorge, C.                              10th Division

Chaney, J.                                    10th Division

Leak, F.                                       10th Division

Merfeld, R.                                   10th Division

Molstad, W.                                 10th Division

Livengood, H.                               10th Division

Greer, J.                                       10th Division

Salas, R.                                       10th Division

Reiss, W.                                      10th Division

Stack, L.                                      10th Division

Matthews, F.                                10th Division

Moore, M.                                   10th Division

Jones, I.                                        10th Division

Salvini, C.                                     10th Division

Blanchetti, L.                                10th Division

Lewis, E.                                      10th Division

Kehoe, J.                                      10th Division

Raymond, C.                                10th Division

Lucas, J.                                       10th Division

Lewis, C.                                      10th Division

Jaimes, B.                                     11th Division

Keck, I.                                        11th Division

McFarlane, R.                              11th Division

Buice, W.                                     11th Division

Estridge, A.                                  11th Division

Evangelist, J., Jr.                           11th Division

McAtee, G.                                  11th Division

Gibbons, H.                                  11th Division

Thompson, E.                               11th Division

Muller, E.                                     11th Division

Achen, H.                                     11th Division

Mills, A.                                       11th Division

Ryan, E.                                       11th Division

Hoyle, E.                                      11th Division

Pace, R.                                       11th Division

Lesick, Major J.                           11th Division

McClelland, 1st Lt. B., Jr.             11th Division

Beard, W.                                    11th Division

Swanson, J.                                  11th Division

Cammarata, P.                              11th Division

Harper, L., Jr.                               11th Division

Griffiths, R.                                   11th Division

Rupkey, J.                                    11th Division

Hubard, W.                                  11th Division

Hensiek, R.                                   11th Division

McLean, N.                                  11th Division

Rupprecht, E.                               11th Division

Green, R.                                      11th Division

Thompson, E.                               11th Division

Olson, E.                                      11th Division

Kozak, F., Jr.                               11th Division

Morton, G., Jr.                             11th Division

Broderick, J.                                 11th Division

Kobel, V.                                     11th Division

Cunningham, J.                             11th Division

Wohlers, A.                                  11th Division

Stratton, A.                                   11th Division

Isham, P.                                      11th Division

Niemi, A.                                      11th Division

Rigney, C.                                    11th Division

Troutman, W., Jr.                         11th Division

Walker, D.                                   11th Division

Krejchi, J.                                     11th Division

Carter, D.                                     11th Division

Strongman, R.                               11th Division

D'Antoni, J.                                  11th Division

Daly, W.                                       11th Division

Frisbie, C.                                    11th Division

Maag, R.                                      11th Division

Potts, H.                                       11th Division

Wood, D.                                     11th Division

O'Day, R.                                     11th Division

Farmer, F.                                    11th Division

Rollyson, C.                                  11th Division

Scheideler, J.                                11th Division

Bailey, M.                                     11th Division

O'Rourke, G.                                11th Division

Hartley, C.                                    11th Division

Smith, W.                                     11th Division

Linton, E.                                      11th Division

Graves, E.                                    11th Division

Bresnahan, J.                                11th Division

Van Horn, C.                                11th Division

Offenberg, N.                               11th Division

Ulsund, H.                                    11th Division

Hill, J.                                           11th Division

Lavey, B.                                      11th Division

Anderson, L.                                11th Division

Thayer, W.                                   11th Division

Snow, C.                                      11th Division

Presley, W.                                   A Division

Koczwara, C.                               A Division

Staehr, R.                                     A Division

Collins, J.                                      A Division

Henig, M.                                     A Division

Ziser, N.                                       A Division

Palmer, R.                                    A Division

Gilbert, R.                                     A Division

Feigenspan, E.                              A Division

Nease, F.                                     A Division

Thoene, Ens. F.                            A Division

Wilson, Lt. A.                               A Division

Moore, Ch. Mach. H.                   A Division

Rasor, V.                                      A Division

Kanet, E.                                      A Division

Kiper, O.                                      A Division

Kyser, L.                                      A Division

Kellogg, D.                                   A Division

Phelps, M.                                    A Division

Scott, R.                                       A Division

Meadows, J.                                 A Division

McMillan, A.                                A Division

Newson, H.                                  A Division

Longtin, D.                                   A Division

Mossi, A.                                     A Division

Edmonds, H.                                A Division

Kutch, S.                                      A Division

Gladwell, G.                                 A Division

Skutle, H.                                     A Division

Maddux, R.                                  A Division

Huffstutler, M.                              A Division

Baskett, G.                                   A Division

Seaman, N.                                  A Division

Hurley, V.                                     A Division

Hyatt, D.                                      A Division

La Liberty, H.                                A Division

Prillhart, E.                                     A Division

Guice, L.                                       A Division

Hoadley, R.                                  A Division

Kennedy, D.                                 A Division

Myers, O.                                     A Division

Minsterman, M.                            A Division

White, R.                                      A Division

Coward, O.                                  A Division

Hutchings, D.                                A Division

Bergstrom, E.                               A Division

Rufo, E.                                        A Division

Hartman, J.                                   A Division

Rasor, L.                                      A Division

McGuire, T.                                  A Division

O'Brien, T.                                   A Division

Fair, B.                                         A Division

Shakleton, F.                                A Division

Connors, R.                                  A Division

Hilgeford, E.                                 A Division

Bear, E.                                        A Division

Thorstenson, C.                            A Division

Kuszynski, R.                               A Division

Kute, W.                                      A Division

Wray, R.                                      A Division

Geoffrion, E.                                 A Division

Wiltse, W.                                    A Division

Keith, J.                                        A Division

Heil, R.                                         A Division

Sinibaldi, R.                                  A Division

Van Ekeren, A.                             A Division

Raque, R.                                     A Division

Schreck, A.                                  A Division

