3053 Birchfield Dr.
Memphis, TN 38127-7403

Secretary and Chaplain
22723 Hockaday Dr.
Katy, TX 77450-2310
(281) 392-2053



Leon Cooper
Sheran (Frenchie) Fontenot
Robert (Bob) Hill
James R. (Bob) Nuzum
Tom Wheeler

Cecil (Buzz) Butterworth

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January 31, 2004


One look at the calendar tells me it's time to make plans for another great get-together. I know if you're like me, it seems like we just had our Reunion a few months ago. These things called "Golden Years" just seem to do things like that to us.

This letter will be short, because not much of anything has come to me to pass along. However, one thing of interest was sent in by Ray Richard White. His son sent him part of the Kansas City Star newspaper, which carried a story about a former Pennsylvania sailor, Payton L. Vanderpool, Jr., who was a casualty of Pearl Harbor. Sixty-two years later, he was found and identified, and his remains have been returned to his sisters, Flora Mae Young and Thelma Blanton for burial in the family plot. It's an interesting story, and one you might want to stop by the registration desk to read.

Congratulations are in order for Anna Lee Mayhorn, winning top honors in her City for the community service she provided - way to go, Anna Lee! We are proud of you.

WORD FROM THE SICK BAY - Howard M.L. Hudson had a rough spell by pulling two discs in his back, and after an MRI, found that he'd had two small strokes. The doctor put him on a steroid, which proved too strong for him and knocked him out. Three days later, he woke up in the hospital and could not walk without a walker. He is now back up, but that's about it.

Thomas Wheeler had a heart attack and is now on oxygen 24 hours a day, and holding his own, with small problems from time to time. He regrets not being able to attend our Reunion as he did so faithfully for years.

I, too, had to have surgery again, and spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. They turned Zorro loose on me the day before. I'm up again, and on the road to recovery.

I wish the best to all of these men, as well as Rudy Millen on his recovery.



Nick Balgerski

M Division


Malcolm W. Cagle



Robert Till

E Division


Jodie Caraway

3rd Division


John L. Evert

PHS Gram


Stephen Gasperowich

PHS Gram


Anthony Gerace



Jim Gerard

F Division


Jerome Halback

R Division


Chester L. Haynes

5, 1, R, 7th Division


*Malcolm MCGinnis

10th Division


*Carl McCoy

F Division


*Sylvester W. Neary, LT.JG



*Robert L. Nichols

2nd Division


*Bob Nuzum

V Division


*Elmer Saft

E Division


*Al M. Selman

3rd Division


*William Stephens

1 Radar


*Ray Woods



*Jim R. Yakes

PHS Gram


*Charles Glasco

E Division


Merrel Platt (Wife of Marshall)



*Robert T. Thiess

8th Division


* (names came from the Pearl Harbor Survivors Gram) (PHS Gram)

May they all have the Lord's Blessings and Rest in Peace.

Reunion Info

Now, for our Reunion - We will all be at theHoliday Inn Mt. Moriah in Memphis, Tennesee at 2490 Mt. Moriah Rd.  The phone number is (901) 362-8010 or (800) 471-5519. Check-in time is 3:00 PM; checkout time is 12:00 Noon. There is airport pick-up, but be sure to emphasize that you are at the Holiday Inn - MT. MORIAH. There is free parking, and you must make your reservations directly with the hotel. Now if you are driving, you get to the hotel the same way you got to the hotel last year. Mt. Moriah is off of 1-240, and as you exit 1-240 South, ii will be to your left. You'll notice when you get there that there is a small lobby, but have no fear. I know our people like to gather in the lobby - we have an extra large Hospitality Room on the 4th floor, complete with sofas, seats, etc. Also, they tell me there will be a gathering place where they have the registration desk set up. Also, when you get to the menu for our banquet, you will notice that I've included ham. I know some people can't eat pork, so if you are one of them, advise me in advance, and we'll take care of you.

Since so many enjoy going to the Casino, we will do it again this year. We will go to Harrah's and the up front cost is $20.00 each. For the $20.00, you will get a ticket for a buffet luncheon and $5.00 in coins when you arrive. Our ladies can look forward to another fun time with Vickie Spell this year. Vickie will have another fashion and jewelry show for you.

While looking for something different for our group to do this year, the tour company strongly recommended something new, which is the Tunica Park and Museum. I have never seen it, but decided to take a chance on it. The total cost for it is $25.00 each.

Wade, Ruby and I want to thank all of the nice people for all the cards, calls and letters this year. That's what keeps us going.

Dues seem to be coming in slow this year, so check your card to be sure you're up to date. If there has been any change in your address, please let us know.

