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 Please take a minute to check out Ed Spilman's contribution....

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By an unknown author
Shared By:
Dick & Betty Mingus

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Richard (Dick) Pryor's Story
About Buckner Bay
Shared by his Daughter
Sharon Pryor
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Arnold Strang's Story
About Buckner Bay by Arnold and his Son-in-Law James K. Harriott
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Ed Spilman, in his own words and pictures of the final days

All of the contents of thispage are the shared items from readers of  the Pennsylvania web site.  I want to thank each andevery one of them for their support and words of encouragement.  If you have stories,pictures, memories or anything related to the Pennsy, and wish to contribute to thispage,drop me a line and it is as good asdone.  This is a chapter of American History that has changed the livesof  all of us today.  These American's who gave and sacrificed so muchare truly "AMERICA'S GREATEST GENERATION" and I for one will neverforget, to that end, I am dedicated....

Ken Munro

b-bluedo_buty.gif (5811 bytes)Special thanks to KenSingmaster, Al Crabtree (P), Ed Spilman, Clifford Holley(P), Art Wells (P), Kory Vaught, C.R. Kimes (Randy), Sharon Pryor,Eileen Pryor, Richard Pryor Jr., Dick & Betty Mingus(P), Tom Godwin and most of all My DAD, Kenneth A. Munro(P)

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C.R. Kimes  

Kory Vaught Kory Vaught Kory Vaught Kory Vaught

Orders of the day
Dec. 25,1941

BB-38 News
Oct. 24, 1945

S -Division -

Herbert Eugene Vaught

Herbert Vaught &
Joe Martin

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Art Wells

Art Wells

C.R. Kimes  

C.R. Kimes  

C.R. Kimes  

Dec. 7,1941
The destroyers CASSIN and DOWNES, Pennsy at the rear

Pennsy Marine 1942
See his story

Postcard from the Pennsy
dated 1911, thanks Randy,
sorry for the mix up.

Randy comes through with another great picture, 1917 photo,We all thank you Randy. Randy's Christmas present to all of us, very beautiful as usual Randy, thanks again.
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Ken A. Munro
Christmas 1943
Ken A. Munro
Christmas 1943
Ken A. Munro
Christmas 1943
Ken A. Munro
Johnny Carson
C.R. Kimes
 See Explaination

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Ken Munro

Tom Brixius
"R" Division
Tom Brixius
"R" Division
Tom Godwin
Marine Detachment
Tom Godwin
Marine Officers
Medal Of Honor Recipient
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Tom Godwin
1941 Crew-Great Pic
Tom Murtagh
The Pennsy Bell @
Penn State
Tom Murtagh
The Pennsy Bell @
Penn State
USS Pennsylvania BB-38 - "S" Division Merril E "Pat" Riggins was born April 15, 1924 in Hammond Indiana, and died August 06, 1983
in Hume Missouri.
Sent to me by Mike Riggins, this was in his fathers things, (Merril Riggins), it says "Billy Miller" boxing champ, USS Pennsylvania, anyone know him? Thanks Mike
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My Dad & Mom 1945 Ed Spilman Pictures Wallace Ashwood sent this to me, Gunners Mate 1st Class, 3rd division Merril Riggins, July 23, 1945.  Sent by his son Mike Riggins.  Sent by Michael & Kim  Riggins,
Great Poem Also
dad&me.JPG (20947 bytes) This photo was taken on board the USS Pennsylvania BB38 in 1941 and was a full page print in Our Navy magazine in the Nov. issue.  The magazine wanted an action shot showing our new style of helmets and life jackets.  The pose was staged at the 3" 50 caliber AA gun that I was Gun Captain on.  One of my best friends Seaman 1/c Dencil "Mac" Macintosh is the First Loader and I am wearing the headphones.  We weren't aware that Mac was wearing the helmet backwards.  Mac and his entire crew on Gun 9 (5" 25 AA) were killed by a 500 lb. bomb on Dec. 7th.  Submitted by Charles Serr (La Mesa, CA)
Shirley temple being "Piped" aboard the Pennsy in 1940, GREAT PIC, Sent by Charles Serr and his daughter Carol, We all thank you  Dad & Me at Thanksgiving 2000 Submitted by Charles Serr's daughter Carol
(hold mouse over Pic)
"R" Division submitted by Don Richards "R" Division submitted by Don Richards
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See more of Al's pictures by clicking on the picture above Homer Nefzger (RMC) at Anna's Grave site 1998, he died later that year, both were WWII Vets Elmer "Doc" Lindeman (who served on the Pennsy from late '43 to the end of the war), Awald "Slim" Lindeman and Alfred "Bunny" Lindeman.

