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The following men served on the United States Battleship USS Pennsylvania BB-38 and are no longer with us. These men represent a generation whose Courage, Honor, Tradition and Heroism have left a profound mark on the World and America. Never in history has so many given so much. God Bless them all and their families, they are truly America's Greatest Generation .......... Ken Munro

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512 Lester "Razz" C. Reitz
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Machinist Mate 1st Class 7/5/1984
Redford, MI
1941 to ? My grandfather served on the USS Pennsylvania during Pearl Harbor and survived. Unfortunately I don't know much about his time in the service, but that he did an interview with a local radio station after describing his mindset on that day. Could he please be added to the list? His name was Lester "Razz" C. Reitz. Born Dec 22, 1919 in Pennsylvania. Died July 5, 1984 in Redford, MI. Thank you, ... Kaitlyn Bloom
511 Capt  Russell F. Flynn CR & CS 2/18/2007 41-45 My father passed away on February 18, 2007 after a bout with cancer. Here’s his obituary: Capt. Russell F. Flynn, U.S. Navy retired, 88, a resident of St. Michaels since 1979, died Feb. 18, 2007, at his home due to complications of cancer. Capt. Flynn was born Aug. 15, 1918, in Leesville, Conn. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., Class of 1942, with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. Following graduation, he served his country during World War II in the South Pacific, where he participated in notable battles such as the Leyte Gulf invasion, the Battle of Surigao Strait, the Linguyen Gulf (Philippines) invasion and the Okinawa invasion. He was also a veteran of the Korean War and served as operational communications and planning officer, CINCLANT/CINCLANTFLT, Norfolk, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Capt. Flynn's naval career included service aboard the USS Mississippi (BB41), USS Pennsylvania (BB38), USS Iowa (BB61), USS Gainard (DD706) and the USS Watts (DD567). He commanded the USS Harold J. Ellison (DD864) and USS Mount McKinley (AGC7). Finally, he served as commanding officer, U.S. Naval Communications Station Norfolk until he retired from the Navy in July 1966. Russ commenced his civilian career, employed by Western Union Corp. in the government division in McLean, Va., until his retirement in August 1978. Russ was a member of Sts. Peter & Paul Parish, St. Michaels Catholic Chapel, the Knights of Columbus, E.E. Streets Memorial Post 5118 VFW, American Legion Post 70, and since 1979 a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 04-05. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Belle, whom he married on April 11, 1942, and sister, Marge F. Banta. Submitted by John Flynn (son)
510 John Dennis
"F" Division 4/27/2010 41-45

Comments removed per  John B. Dennis, son request

509 William C. Maze
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? ?? 40-48

Hello, I would like to include my Father William Charles Maze in the Memorial. He was aboard ship Dec 7, 1941, he served a total of 8 years in the Navy. He lived until the age of 87. Son David C Maze,

508 Jose Guadalupe Arreguin
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 8/11/2005 41-45

"Beloved father, brother, grandfather and uncle, passed away on Wednesday, August 11, 2005. He was 85 years old. Jose was born in Topeka, Kansas, on December 9, 1919. At the age of 14, he hopped a boxcar and rode the rails to Chicago, where he was promptly sent back to his family farm by his aunt. Soon after, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and traveled through Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota and Washington, building bridges, helping with road construction and fighting forest fires during the Great Depression. At the age of 21, Jose enlisted in the Navy and was a sailor on the USS Pennsylvania, the flag ship of the Naval fleet docked at Pearl Harbor during the 1941 attack. Jose was a member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Assoc. and made two trips back to Pearl Harbor with his family, for the 50th and 55th anniversaries of the attack. While Jose was stationed in Oakland, he met his wife of 59 years." Jim Arreguin