Daniels, J.                                     A Division

Yushak, P.                                    A Division

Fordyce, R.                                  A Division

Gunderson, W.                             A Division

Brittin, W.                                     A Division

Dwiggins, C.                                 A Division

Anderson, J.                                 A Division

Bertoni, A.                                    A Division

Bogovich, M.                                A Division

Sorrels, B.                                    A Division

Johnson, P.                                   A Division

Phillips, H.                                    A Division

Bonneau, W.                                A Division

Dawson, R.                                  A Division

Sharkey, W.                                 A Division

Jones, T.                                       A Division

Soper, R.                                      A Division

Terranova, A.                               A Division

Ustaszewski, E.                            A Division

Spencer, G.                                  A Division

Wagner, E.                                   A Division

Prytz, G.                                       A Division

DeNorma, G.                               A Division

Jorgenson, P.                                A Division

Kerr, D.                                       A Division

Pettey, C.                                     B Division

Hillard, R.                                     B Division

Baughman, E.                               B Division

Abbott, G., Jr.                              B Division

Smith, R., Jr.                                 B Division

Baxter, L.                                     B Division

Jennings, R.                                  B Division

Anstett, R.                                    B Division

Brown, C.                                    B Division

Schlenz, E.                                    B Division

Burleigh, L.                                   B Division

Lorenzen, E.                                 B Division

Hamerstadt, Lt. J.                         B Division

Wason, Ens. R., III                       B Division

Montalvo, Ch. Mach. R.               B Division

Anderson, P.                                B Division

Gray, C.                                       B Division

Kracher, H., Jr.                            B Division

Martin, G.                                     B Division

McKenzie, M.                              B Division

Strohm, I.                                     B Division

Moya, A.                                      B Division

Cook, O.                                      B Division

Fugler, O.                                     B Division

Davis, E.                                       B Division

Duke, C.                                      B Division

Martin, J.                                      B Division

Jones, L.                                       B Division

Bremen, F., Jr.                              B Division

Mainiero, E.                                  B Division

Grossnick, V.                               B Division

Hall, C.                                         B Division

McCarty, J.                                  B Division

Brooks, D.                                   B Division

Erickson, K.                                 B Division

Vogel, F.                                      B Division

Fast, R.                                        B Division

Chitwood, J.                                 B Division

Hicks, E.                                      B Division

Leist, C.                                       B Division

Landrum, R.                                 B Division

Ball, E.                                         B Division

Dyer, D.                                       B Division

Westfall, D.                                  B Division

Wheeler, C.                                  B Division

Faleo, L.                                       B Division

Bonnet, H.                                    B Division

Sides, W.                                     B Division

Williams, C.                                  B Division

Marlett, A.                                    B Division

Case, J.                                        B Division

Warnick, W.                                 B Division

Hardman, D.                                 B Division

Walden, W.                                  B Division

Williams, F.                                  B Division

Hough, D.                                     B Division

Seda, A.                                       B Division

Ciarrocki, A.                                B Division

Davis, K.                                      B Division

Carpenter, S.                                B Division

Maxey, J., Jr.                                B Division

Hansen, M.                                   B Division

Warner, R.                                   B Division

Burkholder, J., Jr.                         B Division

Wallin, W.                                    B Division

Jensen, K.                                    B Division

Shaw, H.                                      B Division

Kinser, C.                                     B Division

Kearney, H.                                  B Division

Wheeler, R.                                  B Division

Thomas, C.                                   B Division

Westhead, J.                                 B Division

Parker, C.                                    B Division

Andrews, C.                                 B Division

Templin, R.                                   B Division

Tomaszewski, R.                          B Division

Alexander, C.                               B Division

Hughes, R.                                    B Division

Chowaniec, W.                             B Division

McGuire, P.                                  B Division

Talbot, J.                                      B Division

White, F.                                      B Division

Hubble, D.                                    B Division

McGraw, M.                                B Division

Bryant, F.                                     B Division

Ellmers, C.                                    B Division

Kueken, H.                                   B Division

Raper, H.                                     B Division

Robinson, W.                               B Division

Stuart, J.                                       B Division

Parris, T.                                      B Division

Houston, H.                                  B Division

Rinehart, J.                                   B Division

Brown, J.                                      B Division

Alspach, R.                                   B Division

Hanson, C.                                   B Division

Brating, J.                                     B Division

Spencer, A.                                  B Division

Church, J.                                     B Division

Gaston, B.                                    B Division

Puz, J.                                          B Division

Fuller, D.                                      B Division

Williams, W.                                 B Division

Sloan, O.                                      B Division

Anspach, D.                                 B Division

Bourgue, E.                                  B Division

Schliebe, L.                                  B Division

Graham, V.                                   B Division

Sekely, M.                                    B Division

Bennett, T.                                    B Division

McCulley, L.                                B Division

Barnhouse, E.                               B Division

Fisher, J.                                       B Division

Burkle, J.                                      B Division

Minishielle, R.                               B Division

Davis, A.                                      B Division

Bowles, D.                                   B Division

Pogorzelski, V.                             CR Division

Pate, R.                                        CR Division

McDavid, J.                                  CR Division

Jones, R.                                      CR Division

Granger, C.                                  CR Division

Al Romero Sr                               CR Division

Hudson, K.                                   CR Division

Hunter, J.                                      CR Division

Bell, F.                                         CR Division

Asch, S.                                       CR Division

Applegate, J.                                CR Division

Cutler, D.                                     CR Division

Craft, S.                                       CR Division

Overstreet, Ens. R.                       CR Division

Lacey, Ens. E., Jr.                         CR Division

Le Rouax, Ens. R.                         CR Division

Braselton, Lt. H.                           CR Division

Ducey, Lt. J.                                 CR Division

Flynn, Lt. Comdr. R.                     CR Division

Massey, Lt. F.                              CR Division