I usually order beverages a month or so before the Reunion, so help me out by letting me know if you plan to donate anything.

Yours truly,

Jess Dennis

Jess Dennis, President

Forms and more info Here



October 1, 2003



The 2003 USS Pennsylvania Reunion came off well - I didn’t hear anyone complain about anything, so I have to assume everyone had a good time.  Our numbers of people were not as high as we would have liked, but we have to realize we have lost a lot of our people, and must be thankful for the ones that are still with us. 

Over the years, I have been asked a number of times, “do I have to wear a coat and tie?”  I thought this over, and thought I should bring it up at our committee meeting, and get an answer from them.  After discussion, it was decided that the dress code should be optional, so come to the banquet dressed casually if you like.  I know sometimes, we’ve gone on a tour and it really pushes us to get back, shower and change clothes for the banquet. 

Service at the hotel this year was lousy, and I have found us another one for 2004 in the same general area.  It is another Holiday Inn, which I think is nicer than the other one.  This year, when we went into the banquet room for our dinner, our banner was hanging by one corner, and the rest of it was laying on the floor and they were walking on it.  We had no dance floor, table and chairs at the podium and no wheel chair access.  At the breakfast, there was no microphone in place, and they had a buffet breakfast instead of a sit-down meal.  It was also no fun being awakened at 3:00 AM by a black man yelling “fire, fire, everybody out”!  The bad thing is, on weekends, the people I worked with to get it all right, are off, and I have no one to complain to. 

The old Pennsy spirit is still alive and well.  Our Shipmates Jim Askew and Harry Jackson, again made a generous donation of beverages and snacks for our Reunion.  A big thank you from all of us to these two men. 

The Battleship New Jersey is collecting pictures of ships’ bells to put on permanent display aboard ship.  Luckily, Secretary Wade Cunningham, came through on that one for us with a picture of the BB 38 bell that he took while it was sitting on the deck of the Submarine Pennsylvania, and we mailed it to the Chief who is putting it together.  A month later, he wanted the nickname of each ship.  I wrote to tell him that we had been called “The Big P”, “The Mighty P” like all battleships, but our crew simply, affectionately called her “Pennsy”.  Then it got interesting,  because the next month, July 2003, it’s said that according to RADM Ed Snyder, the Pennsy was called the “Rattlesnake” when he was a young ensign and served on her.  The same ensign said when he was asked, and he volunteered, to be greased up, have lines tied to his arm and his feet,  so that he could he could be pulled in and out of each of the 14" barrels to take measurements.  Anyone ever hear of that?  If it is true, he had to be a very small man. 

Secretary Wade Cunningham informed me recently that Ken Munro has about 30 of the Pennsylvania History Books that we had Turner Publishing Company do for us, so if you would like another one, or know someone who would like to have a copy, there is your source.  Ken can be reached at 40641 Alondra Dr., Murrieta, CA, 82562.  His phone number is (909) 698-7180, and his website address  

My old Shipmate Lee Bates, called me several times recently, and he has some good news about his telephone company he would like to share with his shipmates.  He found a long distance company that allows him to call anywhere in the states for 1 cent per minute.  If you would like to check it out, the phone company number is 1-866-218-8305. 

As you know, the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. will be dedicated May 29, 2004 at 2:00 PM, and my advice to those who plan to be there is to take plenty of money.  Our Nation’s Capital stands ready to welcome us old vets with open arms.  I have a State American Legion newspaper that lists three Marriott Hotels that they plan to use, and the room rates are $95.00 to $104.00 per night, and hotel parking is $10.00 to $20.00 per night.  Secretary Wade has expressed the desire to attend, and told me he would handle it for any of our Pennsylvania people who want to go, so give Wade a call if you plan to go. 

Word from the Sick Bay: Rudy Millen is at home recovering from back surgery; Tom Wheeler has had bypass surgery; Lillie Gilbert, wife of Roy, had bypass surgery; They are all doing well and are still in the stage of recuperation.


 Jodie Caraway                                                        3rd Division                     5/20/03

Roe Thomas Commander                                                                  R Division                               8/46

Al Dubois                                                        6 B Division                            3/29/03

John L. Evert                                                                                                 8/1/03

Stephen Casperowich                                                                                     8/1/03

Anthony Cerace                                              Band                                        7/03

Jim Gerard                                                      F Division                               6/4/03

Jerome Halback                                             R Division                               8/1/03

Chester L. Haynes                                         5th, 1st, R & 7th Divisions        8/1/03

Sylvester W. “Dutz”Neary                             F Division                               5/1/03

Elmer Saft                                                       F Division                               2000

A.L.Selman                                                     3rd Division                             6/03

Jim Yakes                                                                                                       2/1/03

Thomas Robert Wenr                                                                         W Division                              5/16/02

Nora Dougherty (Wife of Mike)                                                                     10/20/02

Nadine Messick (Wife of Bill)                                                                                                            9/30/02


May they have the Lord’s Blessings and Rest In Peace.  