507 Eugene Mayotte 5th
12/8/2007 44-46 Eugene was born Feb. 9, 1921, in Kankakee County, the son of Hiram and Edna Mayotte of Bradley. He graduated from St. Joseph Grade School and Bradley High School. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II on the USS Pennsylvania. He retired from McFarland Electric as a journeyman electrician.  Victoria Ferrell
506 Lewis Bernard Johnson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Machinist Mate
9/3/98 41-45 I would like to add a memorial to another crew member of the USS Pennsylvania. Machinist's Mate Second - Lewis Bernard Johnson.
He was always so proud to have been in the Navy. On the USS Hawkins, the USS James E. Kyes and the USS Pennsylvania. He was on the ship when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He carried "Pearl Harbor Survivor" license plates on his vehicle and also belonged to the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association. For many years he would always get a little teary eyed when he would remember his buddies that were lost. I am also enclosing a photo of him in uniform and his obituary. We miss him a lot. (from step-daughter Shirley May Larsen) PHOTO  This is from Lewis Johnson - "On the morning of December 7, 1941, we were in dry dock across from Ford Island Naval Air Station. We had the Destroyers, Cassin and Downes ahead of us in the dry dock. At the time I was in the deck force. I had just finished breakfast and had gone to top side to the boat deck, when some planes came over and dropped their bombs on the Air Station. I turned and said to someone that "It looks like they are target practicing this morning." Another wave of planes came over and it was then that I saw the red circles under the wings and knew that they were not our planes. General Quarters sounded and I went to a 5" Anti-Aircraft and we fired so many rounds that the barrel swelled up on it. So then I went to a 3". The two Destroyers ahead of us had been hit and there was not much left of them. We also got hit on #5 Anti-Aircraft I think it was, plus getting raked by machine gun fire. We had lots of casualties. The Nevada got underway and tried to make the open sea, but it had to beach about half way out of the channel. The Oklahoma was turned over and the Arizona was on fire. We stayed at these guns all night as I recall, as rumor had it that the Japanese were landing troops on the Island. As I look back on it now, I think I am pretty lucky to be here to tell a small part of what happened that day." Shirley Larsen
505 ??


US Marine
3/21/06 41  I'm writing you because my father was a US Marine on the USS Pennsylvania, but was on vacation in Washington D.C. when he got orders his leave was over and to report back to Pearl Harbor. He would have flown in on the 7th of December, but some engine trouble on a plane he was riding in delayed him by a day. He was later transferred to the 5th marines. He received the silver star for both world war II and the Korean war I think. He passed away march 21, 2006. he was a gunnery Sgt/retired. He is buried in Arlington cemetery. I just thought you might like to know, I was a marine also for 19 years, but I finished in the army seven more years and retired April 30, 2006. thank you for your service, Glaser F. Burkhardt III
504 James Carl Headrick
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Turret Captain 8/1/79 40-46 My husband is James Carl Headrick, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Turret Capt. 1st Class, Died 8/1/79, Served 1940 - 1946. He was faithful to his country.
503 Oscar Lee Sturkey "E"
1953 18-19  My father, Oscar Lee Sturkey, served aboard Pennsylvania in 1918-19. I have the precise dates. He was an electrician. We have a handful of old pictures which he took and they include the voyage from the U. S. to France taking President Woodrow Wilson to the Versailles Peace Conference. I haven't looked at them in years, but my recollection is that they include a long range shot of the President. We are going to donate those photographs to the South Carolinian Library, at the University of South Carolina; we have already made the commitment, and I ran across your site while getting ship histories of the various ships on which he served to accompany the pictures. Daddy died in 1953, when I was not quite ten. I know that it sounds fantastic, but perhaps my earliest memory is of him coming home, and stating, "They sunk my ship today," referring to the A-bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. In reference to it, I was not quite three, but the memory has stuck with me all those years. He always spoke fondly of Pennsylvania. When I get the exact dates of service, I will send them to you. Keep up the good work. Lee Sturkey
502 Ira G. Jones
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 41-45 My father was on the Pennsylvania when it was attacked at Pearl. I wonder if you can help me get any info since I was young when he passed away in Little Creek, Va. I know he served 33 years in the Navy and went from seaman to LtCmdr...I'm trying to get all the information I can to show my young son how great his grandfather was.. My dad was on the Frazier, Gregory, Taussig, Diamond Head and Pennsylvania. Not sure of the order however. I believe the Pennsylvania was his first but not sure, I appreciate any help you can give...Thank you very much, David G. Jones
501 Richard (Dick) E Curran ?? 1995 42-45 my dad Richard (Dick) E Curran was on the Pennsylvania. He passed away in 1995.he would have loved seeing your site . He spoke of his time on board several times and was proud of his service. Richard E Curran Jr. aka Rich
500 Louis Jack Giany ?? ?? ?? My father served on the Pennsylvania I'm not sure when but I do know from records he was part of a the great pacific battle and others as informed to me by the records department in St. Louis . My father's name is Louis Jack Giany . He wasn't an officer or anyone of importance , but knowing my dad he wasn't afraid of much but he never really said much to me or my friends . He was close to me and my friends we did a lot of fishing and deer hunting over the years and they all gave him the utmost of respect as he got from most people. He was a great father , husband and grandfather and he loved his country and he loved life. I'm sure he is with some of his brothers he served with on Pennsylvania. If anyone has any info on my dad and his service on this battleship as he put it the greatest battleship, please email I would appreciate greatly. Christopher Giany
499 Lloyd Proaps ?? 2/23/08 43-46