Brunke, Lt. A. [jg]                        CR Division

Gibbons, Ens. H.                          CR Division

Sands, Ens. E.                              CR Division

Bryan, Ens. J., Jr.                          CR Division

Bradford, CRE C.                        CR Division

Styner, K.                                     CR Division

Ready, W., Jr.                              CR Division

Manning, A.                                  CR Division

Browne, W.                                  CR Division

Pennebaker, C.                             CR Division

McDonnell, B.                              CR Division

Lewis, M.                                     CR Division

Huston, J.                                     CR Division

Maness, J.                                    CR Division

Moreland, William F                     CR Division

Ellis, W.                                        CR Division

Long, F.                                       CR Division

Langley, D.                                   CR Division

Chavez, C.                                   CR Division

Crafts, R.                                      CR Division

Rossi, G.                                      CR Division

Lambrou, L.                                 CR Division

Strawn, W.                                   CR Division

Brunton, R.                                   CR Division

Heilig, D.                                      CR Division

Martin, M.                                    CR Division

Wilt, W., Jr.                                  CR Division

Dudack, W.                                  CR Division

McQuellon, R.                              CR Division

Anderson, K.                                CR Division

Stark, R.                                       CR Division

Hartwell, R.                                  CR Division

Stone, L.                                      CR Division

Lemak, P.                                     CR Division

Koczko, J.                                    CR Division

Polley, C.                                     CR Division

Meehan, J.                                    CR Division

Riegel, R.                                      CR Division

Murphy, A.                                   CR Division

Bergen, D.                                    CR Division

Holohan, E.                                  CR Division

Goodyear, R.                                CR Division

Miller, J.                                       CR Division

Lais, D.                                        CR Division

Hernandez, E., Jr.                         CR Division

Baker, G.                                     CR Division

Morvay, E.                                   CR Division

Montgomery, R.                           CR Division

Houck, L.                                     CR Division

Mudd, P.                                      CR Division

Majhor, R.                                    CR Division

Lyon, L.                                       CR Division

Clinton, R.                                    CR Division

O'Connell, P.                                CR Division

Miller, C., Jr.                                CR Division

Skellenger, R.                               CR Division

McKibbin, G.                               CR Division

Smith, W.                                     CS Division

Bigelow, Charles P.                      CS Division

Boldt, W.                                     CS Division

Berk, C.                                       CS Division

Hartman, J.                                   CS Division

Hollenbeck, G.                             CS Division

Aten, L.                                        CS Division

Hallock, W.                                  CS Division

Mauch, Y.                                    CS Division

Rasmussen, L.                              CS Division

Lafley, J.                                       CS Division

Eurich, R.                                     CS Division

Campbell, D.                                CS Division

O'Donnell, C.                               CS Division

Dolenshek, E.                               CS Division

Munselle, H.                                 CS Division

Onnen, W.                                    CS Division

Carpenter, G.                               CS Division

Hiller, C.                                       CS Division

Reilly, L.                                       CS Division

Russell, P.                                     CS Division

Karlovich, N.                                CS Division

Snyder, Ens. J. Jr.                         CS Division

Liles, Lt. R. [jg]                            CS Division

Flynn, Lt. Comdr. R.                     CS Division

Don Carlas, Lt. W. [jg]                 CS Division

Graves, Ship's Clk. R.                   CS Division

Williams, S.                                  CS Division

Brignac, A., Jr.                             CS Division

Whiting, M.                                  CS Division

Nelson, D.                                    CS Division

Holtz, R.                                       CS Division

Steck, D.                                      CS Division

Sallady, F., Jr.                              CS Division

Lockler, W.                                  CS Division

Shuford, A.                                   CS Division

Dewey, R.                                    CS Division

Holbrook, W.                               CS Division

Nord, P.                                       CS Division

Suarez, R.                                     CS Division

Dupre, D.                                     CS Division

Tuck, A.                                       CS Division

Prowse, R.                                   CS Division

Davis, K.                                      CS Division

Elmore, D.                                    CS Division

Goodwin, W.                                CS Division

Thayer, E.                                     CS Division

Franzen, V.                                   CS Division

Andersen, A.                                CS Division

Rosenstine, W.                             CS Division

Miller, L.                                      CS Division

Holley, C., Jr.                               CS Division

Alvin Frank Fowler                       CS Division  

Lord, E.                                        CS Division

Smith, O.                                      CS Division

Perdun, C.                                    CS Division

Solomon, A.                                 CS Division

Buchanan, C.                                CS Division

Muir, D.                                       CS Division

Bravo, J.                                       CS Division

Johnstone, A.                                CS Division

Williams, B.                                  CS Division

Foo Hom, J.                                 CS Division

Mussatto, T.                                 CS Division

Bruce, W.                                     CS Division

Lloyd, C.                                      CS Division

Bogovich, M.                                CS Division

Worley, N.                                   CS Division

Schaefer, W.                                CS Division

Hootman, D.                                 CS Division

Groeniger, R.                                CS Division

Holliday, A.                                  CS Division

Pfeffer, F.                                     E Division

Bewley, Leo                                  E Division

Grinsell, John E.                            E Division

Whitehead, H.                              E Division

Snell, R.                                        E Division

 Nunes, M.                                    E Division

Collon, C.                                     E Division

Kirkpatrick, D.                             E Division

Tull, L.                                          E Division

Baker, R.                                      E Division

Szrom, Edward ("Sparks")             E Division

White, J.                                       E Division

Bellinski, A.                                  E Division

Davidson, R.                                 E Division

Vernon, B.                                    E Division

Jonte, F.                                       E Division

Kabalkin, E.                                 E Division

Stratman, A.                                 E Division

Rylander, H.                                 E Division

Guimond, E., Jr.                            E Division

Turner, W.                                    E Division

Price, M.                                      E Division

Jones, C.                                      E Division

Woodruff, H.                                E Division

Michon, W.                                  E Division

Johnston, R.                                  E Division

Owens, J.                                     E Division

Veith, H.                                       E Division

Molter, D.                                    E Division

Barnes, J.                                     E Division

Beebe, L.                                     E Division

Wychorski, H.                              E Division