Recently I received a letter from the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans, and since I don’t know who they were mailed to, I want to share with you what was sent to me, so I’m sending you copies of what I have.  Should you want to get involved, mail your check to the Washington, D.C. address. 

Make a note of our Reunion dates - they will be April 29, 2004 to May 2, 2004, and give it your all to be with us.  At our ages, we don’t’ know how many more we have left, and since this is our last letter to be mailed this year, it is my last chance to remind everyone that our dues are due the first of next year, so why not go ahead and mail your $10.00 to Wade Cunningham now and you won’t forget. 

Wade, Ruby and I want to thank all the nice people who helped us at the Reunion, and to thank those who sent so many nice cards, letters and for your phone calls. 

Memphis had a severe storm July 22nd which caused much damage and power outages. Then we had a second storm on August Memphis had a severe storm July 22nd which caused much damage and power outages. Then we had a second storm on August 27thwhich caused some damage. I want to thank all of the people who called to check on me.  I also want to thank those who came to help me when I had my accident at the picnic.  You are all great people to me.  My best wishes for good health to everyone.

Memphis had a severe storm July 22nd which caused much damage and power outages. Then we had a second storm on August 27thwhich caused some damage. I want to thank all of the people who called to check on me.  I also want to thank those who came to help me when I had my accident at the picnic.  You are all great people to me.  My best wishes for good health to everyone.


Jess Dennis

Jess Dennis, President

USS Pennsylvania Reunion Association







Nebraska 2001

2001 U.S.S. Pennsylvania BB-38 Western Reunion

The U.S.S. Pennsylvania western reunionwill be held at the ClarionExecutive Center 3650 south 72nd Street, Omaha, Nebraska. From SundaySeptember 23, 2001 to Wednesday September 26. Enclosed you will find a brochureon the hotel and a map of Omaha. The hotel is located off I-80. Each person isresponsible for making his or her own reservations with the hotel before the deadlineon August 23. The room rate is $69.00 (includesfull buffet breakfast) for a double room. The phone number to make reservationsis 1-409-397-3700 or toll-free 1-800-446-6242. Airlines into Omaha are Unitedand Midwest Express withthe hotel providing free shuttle service. Map,Registration FormContacts

A tour has been planned for Monday the 24th. The tourincludes a trip to Boys Town, wildlife safari, and the Strategic Air Commandmuseum. Lunch is included in the tour with a buffet at Mahoney State park. Thecost of the tour is $35.00 per person. 

Tuesday will be a free. A day for participants to go theold market, the mall, other museums or the casinos. The hotel will furnish ashuttle bus but needs to know twenty minutes in advance about your destinationand departure.

The traditional banquet will be held onTuesday night September 25th. The dinner includes a rib-eye and shrimp dinneraccompanied by the Lenny Four Orchestra featuring songs from the forties,fifties, and sixties. The cost is $40.00 per person and reservations must bemade by September 1st.

If you are interested in having a permanent nametagengraved with your name and a picture of the U.S.S. Pennsylvania, we can stillget them at the cost of $6.00. I must have your order bySeptember 1st in order to give the nametag toyou at registration.

Registration will be Sunday September 23rd from 9 am till 4 pm.

The Surigao Strait Battleship Reunion

This reunion will be held in Moline, Illinois on October 22-28, 2001. If youare interested in attending this reunion please let Bud Taylor know right awayand he will mail you the information, call him at 1-903-849-3277.



ClarionExecutive Center


January 31, 2000

Band Get-Together Reunion Registration Forms

It's that time again - time to start making your plans to attend our twentieth Reunion. It doesn't seem possible that we've been having our Reunions for 20 years, but we have, and let's all mark our calendars and plan to be together again to have another wonderful time. As we go into the new Millennium, and think back to days gone by and all the friends and faces of our shipmates we once knew, we realize a number of them are no longer be with us, which is sad, but all the more reason to make it to our Reunion.
This year I received requests from three Associations to pass on information to you about them and to invite you to join them, so if they appeal to you, or you are a part of them, here's how to get in touch with them:

1. U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailor's Association - Contact Ronald J. Maciejowski,Membership           Chairman  USNCSA, 55 Donna Terrace, Taunton, MA, 02780-2824, (508) 824-0789.

