San Francisco Reunion

September 2002

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Ok Jane, can you help me out here with names?

Can anyone else help with names?  Got pictures?

Email me, click here

Thanks again to Jane McLeary for keeping me straight onsome of these pictures.

Thanks to the Whitten's for the help with photos 2,6,7,25 & 26

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Rudi & Belle Millen and Linda & Vernon Gibson Stewart Becker, Estelle Becker and daughters, Slue Long & Karen Becker Vernon Gibson, ?? 4
Image14.jpg (51190 bytes) Image15.jpg (43197 bytes) Image16.jpg (41692 bytes) Image17.jpg (61885 bytes)
Jose Arreguin & daughter and husband Robert Michola and Diane Michola (Daughter of Jim Langston, deceased) Robert Michola and Diane Michola (Daughter of Jim Langston,deceased) 8
Image18.jpg (61569 bytes) Image19.jpg (54655 bytes) Image20.jpg (61275 bytes) Image21.jpg (41227 bytes)
9 Jane McLeary Dixie Jones, and Monica and Vince Scharfin, Vince is from the 4th Div Bob and Lucille Hill, Bob was the Gunnery Officer in the 6th Div. Les & Marie Blair, 
Winners of the Picture
Image22.jpg (65789 bytes) Image23.jpg (57135 bytes) Image24.jpg (59946 bytes) Image25.jpg (35490 bytes)
13 14 Margaret & Wade Johnson 16
Image26.jpg (58456 bytes) Image27.jpg (52894 bytes) Image28.jpg (29834 bytes) Image29.jpg (44434 bytes)
Karen Wilkinson and Wilma & Norbert Grawe Wade Cunningham & ? Dancer Martin &  Martin Hoops & ? 
Showing us how he got
his nick name "Dancer"
Image30.jpg (62462 bytes) Image31.jpg (46389 bytes) Image6.jpg (47216 bytes) Image7.jpg (67893 bytes)
Wade & Ruby
Robert Schroeder 23 Grant, Mona & Nadine
Jorgenson1.jpg (38139 bytes) Image8.jpg (60684 bytes) Image9.jpg (66277 bytes) Jorgenson2.jpg (98667 bytes)
Jesse Ramirez Family
Robert Michola, Diane Michola, Merle Whitten (standing, Jerry Wachsmuth, Fran Wachsmuth, Allyce Whitten Sue Long, Karen Becker, Robert Michola, Diane Michola 28

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