Boynton, R., Jr.                            E Division

Smith, G.                                      E Division

Vollick, L.                                    E Division

Allen, Ens. J.                                 E Division

Lyons, J.                                       E Division

Moody, Ens. S.                            E Division

Williams, Lt. L.                             E Division

Scharn, Ch. Elec. V.                     E Division

Knisley, J.                                     E Division

Snodengaard, R.                           E Division

Russell, H.                                    E Division

Potter, L.                                      E Division

Smith, F.                                       E Division

Kreach                                         E Division

Thompson, C.                               E Division

Karr, R.                                        E Division

Zimmel, L.                                    E Division

Sullivan, C.                                   E Division

Fontenot, C.                                 E Division

Trombley, H.                                E Division

Varner, H.                                    E Division

Rau, A.                                         E Division

Joyce, J.                                       E Division

Judy, D.                                        E Division

Walton, W.                                   E Division

Crain, B.                                       E Division

Wolverton, M.                              E Division

Wroe, W.                                     E Division

Garcia, G.                                     E Division

Tatum, L.                                      E Division

Wagner, W.                                  E Division

Sommers, F.                                 E Division

Barkan, M.                                   E Division

Spence, C.                                   E Division

Wise, P.                                       E Division

Needs, C.                                     E Division

Deuel, H.                                      E Division

Swanson, R.                                 E Division

Pool, T.                                        E Division

Petre, P.                                       E Division

Tune, T.                                        E Division

Walker, H.                                   E Division

Keach, L.                                     E Division

Fasihingbauer, C.                          E Division

Bryant, R.                                     E Division

Van Grasse, L.                             E Division

Sallee, A.                                      E Division

Frost, R.                                       E Division

Powell, C.                                    E Division

Brantley, R.                                  E Division

Yankoski, A.                                E Division

McMahon, P.                               E Division

Marbourg, E.                                E Division

Hayes, M.                                    E Division

Strassel, L.                                   E Division

Hamilton, J.                                  E Division

Shira, C.                                       E Division

Sheddon, J.                                  E Division

Tippery, J.                                    E Division

Staebler, R.                                  E Division

West, W.                                      E Division

Van Wyk, J.                                 E Division

Roman, W.                                   E Division

Wiley, N.                                      E Division

Riggle, J.                                       E Division

Willard, V.                                    E Division

Watson, M.                                  E Division

Reardon, J.                                   E Division

Till, R.                                          E Division

Priest, F.                                       E Division

Palmer, C.                                    E Division

Hacker, J.                                     E Division

Jackson, H.                                  E Division

Kaplan, I.                                     E Division

Stockton, William H.                      H Division

Johnstone, J.                                 H Division

Hendricks, W.                              H Division

Grosz, N.                                     H Division

Noble, H., Jr.                               H Division

Gifford, H.                                    H Division

Braehler, C.                                  H Division

Park, L.                                        H Division

Stone, F.                                      H Division

Daft, Lt. R.                                   H Division

Forsley, Lt. Comdr. E.                  H Division

Foertner, Comdr. J.                      H Division

Grant, Lt. Comdr. A.                    H Division

Sheeran, Lt. A.                             H Division

Meyers, B.                                   H Division

Ginsburg, J.                                  H Division

Rothstein, J                                   H Division

Steele, T.                                      H Division

Gilbert, L.                                     H Division

Gaedtke, H.                                  H Division

Jordon, F.                                     H Division

Nelson, G.                                    H Division

Cooper, W.                                  H Division

Bonomo, A.                                  H Division

Gamble, A.                                   H Division

Madden, R.                                  H Division

Lee, W.                                        H Division

Henning, L., Jr.                             H Division

Fry, C., Jr.                                    H Division

Wellen, A.                                    H Division

Fiquett, C.                                    H Division

Beaver, M.                                   H Division

Krzyaniak, E.                                L Division

Anderson, R.                                L Division

Boren, J.                                       L Division

Martinez, J.                                   L Division

Henriott, C.                                  L Division

Lofgren, A.                                   L Division

Estoesta, T.                                  L Division

Kieffer, C.                                    L Division

Benedict, Arnold                           L Division

Baltes, C.                                     L Division

Morgan, R.                                   L Division

Gee, J.                                          L Division

Barr, T.                                        L Division

Darr, T.                                        L Division

Hurt, D.                                        L Division

Noteware, L.                                L Division

Berry, D.                                      L Division

Bledsoe, C.                                  L Division

King, F.                                        L Division

Barnes, F.                                     L Division

O'Shields, L.                                 L Division

Hunt, B.                                        L Division

Bergsma, K.                                 L Division

Brooks, W.                                  L Division

Beveridge, R.                                L Division

Gunderson, Lt. M. [jg]                  L Division

McCarthy, Lt. H. [jg]                    L Division

Allen, H.                                       L Division

Davis, F.                                       L Division

Bechtold, M.                                L Division

Majchrzak, M.                              L Division

Carnahan, R.                                N Division

Ganitch, M.                                  N Division

Smith, C.                                      N Division

Cummings, Ens. J.                         N Division

Hayes, Lt. R. [jg]                          N Division

Eicher, Lt. Comdr. J.                    N Division

Szymanski, G.                               N Division

Holschuh, J.                                  N Division

Taylor, R.                                     N Division

Gettig, W.                                     N Division

Brundell, V.                                  N Division

Rakel, D.                                      N Division

Davis, E.                                       N Division

Remick, D., Jr.                             N Division

Purvis, J.                                       N Division

Cassell, W.                                   N Division

Hughes, J.                                     N Division

Williamson, E.                               N Division

Comstock, R.                               N Division

McKechnie, W.                            N Division

Davis, D.                                      N Division

Palmer, H.                                    N Division

Kantrowitz, J.                               R Division (Band)

Stokes, R., Jr.                               R Division (Band)

Cushman, R., Jr.                           R Division (Band)