2. MARINE CORPS ASSOCIATION - Box 1775, Quantico, VA, 22134: (800) 336-O29l or 

3. US KOREA 2000 FOUNDATION - 4600 Duke Street,  416,Alexandria,VA, 22304-2517
    (703) 212-8128.

Welcome New Members

Louis H. Farra - 5' Division 
Andy Munsenreder 
Forest S. Reed, Jr. 
James Stewart 
Barney Strandstra
- M Division 
B.R. King - L Division
James L. Nix - Cook
Ralph Ring - 6th Division 
Arnold Stevens - F Division
John D. Walker - 1st Div
Ron Middleton - 4th 
Jesse Rameriz - 4th Division
T. Edward Snyder, Jr.
Dean Stovert

Lt. McShan tells me he has been visiting the history of the USSPennsylvania on the Internet, and he has found some interesting things there.Ken Munro, the son of Kenneth A. Munro, became very interested in the Pennsy'shistory after finding and going through some of the things his father had keptall these years, and since he had experience with computers, he built a web sitededicated totally to the USS Pennsylvania. The name of the web site is needs our help to add to what he now has, in the form of stories, memories,thoughts and pictures of the ship. He is doing all of this in the interest ofall of us, so let's pitch in and help out. Ken's mailing address is Ken Munro,40641 Alondra Drive, Murrieta, Ca, 92562-5869: His phone is (909)698-7180. 

In our last letter, I asked if any of you had an E-mail address you wouldlike to share with the rest of us. In addition to the 2 in the last letter, Ireceived 5 more, making a total of 7, and I suggest you put them in your rosterfor future use.

Ed Cooksey - in Oklahoma – edcooksey@JUNO.COM

Martin Hoopes -in California –

Howard W. Hudson - in Hawaii -

Andy Munsenreder - in Colorado –

W.F. "Bill" Schaefer - in Alabama -WFS13@GATEWAY.NET

James W. Smith - in Oregon - JNJSMITH@JUNO.COM

T. Edward Snyder, Jr. - in Virginia -

I assume that most of you already have the address for the Navy Memorial,but if not, it is WWW.LONESAILOR.ORG.  You can get lots of information with it.

I received a nice letter from Bud Nease, telling me that they have a niceweb site for USS Arizona, and invite everyone to check on it. The web siteaddress is WWW.HOMESTEAD.COM/IBNEASE/. To view these stories, just click on the button for Arizona ReunionAssociation.

Thanks to all of you who ordered one of the pavers for the Veteran's Walkof Honor at the Nimitz Museum. Orders for 15 of them were sent to me, and I'msure there are more there. When your grandchildren and mine visit the museum,they will know that the old Pennsy was there and did that.

For many years we have continued to mail letters to all the widows of ourshipmates, and hope to be able to continue to do so. Many of the widows we neverhear from, and we have been asked by a few to remove their names from ourmailing list. At the rate we are now losing our shipmates, we could findourselves with more widows than men, so if you are a widow and would like tocontinue receiving our letters, please drop us a card and tell us so. If we failto hear from you, we will discontinue our mail-out to you.

I received a nice letter and a $50.00 check from William C. Hamerstat, whois the son of Lt. John R. Hamerstat who was an engineering officer on board thePennsylvania from 1943 through 1945. William would like to hear from anyone whoknew his father. Some of you must have known him. Please get in touch withWilliam at 2502 Stoner Rd., LaGrange, KY, 40031-9497 or phone him at (502)241-5050.

Now for the reunion. It will be held April 13th – 16th, 2000 at the Memphis Marriott Hotel at 2625 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Memphis,Tennessee, 38118. Our room rates are $62.00 plus tax; those of you who come inearly can get the same rates starting April 11, 2000. The cut-off date forguaranteeing this special rate is 3/27/00. Check-in time is 3:00 PM, and checkout time is 12 noon. There's free parking and airport pick-up, Call the hoteldirect for reservations at (901) 362-6200, or 1-800-627-3587 and tell themyou're with the USS Pennsylvania group to get our special rate. All requestsmust be made no later than 3/27/00. After that, reservations will be subject toavailability and higher rates. All reservation requests must include a firstnight's deposit, which can be either a major credit card or personal check. Alldeposits are refundable up to 48 hours prior to check-in time. In the past, somepeople have had trouble making reservations with the 800 number, so if that'sthe case, back up and try their direct number.

Blues City Tours will have a representative at our registration deskfrom8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Friday and Saturday to book tours for those of you whowould like them. On Friday, we have planned something like a picnic at theIsland, where you will be able to go through the museum over there and we willhave a box lunch. For the ladies, Wade and Ruby's daughter Linda has come upwith a good idea. She wants to get a group of the ladies together to car pooland go around and do a lot of antique shopping. Saturday, we have a trip plannedto the Sam's Town Casino, for which there will be a $10.00 fee per personcharged. $5.00 will be refunded upon arrival at the Casino, along with a ticketfor a buffet dinner. This year, I'm trying to get you something new in the wayof a nametag, something you'll be really proud of, and something you can useevery year. It will take me a little time, because I have to mail theinformation off to South Carolina after I get it from you. If you can, mail yourregistration forms in early. I am sure you will love this nametag! I've arrangedtransportation for all the events we will take part in and the cost is includedin the price of each function.