I have to report the passing of Lloyd Proaps who served on the USS Pennsylvania from 1943-1946.  His passing Feb 23, 2008 is a sad one to me.  As my neighbor since 2000 we have talked a lot about him and his service because my dad served on the Boxer in the Pacific around the same time as he.  He was a joker of a guy and pleasant to talk to.  He will be missed dearly and wish his name can be placed on the taps roll if possible.  Thanks Steven Martin Santa Rosa, CA 95403

498 Lester "Les" Andrew Johnson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"S" 11/9/91 41-45 Poppo was a Gunners Mate  and a Pearl Harbor Survivor he was also a crew member and plank owner of the Alex Deschenko. after the war he was a lay Baptist Minister and a house painter who retired to 'go fishing'.  We miss him greatly. Robin Johnson
497 Thomas Y. Comton Sr. "R" 1/3/08 43-46 In loving memorial of Thomas Y. Comton Sr. June 30,1924 -January 3, 2008 Shipfitter Third Class Date of Entry 7-2-43 Discharge Feb 23rd 1946 He Love the Pennsylvania, and went to many reunions. Thank You Donnie Engle BM2 USS Taluga AO62 Viet Nam 67-71 I' am Tom's Son In Law
496 Charles Gainor CPO
11/51 42-45 Many thanks, Ken. You guys do a great job. No, my uncle died Thanksgiving of 1951 at the U.S. Naval Base in Eugene, Ore., of self- inflicted gunshot wounds. He had retired in 1948 at the naval base in Orange, Texas, or the San Jacinto Ordnance Depot near Houston. When Korea broke out, he somehow got himself returned to active duty and was assigned to a training unit in Eugene. He complained to his C.O. that the Navy had become "a streamlined canoe club" and was reprimanded. I think it was his first and only. That, war memories and a failed marriage apparently were more than he could take. He was as good an uncle as I believe he was a sailor and chief. He is buried in San Antonio. The last I heard he had two sisters in their home town of Coshocton, Ohio, both probably deceased now. They grew up in an orphanage, and Uncle Charles joined the Navy at age 16 or 17. I may be very wrong about this, but I believe he may have been "chief master at arms" on the ship, like a chief of police, although I thought Marines performed that function aboard ship. It seems I also heard that he had been a "chief water tender." I know that he worked in the engine room. I was never in the Navy but served in the Army's Second Armored Division (created in Louisiana by Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.) at Fort Hood, Texas, in 1961-62. Does anybody in your organization remember CPO Gainor from the Pennsy?  Marco Gilliam
495 Laurence B. Burroughs Chief Quarter Master 9/19/66 23-27 My uncle, CQM Laurence B. Burroughs, USFR, served onboard the USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) from 1923 to 1927. He was qualified as a rangefinder operator while on BB-38. He was Seaman 1st class, and QM3c while onboard. He transferred to the Fleet Reserve in 1947.  He died at the VA Hospital in Knoxville, Iowa, on 19 Sep. 1966. I have several documents and letters regarding his time onboard USS Pennsylvania. LCDR Bruce Burroughs, USN, Ret.
494 John "Jack" Kephart "M"
7/16/07 43-45 He passed away on July 16,2007. He was in from 42-45 but on the Pennsy from 43-45. He was a Machinist Mate second class in "M" division. He was immensely proud of his service aboard that awesome ship. He was married to the late Betty (Harris) Kephart for over 60 years and left behind 5 daughters and 1 son. He retired from Penn State University with 43 years service in the Physical Plant. He loved to hunt, fish, work in his woodshop. He was another example of the Greatest Generation who got through the Depression,WW2, raised a family and went to work and was so humble. It was a privilege and honor to have known him. GOD Bless John "Jack" Kephart and all the officers & crew of the Pennsylvania a truly magnificent ship. Thank You. Kraig Morris
493 B. Kenneth Crouse "B" & "M"
8/13/07 32 - 38 Mr. Crouse leaves behind a loving family and friends. He proudly served in the United States Navy on the Battleship USS Pennsylvania as a machinist. During WWII he machined parts for the B-17 bomber and P-38 fighter. Rev. Doug Osborn officiated his memorial service which included full military honors." We love and miss you. Submitted by Richard Crouse - Son
492 Charles F. Martin