Parlato, C.                                    R Division (Band)

Webb, R.                                     R Division (Band)

Hoff, R.                                        R Division (Band)

Brant                                            R Division (Band)

Green, H.                                     R Division (Band)

Perry, R.                                       R Division (Band)

Woodworth, S.                             R Division (Band)

Wharton, L.                                  R Division (Band)

Miller, P.                                      R Division (Band)

Markham, J.                                 R Division (Band)

Wyatt, K.                                     R Division (Band)

Linberg, A.                                   R Division (Band)

Warren, J.                                    R Division (Band)

Fraser, D.                                     R Division (Band)

Brabenec, L.                                 R Division (Band)

Mace, J.                                       R Division (Band)

Aymen, R.                                    R Division (Band)

Enholm, W.                                  R Division (Band)

Gates, E.                                      R Division (Band)

Twinning, M.                                R Division (Band)

Oliver, J.                                       S Division

Young, W.                                    S Division

Raymond, G.                                S Division

Taylor, A.                                     S Division

Johnson, L.                                   S Division

Washington, L.                             S Division

Jackson, C.                                  S Division

Clyatt, O.                                     S Division

Shaw, G.                                      S Division

Wright, E.                                     S Division

Charity, R.                                    S Division

Pitts, J.                                         S Division

Cooper, H.                                   S Division

Hunter, H.                                    S Division

Simmons, D.                                 S Division

Smith, S.                                       S Division

Powell, E.                                     S Division

Harris, Lt. Comdr. R.                    S Division

Jones, K.                                      S Division

Purnell, L.                                     S Division

Sarpy, A.                                      S Division

Gordon, R.                                   S Division

Bonner, J.                                     S Division

Owens, P.                                    S Division

Thomas, M.                                  S Division

Slack, E.                                       S Division

Williamson, L.                               S Division

Wyatt, C.                                     S Division

Moore, E.                                     S Division

Reed, W.                                      S Division

Minor, J.                                       S Division

Logan, A.                                     S Division

Garner, E.                                     S Division

McLaughlin, J.                              V Division

Lott, B.                                         V Division

Matheny, C.                                 V Division

Serr, J.                                         V Division

Shaw, R.                                      V Division

Barszez, E.                                   V Division

Wilson, J.                                     V Division

Dean, E.                                       V Division

Nicklaus, P                                   V Division

Mathson, J.                                   V Division

Foster, M.                                    V Division

Orr, J.                                          V Division

McBee, A.                                   V Division

Leverton, T.                                  V Division

Gossman, Lt. G. [jg]                     V Division

Ogle, Ens. P.                                V Division

Kelenski, O.                                 V Division

Walls, J.                                       V Division

Warner, C. F.                               MAA Division

Gainor, C. L.                                MAA Division

Munro, K. A.                               MAA Division

West, W. J.                                  MAA Division

Goff, R. A.                                   MAA Division

Girard, M. E.                                MAA Division

Mason, E. B.                                MAA Division

Anderson, W. C.                          MAA Division

Fortner, L. C.                               MAA Division

McDonald, C.                              F Division

Reed, Lt. C.                                 F Division

Weaver, Lt. R.                              F Division

Melvin, Lt. E.                                F Division

Neary, Lt. S. [jg]                          F Division

French, Lt. P. [jg]                         F Division

Brawner, Ens. L.                           F Division

Fitts, Ens. W.                                F Division

Gazdik, Lt. J, [jg]                          F Division

Cox, Ens. W.                                F Division

Carter, Ens. W.                            F Division

Lantelme, H.                                 F Division

Weiselman, H.                              F Division

Miesse, N.                                    F Division

Lakey, A., Jr.                               F Division

Monaghan, E.                               F Division

Tweedy, A.                                  F Division

Vick, K.                                       F Division

Swartz, E.                                     F Division

Boyle, J.                                       F Division

Noesges, H.                                 F Division

Snock, J.                                      F Division

Maderich, D.                                F Division

Solomon, J., Jr.                             F Division

Mysen, J.                                      F Division

Bell, R.                                         F Division

Zwirn, A.                                      F Division

Heisinger, L.                                 F Division

Nikirk, J.                                      F Division

Perry, R.                                       F Division

Lea, E.                                         F Division

Towe, M.                                     F Division

Conlon, B.                                    F Division

Vorwaller, C.                                F Division

Johnson, C.                                  F Division

Hubbard, C.                                 F Division

May, J.                                         F Division

Willadsen, D.                                F Division

McClenahan, H.                           F Division

Williams, L.                                  F Division

Johnson, E.                                   F Division

Deck, H.                                      F Division

Dennis, J.                                      F Division

Cooksey, E.                                 F Division

Castagnola, T.                              F Division

Wilding, J.                                    F Division

Kolomaznik, J.                              F Division

Bianchi, G.                                    F Division

Stephenson, D.                             F Division

Gamble, J.                                    F Division

Matovich, D.                                F Division

Aden, H.                                      F Division

Halloway, J.                                  F Division

Whitson, J.                                   F Division

Martin, B.                                     F Division

Keane, R.                                     F Division

Conrad, E.                                    F Division

Erhardt, W.                                  F Division

Chumbly, J.                                  F Division

Tessin, R.                                     F Division

Hyche, E.                                     F Division

Mayes, O.                                    F Division

Hansvick, A.                                 F Division

Campbell, W.                               F Division

Loiler, H.                                      F Division

Heide, D.                                      F Division

Kanat, P.                                      F Division

Krotzer, G.                                   F Division

Hall, J.                                          F Division

Hills, R.                                        F Division

Meredith, A.                                 F Division

DiCicco, L.                                   F Division

Gunther, G.                                   F Division

Groover, R.                                  F Division

Jones, J.                                       F Division

Redlin, C.                                     F Division

Russell, R.                                    F Division

Rephlo, S.                                    F Division

Leeberg, H.                                  F Division

Montgomery, R.                           F Division

Carmack, R.                                 F Division

McAdams, W.                              F Division