Mike Keane sent this great picture, his dad Richard (middle front) and friends aboard the Pennsy

Mike Keane sent this great picture, Softball team, 1945, Guam, his dad is the 6th from the left, front row, Richard Keane, "F" division

LesMarieBlair.JPG (64444 bytes) Les96OlymipicsBlair.JPG (159910 bytes) Hanssc~1.jpg (77553 bytes) USS Pennsylvania CA-4.jpg (23902 bytes) ship plateResize.jpg (74952 bytes)
Les & Marie Blair Les, 1996 Olympic Torch, Ca. Hans Schott (Champ)
Boxing Champ 1930's
By Roberta Schott Cyr
Cruiser Pennsylvania, She was 502 feet long, displaced 13680 tons, speed 22 knots, carried 800 officers and men, and served actively from 1905 to 1931. Later named USS Pittsburgh. Thanks, Ed Snyder Telephone Directory for shipboard departments, blown off the wall on Aug 12.  Saved by Robert McClain, M division, submitted by his son Mike
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Paul & Tom McGuire, two of three brothers who severed on the Pennsy.  Submitted By Rebekah Freimann Paul McGuire, B division. Submitted By Rebekah Freimann Paul, Tom & Bob McGuire. Submitted By Rebekah Freimann Tom McGuire and shipmates, anyone know them? Submitted By Rebekah Freimann Richard Pryor & Bob McClain sent by Sharon Pryor, but both men saved the same picture
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July 4, 1943 menu, by Ephraim McClain July 4, 1943 menu, by Ephraim McClain Submitted by Sharon Pryor 1983 Newspaper article about the Pennsy Reunion @ Disneyland Hotel , sent by John Popp, 5th & "S" divisions
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Submitted by Lt. Christopher M. Faulkner, Reign of Fire framing     Submitted by Lt. Christopher M. Faulkner, Reign of Fire framing   Submitted by Lt. Christopher M. Faulkner, Reign of Fire framing  Submitted by Lt. Christopher M. Faulkner, Reign of Fire framing 

A Historical Item

bob&dadflag.jpg (133579 bytes) D&Bflag.jpg (123832 bytes)  This flag was sent by A.C. Price & Cathy Hoshouer from Pennsylvania, both are MD's from PA dad&bobflag.jpg (138238 bytes) dad&flag.jpg (114742 bytes)
Ken Munro, "A" Division  and Bob Arntz of the USS Saratoga hold this treasure Ken Munro, "A" Division and Bob Arntz of the USS Saratoga hold this treasure
flagNamePennsy.jpg (129683 bytes) To the left & right you can see the name printed on the piping of this 48 star flag. More on this story here. flagName.jpg (117007 bytes)
Photos Sent by Jess Dennis, Pearl Harbor Memorial PearlMemorial2.JPG (24453 bytes) PearlMemorial1.JPG (28955 bytes) thecrew.JPG (22987 bytes)
"F" Division
Memphis 1999 reunion sent by Jess Dennis.  Great Photo !  Bet you can guess what is going on here.
James Mathson JamesMathson1.JPG (25201 bytes) MathsonBoys.JPG (15150 bytes)
The Mathson Boys
JamesMathson2.JPG (24391 bytes) James Mathson
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11th Division by William Lindsey Benjamin Dennis Lindsey Oct. 1941 at Pearl Harbor by William Lindsey Pearl Harbor 1941 by William Lindsey Submitted By John Curry Submitted By John Curry
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Submitted By John Curry  
See John Curry's fathers Poem
Edward Groenhout & Bob Bartrand 1945, submitted by Mark Groenhout 6th Division, submitted by Mark Groenhout Captain Miller & Duke, submitted by Mark Groenhout Edward Groenhout at a Radar Station, submitted by Mark Groenhout
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Tom Lachtrupp and his Dad Lloyd Lachrtupp with their new Print, nice hat Lloyd ! "R" Division picture submitted by Henry Showers, thanks Henry !!!!  USS Pennsylvania ACR 4 in Dry-Dock having landing deck installed, submitted by Stacy Bauerschmidt William Elmo Smith 1932 Crewman, J.H. Ingram was commander during this time. See Certificate Radio Crew, Pennsy, Aug.26, 1922
Sent by Dawn Haywood Callahan
more info
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Submitted by Billy Deen whose father John Emmitt Deen is shown in these pictures Submitted by Billy Deen whose father John Emmitt Deen is shown in these pictures


Submitted by Billy Deen whose father John Emmitt Deen is shown in these pictures


Submitted by Billy Deen whose father John Emmitt Deen is shown in these pictures


I just stumbled upon a website with it...taken in San Pedro in 1939.
Carol Serr
V-Mail from Cosmo, thanks Cosmo V-Mail from Cosmo, thanks Cosmo V-Mail from Cosmo, thanks Cosmo Albert E. Curry, Submitted by John Curry Herman Pickel
1924, 25, 26, 27
William Frank Long       "Pops Shadow Box"
Submitted by Judith Sims - Pop is Richard MIngus


Letters & E-mail sent to me


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    Vietnam Service w/ 2 bronze stars