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Captain and later
Rear Admiral
?? 41 - 45 My name is Mac Martin and my grandfather was Rear Admiral Charles F. Martin. I don’t know if he was the admiral of the USS Pennsylvania on the date of the pearl harbor attack, but I know he was after the attack, and led several campaigns in the south pacific. He is now deceased , but left a lot of memorabilia in a footlocker trunk that I go through from time to time. Several pictures of the Pennsylvania in action as well as various invitations to the White House for diners etc. I even have his Admiral cap and several commendations he had received. You have any questions you can reach me at
491 Jenning Buck Gatlin
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? ?? 41 This is really nice. my great uncle was on the USS Pennsylvania during pearl harbor and survived. I am trying to get his obituary and find out more info on his time and div and anything else i can find out and will let you know. his name was J.B. Gatlin or Jenning B. Gatlin or Jenning Buck Gatlin. do you suggest anyplace i could look to find his division and dates served. thanks, Kay Myers
490 Payton Vanderpool ?? ?? ?? Submitted by Greg Frost
489 Bob Magnuson ?? 11/30/98 ?? Bob Magnuson he may have went by Robert Leonard or Leonard Robert; he was born 9/20/1925 died 11/30/98. This must have played havoc on their minds being so young as he wouldn't talk about it except the fact he knew Johnny Carson. Would like to see his name on this also thanks Sharon Krach - Sister
488 Robert (Bob) Hill 9th
10/30/07 42-45 We have rec'd word that Robert (Bob) Hill died on Tuesday Oct. 30, 2007. On Nov 11 would have been his 91st birthday. I hope most of you remember we stopped at his pear orchard in Hood River after our lunch that day and visited with him and picked a few pears. This is all the info I have at this time. Will pass along more when I receive it. Please pass the word.  Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
487 Joseph "Piano Joe" Huble "M" &  "1st"
10/29/07 42-45 Huble, Joseph "Piano Joe" Age 84, of Coon Rapids, formerly of N.E. Minneapolis., passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Survived by beloved wife, Elizabeth of 62 years; brother of Dorothy Roman, Nick (Carolyn) and Robert; children, Ed (Gayle) and Sue Newton; grandchildren, Sarah (Rick), Jesse (Jennifer), Stephanie (Scottie), Tony (Kristin), Paul, Amy; and 3 great- granddaughters. Joe served as a Machinist Mate in WWII from 1943-1945. He retired from Sears after 34 years. Joe pursued a Christian life filled with family, friends, fishing, volunteering and playing the piano. Legacy Guest Book
486 John Ernest Grinsell "E"
12/16/81 44-45 I have my father's separation papers which lists him as serving aboard the Pennsylvania. He entered service May 1, 1944 and separated 5 Dec. 1945. He was awarded the Asiatic Pacific ribbon with 4 stars and the Philippine Liberation with 2 stars. His rank was Fireman 2c V6 I do not see anything on the papers about his division.  Thank you, Joan Rice
485 Jodie Caraway 3rd
?? 42-45? Jodie Caraway was my Grandfather, he was a strong man. Quiet, but always to the point, when he spoke. He worked hard and raised his family. He believed in God, Country and family. A avid outdoorsman Jodie spent countless hours hunting and fishing to provide for his family. His retirement years were spent fishing on Lake Livingston in Texas. Some of the fondest memories I have are with him fishing and hunting. Jodie Caraway imparted values to me that helped me become the man I am today. # 3 Turret 14" guns...   Jim Glass 
484 Lt. Col.
John D. "Jeff" Cooper
(US Marine)
9/25/06 42-45 Lt. Col. John D. "Jeff" Cooper, USMCR, died in Arizona 25 Sep 06. I believe he was aboard 1942-45, commanding the Marine Detachment as a captain. Would welcome contact with anyone who knew him. Barrett Tillman
483 Martin J Hudack "R"
Division ?