Purcell, B.                                     F Division

Alban, W.                                     F Division

Anderson, R.                                F Division

Lashbrook, R.                              F Division

Jones, B.                                      F Division

Kindy, V.                                     F Division

Carson, R.                                    F Division

McGraw, T.                                 F Division

Witte, J.                                        F Division

Duncan, F.                                    F Division

Lakin, R.                                      F Division

Braun, R.                                      F Division

Lawton, H.                                   F Division

Denham, R.                                  F Division

Weimer, C.                                   F Division

Markoski, N.                                F Division

Burt, G., Jr.                                  F Division

McCoy, C.                                   F Division

Woods, J.                                     F Division

Moffatt, T.                                    F Division

McClure, S.                                  F Division

McGary, J.                                   F Division

Joiner, E.                                      F Division

Lacher, M.                                   F Division

Gunnels, R.                                   F Division

Malenfant, K.                               F Division

Blackburn, C., Jr.                         F Division

Goetz, G.                                      F Division

Lashbrook, Robert E.                    F Division

Smith, J.                                       F Division

Pickton, R.                                   F Division

Blakely, F.                                    F Division

Anderson, R.                                F Division

Isack, C.                                      F Division

Cenis, A.                                      F Division

Mall, O.                                        F Division

Madaus, A.                                  F Division

Taylor, B.                                     F Division

Nelson, R.                                    F Division

Amtmann, W.                               F Division

Bourque, L.                                  F Division

Morgan, R.                                   F Division

Kremlacek, P.                              F Division

Fuller, C.                                      F Division

Jared, J.                                        F Division

Cooke, R.                                    F Division

Reed, H., Jr.                                 F Division

Boughall, W., Jr.                           F Division

Sellers, J.                                      F Division

Cheslick, R.                                  F Division

Graham, R.                                   F Division

Jablonski, Mike                            F Division

Collins, G.                                    F Division

Salt, D.                                         F Division

Graves, B.                                    F Division

Pepper, L.                                    F Division

Bacott, O.                                    F Division

Makay, M.                                   F Division

Herbers, H.                                  F Division

Jackson, J.                                    F Division

Graham, C.                                   F Division

Hendrix, B.                                   F Division

Krygel, W.                                   F Division

Tatum, G.                                     F Division

Thomas, J., Jr.                              F Division

Mayhorn, D.                                 F Division

Johnson, H.                                  F Division

Lewis, J.                                       F Division

Melear, R.                                    F Division

Ramirez, E.                                   F Division

Phillips, J.                                     F Division

Quinn, J.                                       F Division

Hubert, A.                                    F Division

Werry, S.                                     F Division

McFarland, G.                              F Division

Dillard, J.                                      F Division

Kesler, G.                                     F Division

Juneau, J.                                      I Division

Nelson, G.                                    I Division

Foreman, C.                                 I Division

Huntington, F.                               I Division

Kulp, J.                                        I Division

Beck, R.                                       I Division

Becker, R.                                    I Division

Janzow, R.                                    I Division

Homer, W.                                   I Division

Bromley, Lt. Comdr. J.                 I Division

DeBuhr, Lt. C. [jg]                       I Division

Cooke, Lt. D.                               I Division

Ahlgrimm, Lt. Comdr. C.              I Division

Martin, Ens. W.                            I Division

Malek, Ens. J.                               I Division

LaPlant, Lt. O. [jg]                       I Division

Plato, C.                                       I Division

West, N.                                      I Division

Fields, C.                                      I Division

Johnson, H., Jr.                             I Division

Lachenmyer, W.                           I Division

Johnson, K.                                  I Division

Buckner, M.                                 I Division

Murray, W.                                  I Division

Jansak, E.                                     I Division

Hollister, D.                                  I Division

Janes, L.                                       I Division

Maas, K.                                      I Division

Moller, P.                                     I Division

Mis, J.                                          I Division

McKenzie, H., Jr.                         I Division

James, J.                                       I Division

Burd, W.                                      I Division

Weddersten, W.                           I Division

Herman, H.                                   I Division

Komaniak, T.                               I Division

Fogarty, C., Jr.                             I Division

Evans, F.                                      I Division

Dunn, V.                                       I Division

Blackmer, J.                                 I Division

Haney, T.                                     I Division

Gran, M.                                      I Division

Maryanow, J.                               I Division

Bilocki, M.                                   I Division

Hess, A.                                       I Division

Hart, A.                                        I Division

Manson, W.                                 I Division

Levine, M.                                    I Division

Muir, J.                                         I Division

Hurley, J.                                      I Division

Guthrie, L.                                    I Division

Fox, S.                                         I Division

Kantner, A.                                  I Division

Johannes, J.                                  I Division

Kinney, L.                                    I Division

Garofalo, E.                                  I Division

Stephens, W.                                I Division

Beliveau, P.                                  I Division

Parrish, S.                                     I Division

McKenna, F.                                I Division

Durkin, J.                                      I Division

Hislop, A.                                     I Division

Northcutt, M.                               I Division

McDonald, J.                                I Division

Baker, B.                                      I Division

McKnalley, R.                              I Division

McCorkle, R.                               I Division

Ferguson, R.                                 I Division

Giglio, R.                                      I Division

Kidwell, R.                                   M Division

Johnson, R.                                   M Division

Hanrahan, T.                                 M Division

Gabbard, D.                                 M Division

Boyd, T.                                       M Division

Horton, C.                                    M Division

Parker, J.                                      M Division

Yost, W.                                      M Division

Gemmill, T.                                   M Division

Laico, S.                                       M Division

Strandstra, B.                               M Division

Heyer, H.                                     M Division

McCormick, M.                           M Division

Balcerski, J.                                  M Division

Horschmann, C.                            M Division

Snyder, J.                                     M Division

Dever, R.                                      M Division

Pavese, F.                                    M Division

Morris, C.                                    M Division