As always, the people working at the registration desk and hospitalityroom are volunteers, so give them a nice handshake, a good smile, and a word ofthanks.

Wade, Ruby and I want to thank all of you who sent us such nice cards andletters, especially around Christmas time. There were too many for us to respondto, but we do want you to know we appreciate them and we treasure your kindthoughts.

Word from the sickbay:

Leo Bewley - Had a stroke and is now in a nursing home;

Frank Brooks - Has shingles.

Carl Burhoop - Still not doing well.

Wade Cunningham - Doing well after hip surgery.

Gloria Dennis - Wife of John - Will have the second surgery on her arm.

Annette Fontenot - Wife of Cline - Had her hip replaced for the secondtime.

Roy Gilbert - Had back surgery and had a rough time with it

Norbert Graw - Has heart problems

Leo Hauser - Has cancer and diabetes.

Abie Hunter - Has pulmonary fibrosis; irregular heart rhythm and is onoxygen about 20 hours a

                       day; has had both knees replaced.

Don Mayhorn - Is taking chemo.

James R. Rushing - Has cancer.

Richard Smith - Had heart by-pass surgery.

Richard White - Had 2 surgeries and is not able to travel

We wish the best of luck to these fine people, and hope better things aresoon to come for them.

Mike Hewlin, who handled the USS Mississippi Reunion, is trying to puttogether a Reunion of the six battleships that took part in the Battle of LeyteGulf, and he had some letters printed for me to include in this mail-out. Wewill talk more about it at the Reunion or if you need to know more about itsooner, call me.


Fred Autrey - 5th  Division            9-19-99

Harry Bass

Woodrow W. Board -11th Division

Judson B. Camm - M Division       7-31-99

Bruce Giley

Harry Glenn - SDivision                11-98

Louis B. Johnson  - MDivision      1998

Emerson W. Kasmere - Radio        10-12-99

Augtino Passasume

Marshall Platt  - 8hDivision           9-16-99

Sam Sandell - 1st & RDivision      10-13-99

Clayton R. Scheualen

Donald Wright - Band                      9-26-99

Katherine Kindy - Wife of Verlin

May they all have the Lord's Blessings and Rest in Peace. 

All have been added to the Pennsy Memorial page

Take a look at your dues card, and if it isn't for the year 2000, youcould be delinquent, and could be left off of the next mailing. Also, if therehas been any change in your mailing address, please send us the correct one.

Again this year, we won't have group photos because of lack of interest -people just don't buy them.

We hope you have a safe and happy trip, and we look forward to seeing youagain in April.

Yours truly,

Jess Dennis


Jess Dennis



Band Get-Together Info

From: "LeRohn D Deysher
To: "USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
Subject: Re: The Band
Date: Sunday, March 05, 2000 4:17 PM

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the plug. To briefly bring you up to date -- We were the group that provided the entertainment? at theTucson reunion. While there, our westerners said "We've seen enough cactus now, we wouldlike to see some dogwood." So, Tony Gerace , Tony Wyhopen, (Who wasn't at Tucson) got together and went to work. All our guys are coming,staying at the Wyndham Valley Forge at a good rate, spending Friday on a bus trip into the Historic section of Philly and winding it out atValley Forge National Park (lot's of Dogwood trees and they should be in bloom). Saturday, we will go to the botanical gardens called LongwoodGardens, a lovely site established by the Dupont family. Saturday night we will have a banquet with entertainment provided by First UCC Brass,which plays a lot of Canadian Brass music. We are all enthusiastic about it and wish the entire crew would give consideration to a similar plan.Once again, thanks and it was good hearing from you!


Picture taken at 1999 Tucson Reunion

Email Dan for more info

October 1, 1999


Our1999 USS Pennsylvania Reunion went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to enjoy beingtogether again. A trip to Coors Brewery was interesting - it is amazing to see how fast they can brew andbottle beer, and as you watch it, you realize how much beer is consumed in this country everyday! Youhave to wonder how their brew masters stack up against the ones we had on the oldPennsy. Those whowent to the Casino had a good time I didn't hear any one claim they had won a million, and I did hear anumber of them say they didn't lose any money. Could it be the old Pennsy's luck still hasn't run out!