6/25/06 42-45 My name is Mary Babineau I am a 53 year old freshman at University AR Little Rock. Although I did not know Marty he was a friend of my parents Tom and Joan Carry of Waterford Mi. After the war Marty settled in Pontiac, MI. He left my parents his personal copy of the War History of the USS Pennsylvania. Marty had never married and did not have any children. My parents sent the “history” to me this fall. I used the “history” to write a paper for my US history class. I have searched all of the photos in the history but have not been able to locate the division he was assigned to but I know that he was transferred from the ship after it arrived in San Francisco for repairs when the facility in Manus was not able to do the required repairs. If anyone remembers him or has additional information please add to this memorial. What an amazing ship and story! Mary Babineau
482 Kenneth Merton Young "M"
2003 42-45 My father was Kenneth Merton Young who entered the navy as a Machinists Mate passed away three years ago. He is buried in Florida National cemetery in Brunell. He served on the USS Pennsylvania. Unit and Dates unknown. He loved the Navy and loved the way that ship cut the water so swiftly.  Clifford J. Young.
481 David Ohlmer Cooke Gunnery
6/22/02 42-45 David Ohlmer Cooke, Lt. Gunnery Division, 1942 - 1945. Died June 22, 2002. After service in WW II, "DOC" Cooke received a law degree, was called back into the Navy during Korea, and retired from the Navy as a Captain in 1968. He then served as a civilian administrator for the Department of Defense until his death. He was known as the "Mayor of the Pentagon." Lot Cooke
480 John Archibald Malcolm Quartermaster 2/7/1897 to
1918 -19 This is my Grandfather, I don't know what all the patches/ranks are if you can clue me in I'd appreciate it. As I wrote before I know he was on the Pennsy in 1919 and on the Constellation in 1916 other then that I have no idea of when exactly he served.  Jim Malcolm
479 Bernard L Ford
Pearl Harbor Survivor
CPO 12/9/97 41-45 My Father was a Chief Petty officer and cook aboard the USS Pennsylvania he was a Pearl Harbor survivor. His name was Bernard L Ford. After the military he was a Baptist minister for over 50 years. He would always pull out his picture books and tell us about war stories as a child. I remember him describing the day the Pennsylvania took a torpedo hit. He did Dec 9 1997. He inspired me to serve my country and I'm a MSgt in the USAF with over 23 years of service. Ed Ford, proud son.
478 Ed "Sparks" Szrom "E"
1/1/85 42-45 Ed "Sparks" Szrom lived his life with integrity, dignity and passion. He was deeply devoted to his wife Olga (to whom he proposed in a letter written while he was on the Pennsy), and his children and grandchildren. While his legacy lives on in all of us, his presence is truly missed. My dad was on the Pennsy from 1943 to 1945 as an Electrician's Mate 1st class. Thanks Ken, for doing this. Deb Szrom Steppe
477 Oliver Robert Beckett
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 1996 38-45 My grandfather was on the Pennsylvania when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He received an award for pulling people out of the oil flamed waters. He has a special mention from J.F Wegforth U.S. Navy Commander. My grandfather was caring and sweet man. He died in 1996 of a heart attack. Anyone with any memory or pictures please email me.  Tobi Evans
476 Donald J. Langley CR
6/26/07 42-45 Don enlisted in the U.S. Navy later that year. His talent as a young pianist was the source of superior typing skills, and he was assigned to training as a radioman and transcriber. Upon successful completion of that course, Don served aboard the U.S.S. Pennsylvania in the Pacific theater of World War II. On August 12, 1945, while moored in Buckner Bay, Okinawa, the "Pennsy" was bombed by a Japanese pilot two days before the war ended, and was badly damaged. For a harrowing three-quarters of an hour, Don and a mate were locked below, treading in the ever-rising water, until the hatch was unlocked, and Don and his mate were able to scramble to safety.  Legacy Guest Book
475 Melvin G. Deavers ?? 1999 42-45 My Uncle Melvin G. Deavers was on the ship during the war. I have a few items and pictures from the ship during that time. Such as the Christmas Dinner Menu from 1942. Uncle Mell passed away about eight years ago but his wife is still alive here in FL. Thank you for the site and the time you put into it.  Richard Householder
474 Troy Kenneth Pope 8th
12/73 42-45 My father served on the Pennsylvania from 1942 until I believe 1945. His name was Troy Kenneth Pope and was in the 8th division. He died in December of 1973. I've just discovered this wonderful web site and I want to thank you very much for all the info and time you have spent on this. You are a great American! I will continue to search for more info about my dad and his division! - Netha McAlister (Pope), daughter