Kelley, G.                                     M Division

Sprinkle, S.                                   M Division

LeDrew, R.                                  M Division

Vannberg, R.                                M Division

Chipules, C.                                  M Division

Bailey, W.                                    M Division

Fickel, A.                                     M Division

Hershey, Ens. G.                           M Division

Cohen, Lt. A.                               M Division

Sproul, Ens. J.                              M Division

Kieffer, Mach. E.                          M Division

Kane, A.                                      M Division

Andersen, L.                                 M Division

White, R.                                      M Division

Glenn, R.                                      M Division

Edwards, R.                                 M Division

Meek, R.                                      M Division

Bulovich, A.                                  M Division

Anderson, R.                                M Division

Pryor, R.                                      M Division

Schwartz, M.                                M Division

Krause, A.                                    M Division

McKennon, F.                              M Division

McClain, R.                                  M Division

Beliakoff, K.                                 M Division

McDonald, G.                              M Division

Dorsey, R.                                    M Division

Nickols, M., Jr.                            M Division

Furlan, M.                                    M Division

Kephart, J.                                   M Division

Schone, D.                                   M Division

Solis, E.                                        M Division

Gullett, J.                                      M Division

Golembiewski, A.                         M Division

Hansen, E.                                    M Division

Lietzke, M.                                   M Division

Groves, H.                                    M Division

Gorenc, E.                                    M Division

Kroposhinsky, J.                           M Division

Murray, A.                                   M Division

Lloyd, E.                                      M Division

Whitley, W.                                  M Division

Strang, A.                                     M Division

Simmons, O.                                 M Division

Kooiker, H.                                  M Division

Stulce, R.                                      M Division

Johnson, L.                                   M Division

Wrycza, R.                                   M Division

Hurst, G.                                      M Division

Barber, H.                                    M Division

Cowan, G.                                    M Division

Pyle, N.                                        M Division

Howden, E.                                  M Division

Whitley, J.                                    M Division

Cain, R.                                        M Division

Barnette, G.                                  M Division

Krzywdzinski, L.                           M Division

Anderson, R.                                M Division

Mulawa, Ted                                R Division

Shields, J.                                     R Division

Gormley, P.                                  R Division

McDonald, A.                              R Division

Panzer, A.                                    R Division

Halbach, J.                                   R Division

Watts, C., Jr.                                R Division

Miller, G.                                      R Division

Chartier, DeWayne                       R Division

Richen, C.                                    R Division

O'Hair, C.                                    R Division

Nelson, R.                                    R Division

Keller, R.                                      R Division

Prevost, F.                                    R Division

Kirgan, W.                                   R Division

Brixius, Harold                               R Division

Jasephson, H.                               R Division

Cunningham, W.                           R Division

King, R.                                        R Division

Dennis, J., Jr.                                R Division

Kaelin, P.                                     R Division

Ezell, R.                                        R Division

Rider, A.                                      R Division

Hill, Lt. W. [jg]                             R Division

Stock, Comdr. W., Jr.                  R Division

Howard, Lt. Comdr. E.                 R Division

Glidden, Lt. H.                              R Division

Priebe, A.                                     R Division

Commander, R.                            R Division

West, J.                                        R Division

Franke, J.                                     R Division

Merritt, M.                                   R Division

Jefferies, R.                                   R Division

Hulse, C.                                      R Division

Kuhlmann, B.                                R Division

Nagle, J.                                       R Division

Manning, F.                                  R Division

Buckley, J.                                    R Division

Hughes, J.                                     R Division

Hegglund, W.                               R Division

Perez, R.                                      R Division

Becknell, M.                                 R Division

Davis, E.                                       R Division

Byrne, J.                                       R Division

Squibb, W.                                   R Division

Mischnick, A.                               R Division

Lehman, C.                                   R Division

Peterson, E.                                  R Division

Fontenot, S.                                  R Division

Kitzmen, C.                                  R Division

Egger, H.                                      R Division

Bahner, B.                                    R Division

Brooks, F.                                    R Division

Bundy, D.                                     R Division

Maki, T.                                       R Division

Hodges, H.                                   R Division

Martinez, J.                                   R Division

Miller, M.                                     R Division

Hamm, L.                                     R Division

Williams, R.                                  R Division

Crites, C., Jr.                                R Division

Kubica, A., Jr.                              R Division

Keane, J.                                      R Division

Rigaud, E.                                      R Division

Jones, M.                                     R Division

Maki, W.                                      R Division

McCarty, M.                                R Division

Sawyer, J.                                    R Division

Maechler, R.                                 R Division

Compton, T.                                 R Division

Marten, H.                                    R Division

Garfin, M., Jr.                               R Division

Kirby, C.                                      R Division

Huck, J.                                        R Division

Vaught, R.                                    R Division

Neese, J.                                      R Division

Hazel, W.                                     R Division

Conley, F.                                    R Division

Younker, D.                                 R Division

Martinac, F.                                  R Division

Mabe, W.                                     R Division

Tiets, C.                                       R Division

Tershowski, J.                              R Division

Cook, E.                                      R Division

Goodnight, E.                               R Division

Diehl, C., Jr.                                 R Division

Romano, V.                                  R Division

Early, E.                                       R Division

McCarthy, J.                                R Division

Rea, M.                                        R Division

Frederickson, C.                           R Division

Hicks, F.                                      R Division

Liggett, W.                                   R Division

Girard, M.                                    R Division

Anderson, W.                               R Division

West, W.                                      R Division

Fortner, L.                                    R Division

Warner, C.                                   R Division

Goff, H., Jr.                                  R Division

Munro, Kenneth A.                       R Division

Ratter, H.                                     R Division

McCarthy, W.                              R Division

Parlato, C.                                    R Division

Lindburg, A.                                 R Division

Frierson, F.                                   R Division

Smith, F.                                       R Division

Braend, H.                                    R Division