Plans for next years reunion are already underway, and we will again be at the Marriott Hotel inMemphis from April 13 - 16th, 2000, so make a note of it and plan to be with us. Wade and I have justheard from a few men who have just found us, and they plan to come to the reunion. It seems we havereached the point where we lose a few, and are lucky to still find a few people.

Shipmate LeRohn Deysher volunteered at our 1998reunion to blow taps at our memorial this year, butwas unable to make it because of illness I was told. We hope things are better forhim now, and wish himwell.

Some of you are aware of an accident that Gloria, the wife of John Dennis, had when she fell from anescalator at the Casino. A card from John at the end of April said she is mending well after surgery for abroken arm, and he felt sure she would be back to normal routine in time, and they are looking forward tonext years reunion. We wish Gloria a speedy recovery.

Last year, at the end of our General Meeting, someone came up to our table with a picture of thePennsy.Rudy Millen was there and saw the picture, and asked the man if he would be kind enough to have a copymade for him, and Rudy gave him some money for it, but failed to get the picture, andhe also failed toget or remember the man's name. We know the man forgot, and maybe this will be a reminder to him, ormaybe the man forgot to get Rudy's name and address. If that's the case, the name is R.J. Millen, 6642Acacia Court, Northport, Florida, 34287-2652.

In the new world of electronics, E-mail has become more and more popular. Some of our shipmates haveE-mail addresses now, so we thought we should add them to our roster and share them with everyone, soif you have one, please send them to us. Here's a couple I already have:

Howard W. Hudson in Hawaii - 

Martin Hoopes in California - 

Ken:I have many more email address, if you are looking for someone and you thinkthey may have an email address please contactme .

The Nimitz Museum needs money to operate on, as do all museums. They are building a Veteran's Walkof Honor, and for a donation of $ 100. 00, your name and a brief message will be placed on a brick paverfor the walk. Several of us have already made a donation. I have talked with Helen McDonald over there,and she said the battleship West Virginia already has a large block of bricks, and they will do the same forus if we have enough bricks. Think about it, and if you care to take part in this , make your check payableto them and send it me. I will mail all the checks to them so all of our bricks will be in the same block.

Shipmate Dave Graham who handles the American Battleship Association, needs our help in getting agood address for
Fred A. Metz who we think is in Naples, Florida. His mail has been returned to Davetwice, he thinks because he doesn't have an apartment number. If anyone can help Dave with this, pleasedo. If you're not already a member of the American Battleship Association, you should think about joiningit. It only costs $5.00 a year, and Dave puts out a mean, spicy "Old Salt's Digest" twice a year. At therate our generation is leaving here, that may be all we have to belong to in the future. Think about it - theaddress is the American Battleship Association, P.O. Box 711247, San Diego, CA, 92171.

Shipmate Nat Lieberman lucked out, his daughter found a Model kit of the Arizona on the Internet forhim, and says he can't tell the difference between it and the Pennsy. Nat sent the information to me toshare with anyone who wants a model. His cost was $13.60, and you can order one from TimelessHobbies, 75 Danada Square East, Wheaton, Illinois, 60187.  Ask for Model #H302. While I was lookingfor a place for Nat to get his model, information came from Lewis Hartshorn Ship Models, 73 MonroeStreet, Norwood, Massachusetts, 02062. He has a model of the Pennsy that's about 18-incheslong,and he will sell it for about $80.00 if anyone is interested. I do not know what it looks like.

Lost your medals and stars? Want to put them in a frame for your children? You can get just aboutanything you want from Medals of America, 1929 Fairview Road, Fountain Inn, SC, 29644. You can ordertoll free at 1-800-308-0849.

I got a nice note from Bill Schaefer, telling me there was an overcharge on his and a couple of other men'shotel bill this year. I was not aware of anything like that, and prefer to think it was due to errors made bythe hotel's employees.  All of the people at the hotel have been so nice to us over the years. My advice toeveryone is to always check all bills, since those things do happen some times.
I called Mike Hulen, who was trying to put together a reunion of the six battleships that took part in theLeyte Gulf or Surigao Straits battles and found that he hasn't firmed up anything on it. This concerns me,because right now, hotel arrangements should be made.  At first, he thought the reunion would be held inMemphis, and now he's thinking about Austin, Texas, so I don't really have anything to pass on to you atthis time.

Word from the sick bay:
Homer Grounds wife has been ill with some type of bone problems, and he hasbeen afraid to leave her to come to the reunion, which is the reason we haven't seen him. Jim Bolar and hiswife have been having health problems also.  Buzz Butterworth has had far more that his share of healthproblems, and he is now on oxygen and has lost both feet, and word comes that our old friend Carl Burhoopis still not doing well. Wade Cunningham had his second hip joint replacement and I'm happy to report heseems to be doing great. We wish the best of everything to all of these people.