473 Clyde L.
Pearl Harbor Survivor
10/24/07 41-45 Submitted by Ryan Brock Holmes, proud grandson.
472 Alvin Frank Fowler CS
4/1970 1919-21 It has been some time but I had emailed previously about adding my late Grandfather to the roster of former Pennsylvania sailors. His name was Alvin Frank Fowler, and he served as a Signalman First Class on the USS Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1921. Grandfather died in April, 1970. I remember vividly the anchor tattoo he had on his forearm, probably acquired in Panama when the Pennsy went through the Canal. Andrew Hite, grandson. (Thanks for the great pictures Andrew)
471 Wilson Carl Perkins 6th Division 1992 36-40 My late father: W.C. Perkins, 'Wilson Carl', 6th Division?, 1936-1940?, Born 1917 Passed 1992. Served in Navy to 1957 and retired. My father served aboard the 'Pennsy' with his brother Howard 'Cy' Perkins, his brother in law Carl Veley and Grant Shotswell. I have in my possession some of the same photos that Grant contained in his own Pennsy web site. I also have my dad's 'Royal Summons' certificate on crossing the equator on May 20, 1936...a prized document indeed. Linda & Mike Perkins
470 Robert Magnuson ?? 11/30/98 42-45 My son sent this memorial page to me my brother was a survivor of the USS Pennsylvania. His name was Bob Magnuson he may have went by Robert Leonard or Leonard Robert; he was born 9/20/1925 died 11/30/98. This must have played havoc on their minds being so young as he wouldn't talk about it except the fact he knew Johnny Carson. Would like to see his name on this also thanks,  Sharon Krach  (sister.)
469 Logan F. Reynolds
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 2000 41-45 He was there during Pearl Harbor and was a part of the reunion committee until a short time before his death in January 2000. He was very proud of his service aboard the Pennsylvania. He kept a photograph of his ships roster above his desk for as long as I can remember until the day he died. I was 41 years old the last time I saw it there and it was there before I was born. The last time I saw him in 1999 he was wearing a USS Pennsylvania reunion windbreaker. As I said, He was VERY proud of being a part of the crew of that ship. I was surprised and dismayed when I did not find his name included in this website. He was not a blood relative but dated my grandmother since the 40's and was my grandfather in every sense of the word. Tracy Andrew
468 Andrew C. Gacy ?? 12/86 42-45 Uncle Bud, as we called him, rarely spoke about his service aboard the USS Pennsylvania. But one thing I remember was the look on his face when I gave him a model of BB-38 that had moving turrets and gun barrels; he loved it. I wish he had told me and my brother more about his service aboard this great ship, but at least I remember him with this small memorial.  William Gacy, Jr. (nephew)
467 Edwin Larimer "A" Division 12/4/06 32-37 On Dec 4, 2006 Edwin Larimer passed away. He was 98 years old. He served on the USS Pennsy from 1932-1937. I think he was "A" Division. He was living at the Old Soldiers Home in Orting, Washington. Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
PLEASE READ & Write your representative: My dad is 98 and in Orting Soldiers Home and colony. He is slowly starving to death.  I took care of him for almost 4 years after he had a stroke. He is skin over bone BECAUSE they can't take the hour that is needed to feed him. His upper plate is broken and ignored by the authority there to fix them. They wanted to put a feeding tube in him and that was only for their convenience. I was told they couldn't spend that much time with a 'patient' they didn't have the staff. This is a state run facility that needs ONE more person in nursing care to feed the patients that require it. How many have starved to death before my dad and how many will come after him. My dad is Ed Larimer, half  Ojibway Indian, a USS Pennsylvania navy man. How shall we treat our veterans that offer up their lives for us? My heart is crushed to see what his America has come to.  Written 12/3/2006 -
Contact The VA:
466 Arnold F. Bargenquast
Pearl Harbor Survivor