Stokes, R., Jr.                               R Division

Markham, J.                                 R Division

Kasper, J.                                     R Division

Hello, L.                                       R Division

Fraser, D.                                     R Division

Hood, A., Jr.                                R Division

Berglund, R.                                 R Division

Foley, D.                                      R Division

Bruns, M.                                     R Division

Rider, A.                                      R Division

Miller, R.                                      R Division

Smith, R.                                      R Division

Duckett, Ch. Bos'n M.                  R Division

Carson, Ens. Johnny                     R Division

Haldeman, Lt. R. [jg]                    R Division

Wyatt, K.                                     R Division

Miller, P.                                      R Division

Wharton, L.                                  R Division

Webb, R.                                     R Division

Enholm, W.                                  R Division

Twining, M.                                  R Division

Woodworth, S.                             R Division

Martin, T.                                     R Division

Gates, E.                                      R Division

Mace, J.                                       R Division

Perry, R.                                       R Division

Ellis, C.                                         R Division

Green, H.                                     R Division

Sandell, S.                                    R Division

Medernach, D.                             R Division

Cushman, R., Jr.                           R Division

Berry, J., Jr.                                  R Division

Wright, H.                                    R Division

Warren, J.                                    R Division

Hopping, R.                                  R Division

Snay, C.                                       R Division

Hyde, R.                                       R Division

Schutte, A.                                   R Division

Kantrowitz, J.                               R Division

Rozwens, L.                                 R Division

Barr, J.                                         R Division

Garcia, H.                                     R Division

Singleton, W.                                R Division

Hoff, R.                                        R Division

Krings, F.                                     R Division

Lipsey, J.                                      R Division

Murrillo, B.                                   R Division

Aymen, R.                                    R Division

Struble, W.                                   R Division

Emmick, F.                                   R Division

Lux, R.                                         S Division

Snyder, J.                                     S Division

Delzell, H.                                     S Division

Cheesman, James Wesley             S Division

Chemmerhorn, S.                          S Division

Poehner, R.                                  S Division

Daniel, C.                                     S Division

Jones, S.                                       S Division

Duke, F.                                       S Division

Grove, R.                                     S Division

Wessley, W.                                 S Division

Esparza, G.                                   S Division

Walker, A.                                   S Division

Ledlow, G.                                   S Division

James, J.                                       S Division

Simpson, H.                                  S Division

Johnson, W.                                 S Division

Watson, F.                                   S Division

Cantrell, C., Jr.                             S Division

McBride, S.                                  S Division

Hickman, L.                                  S Division

Atchinakian, S.                             S Division

Johnson, C.                                  S Division

Lustre, M.                                    S Division

Page, O.                                       S Division

Hernandez, P.                               S Division

Heintz, M.                                    S Division

Mingus, R.                                    S Division

Knuth, P.                                      S Division

Gottschalk, R.                               S Division

Graham, F.                                   S Division

Cook, E.                                      S Division

Watson, H.                                   S Division

Maniki, J.                                     S Division

Kogut, L.                                      S Division

Miller, R.                                      S Division

Jefferies, R.                                   S Division

Hesson, J.                                     S Division

Flowers, Lt. E. [jg]                       S Division

Harris, Lt. Comdr. R., Jr.              S Division

Standish, Lt. Comdr. E.                S Division

Scroggins, CPC, T.                       S Division

Wedin, Ens. R.                             S Division

Hall, F.                                         S Division

Werkhoven, C.                             S Division

Pearcey, R.                                   S Division

Fox, M.                                        S Division

Swanson, R.                                 S Division

Gowing, J.                                    S Division

Kowal, M.                                    S Division

Phillips, W.                                   S Division

Leach, C., Jr.                                S Division

Hellein, C., Jr.                               S Division

Canary, H.                                    S Division

Graf, G., Jr.                                  S Division

Lee, R.                                         S Division

Newberry, D.                               S Division

Matlak, G.                                    S Division

Cress, D.                                      S Division

Sternberg, O.                                S Division

Stokes, R.                                    S Division

Kilgore, K.                                   S Division

Downey, N.                                  S Division

Hawrylak, A.                                S Division

Homfeldt, R.                                 S Division

Gerberich, M.                               S Division

Karberg, E.                                  S Division

Gross, R.                                      S Division

Hines, R.                                      S Division

Longardner, D.                             S Division

Jennings, H.                                  S Division

Riggins, M.                                   S Division

Botamer, H.                                  S Division

Lilledahl, J.                                   S Division

Leahy, G.                                     S Division

Vesely, B.                                     S Division

Lillmars, E.                                   S Division

Berry, L.                                       S Division

Moller, J.                                      S Division

Forman, J.                                    S Division

Stark, F.                                       S Division

Warner, S.                                    S Division

Dukate, T.                                    S Division

Huggins, M.                                  S Division

Sanburn, F.                                   S Division

Black, H.                                      S Division

Jennings, L.                                   S Division

Aiello, J.                                       S Division

Fisher, H.                                     S Division

Ford, B.                                       S Division

Bryant, J.                                      S Division

Eland, R.                                      S Division

Wellman, L.                                  S Division

Brattain, J.                                    S Division

Lilly, D.                                        S Division

Willard, J.                                     S Division

Rosales, F.                                   S Division

Lawley, C.                                    S Division

Stewart, V.                                   S Division

Caballero, J.                                 S Division

Jacobs, W.                                   S Division

Austelle, R.                                   S Division

Patterson, A                                  S Division

Hardy, D.                                     S Division

Martin, W.                                    S Division

Green, N.                                     S Division

Downer, G.                                  S Division

Hoy, E.                                         S Division

Waite, M.                                     S Division

Volkman, E.                                 S Division

 Unknown Division

  James Wesley Cheesman - 13th of May 1917 to serve aboard the U.S.S. Pennsylvania (one of the First Crewman)

Willis Henry ("Bud") Kuhlenbeck - Pearl Harbor Survivor

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