Pennsy Memorial Page

Crew Member Division Date
James M. Berry    
William "Happy" Blake   R Division & The Band 2-22-99
Edwin L. Conry, Jr.  MAA & 2nd Division  
Hollis B. Francis    
Alfred E. Gallant    
Gillis 0. Goodson    
CL, "Pat" Goodwin 10th Division  1-18-99
Norman W. Hailicka  5th Division 8-24-98
Henry J, Heinz    
Carl Holmes    
IT. Jines    
Elton C. Keifer    
Henry A. Lachenmayer  R Division & The Band  
Don Lark    
Paul H. Maul    
Charles M. McDermend    
Ottwell Meader  C & R Division  
Homer C. Nefzger C Division  2-3-99
Ralph W. Palmer  A Division 12-17-98
Stanley Parrish   C & R Division 12-27-98
Milton Travis Shirley   2nd Division 8-7-99
Robert J. Sholtis    
Howard J. Skehan    
Floyd Stamps    
Ike Tallman 5th & 10th Division 4-16-99
Ernest Wiebe  6B & 9th Division 6/99
Alex F. Zawila    
Rosie Bremer-Wife of Harry  6th Division 12-98
Added By Ken Munro    
Marshall M. Platt (78) Charlette, Please contact me 9/15/99
 Sam Sandell  * R Division 10/99
  (if anyone can help filling in the blanks above please do)  

May they have the Lord's Blessings, and Rest in Peace.

Since this is the last mail out this year, let me remind you that our dues are due the first of the year, and itis not too early to do it now. All too often we hear, "I thought I mailedthem", or "I put the letter aside andforgot it".

Here's a little excerpt from the "Old Salt's Digest" that you might enjoy!


I was saddened to learn this week of the death of one of our members; SomeoneElse. Someone's passingcreates a vacancy that will be hard to fill.  Else has been with us for many ears. Else did far more than thenormal person's share of the work.

Whenever there was a job to do, a meeting to attend, a ritual position to fill, one name was oneverybody's list: Let Someone Else Do it!"

It was well known that Someone Else was the largest giver. Whenever there was a financial need, we allassumed that Someone Else would come to the rescue. Someone Else was a wonderful person, almostsuperhuman: but a person can only do so much. Were the truth known, everyone expected too much ofSomeone Else. Now Someone Else is gone! We wonder what we are going to do. So when you are askedto help, please remember, WE CAN'T DEPEND ON SOMEONE ELSE ANYMORE!!

We hope everyone makes it into the next Millennium in good health, and that Y2K doesn't bother anyone!

Jess  Dennis

Jess Dennis

This is apersonal note about Sam Sandell, he and my father and mother have been friendssince before I was born and they stayed in touch for many years.  Two yearsago after I became involved in this Pennsy web, my father mentioned his name andI asked where he lived and how long had it been since they had seen each other,he said 25 years.  I went on the search for Sam and found him via theinternet, I was so excited that I actually had found him that I could hardlycontain myself when I spoke to him on the phone.  I gave him my fathersnumber and asked him to call, he did and we made arrangements to sit together atthe up coming San Diego reunion.  I spoke at length with him and Jeanne andwatched this long lost friendship between my father and Sam be rekindled. At the Tucson reunion Sam and Jeanne gave my wife and I their tickets to go onthe tour of the Air Museum.  Here is the pictures that I took of them thereunion dinner

Mvc-004f4.jpg (58869 bytes)
photo taken 9/99

My deepest sympathy for Jeanne and thefamily and friends of Sam and for all of the passing crew members and theirfamilies, America has lost more Heroes , we have lost more friends and lovedones...., God Bless you. 




October 1, 1998



Our 1998 USS Pennsylvania Reunion was another good one. It was great to see and visitwith some of our shipmates again, and after listening to our Chaplain read off the namesof our deceased shipmates, I think we all thought it was a real blessing to be able to betogether again.

Everything went pretty much as planned, except for our Saturday boat trip. About thetime we were to board the bus, we got a real downpour of rain, and the windows of the buswere so fogged up, we couldn't see out of them! It was the same on the boat, but I didn'thear one person complain. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - we have the bestpeople in the world in our Association

Special thanks go out to our shipmate Leo Hamilton for his efforts in getting some ofour band members here for the first time this year. It was a pleasure to have them, andone of them volunteered to blow taps for us next year. WELL-DONE LEO!

Our thanks also to Cline Fontenot for his efforts to got more of our E-Divisionshipmates here. Cline has been involved since day one, and also deserves a big WELL DONE!

Recently, I heard from Bill Ready who is trying to get the CR-Division people togetheralso, and let's not forget our F-Division people. They and the R-Division had a goodturnout.

Our shipmate, Bob Nuzum failed to make it to the reunion this year, and I was concernedthat something was wrong, so I wrote to him. Bob and Mary Ellen were put through a livinghell by, the lowest form of humanity on this earth, who was trying to get Bob's brother'sassets when he passed away. Bob's advice to me was to be sure I have a good will. I passthat advice on to all of our people because we never know when an illness will affect ourmind, as it did in Bob's brother's case. Because of the unusual weather we have seen thisyear, I have been concerned about all of our people, who are scattered all over thecountry. We have had fires, floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, andtemperatures in some parts well over a 100 degrees. I hope and pray that all of you madeit through in good shape.

A letter from Mel Girard tells us that he had lobbied hard to get a ship named USSPearl Harbor, and it finally came to pass on May 19, 1998, with the USS Pearl Harbor LSD52. I also learned that Mel's wife, Gayle, has been fighting a battle against a rare formof lung cancer. We wish the best to her and her family.

It was a sad day when I received a note and a news clipping from Thomas Jemes tellingme that Admiral K.S. Masterson had passed away. He was a real ordinance expert, and wasresponsible for the Pennsy having the very, latest in weapons at the time we served onher. Admiral Masterson was 89 years old.

We have a request from a man who would like to hear from anyone and everyone who knewhis uncle, Robert Edward "Barney" Thomas, Chief Boatswain's Mate, who served onthe Pennsylvania from 1940 to 1945. He thinks he was in the l st Division. If you knewBarney, please get in touch with Thomas A. Morgan, 117 M. Roosevelt Boulevard, Brigantine,New Jersey, 08203-2811. Tom will appreciate hearing from you.

A Second request comes from the Eldred WW II Museum in Eldred, Pennsylvania. They wouldlike to get as many stories as possible from the people who were actually a part ofWorld War II. They want this information from us while we're still around to give it tothem, so they will have the facts instead of fiction, which will be sure to come as theyears pass. Enclosed is a form with the address of the museum to help you. Please don'tput this aside and say, "let other people do it", because they may be doing thesame thing as you. Just do it - it will only take a few minutes of your time, and you willfeel much better after you've done it. To get the formclick here

I received a letter from a man who says he has some pictures of ships and that thePennsy is among them. He has one of the Pennsy off Tulagi from September 6, 1944. How manyothers, and at what cost, he failed to say. If anyone would like to get in touch with him,he can be reached at: Paul E. Dawson, 10933 Country Road 44, East Liberty, Ohio, 43319.His phone number is 1-937-747-3927.

Mike Hulen, who handles the USS Mississippi Reunion called me and said he is trying toget the men who served aboard all 6 battleships that took part in the Battle of Leyte Gulftogether for a reunion from October 23 to October 26, 2000 in Memphis. He asked for myhelp, and said be chose Memphis because I live here, the transportation is good, and helives in Swifton, Arkansas, which is a short distance from Memphis and he can drive overso we can work together on it. This would be in addition to, and not in place of, ourregular reunion. Think about this one because it will be most important for me to have anexact number for our people so I can make sure we have enough rooms, food, etc. Fill inthe form at the end of this letter, and mail it to Wade when you mail in your dues. Afterbeing told by a number of our people that they would like a Washington, D.C. trip, I got agood one planned for us, but had to cancel it, because when the time came to mail in adeposit, only very few people did - not even enough to fill up one bus. It would have beena good trip.

Our Shipmates have all been in good health, I guess, because Idon’t think Wade or I know of anyone in the sick bay at this time.


Rev. William E. Dudack
Donald Duffy
Harry Happ 
S.S. Kienker
K.S. Masterson                                                                                                                         
Mitchell Raffanelli
Earlen Seaman

May these men have the Lord’s Blessings and Rest in Peace.

Our next reunion will be April 15 - 18, 1999at the Marriott Hotel in Memphis, mark your calendar now and plan to be with us.

Wade and I want to thank all of you who support us each year, and mail us so many nicecards and letters.

The first of the year is almost here, and this is the last letter you will receive fromus this year, so I’ll remind everyone as usual, that our dues become due the 1st,and that is what keeps us on the mailing list. Why not send it in now, while it’s onyour mind, before you forget it. Make your $10.00 check payable to the USS PennsylvaniaReunion Association, and mail it to Wade Cunningham.

Yours truly,


Jess Dennis


Jess, you can depend on me/us to come to the Leyte Gulf Reunion. Should something suchas illness or any other emergency cause me to cancel, I will notify you immediately.

Number in my party will be:_________

Signed:________________________________________________ Date:_________________ 


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