1st Division 10/3/44 41-42

Arnold F. Bargenquast, First Division, was aboard the Pennsylvania when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He was wounded and received the Purple Heart.  Later he transferred to submarine service aboard the USS Seawolf, which was lost at sea.  According to reports it was sunk by a us ship.  submitted by niece, Shirley (Ham) Hartman. More about this incident can be found here:
USS SEAWOLF received 13 battle stars for World War II service

465 Charles D. Schettler 2nd Division 7/31/2006 43-46

In 1942, at the age of seventeen, my father Charles Schettler enlisted in the Navy.  He began service on the "Pennsy" in July 1943. He served on the "Pennsy" until being discharged in February 1946, as a 14" gun pointer in turret #2.  During his time on the "Pennsy", he collected and saved everything, including letters from home to cat eye shells, collected while on liberty from beaches in the South Pacific.  Much of his memorabilia relating to his service on the "Pennsy" was donated by him to the Pennsylvania Historical Commission in Harrisburg.  These items became part of the display of the "Keystone Battleship" at the Pennsylvania State Museum.  My father was so proud to have served on the "Pennsy". - Joan Schettler, daughter

464 Harold F. Brixius "R" Division
Ship Fitter & Diver
7/19/06 5/43-2/45 My Dad died on July 19, 2006. I believe he had talked with your dad awhile back. His name was Harold F. Brixius, R Division (Ship Fitter, Diver), May 4, 1943 - February 10, 1945. He was so proud of serving on the Pennsylvania, and all the friends he made while serving. He talked of everyone often and told many stories, everybody meant the world to him.
Tom Brixius
463 John Edward Myracle 1st Division 1/24/05 42-45 John was so proud to have served on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania. He kept a scrapbook and was always happy to share it with those that would listen. Thanks to all that served during WWII and I thank God each day for those that gave the supreme sacrifice. They are America's Greatest Generation. - David Norwood
462 Alexander Jarosz ?? 8/18/04 5/1/44 to 12/15/45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson & daughter Marsha Hendzell
461 Rex B. Murphy
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswains Mate Chief
1/29/87 38-43 My father served on the Pennsylvania from about 1938 until I believe 1943. He was onboard during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a BMCG and proudly served a total of 25 years in the navy, ending his service during the Korean War. He passed away on 1/29/1997. My father's name is Rex B. Murphy. And I am very happy to add his name to this proud list of our fellow navy vets. Jerry Murphy (son), USN-1970-1974
460 Harold Gaedtke "H" Division 11/12/05 42-45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
459 Stewart W. Becker
Pearl Harbor Survivor
11th Division
US Marine
3/31/06 41-45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
458 Milton Headley
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 6/16/06 41-45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
457 James Cecil King
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6th & 9th
6/25/06 41-45 I wish to thank each and every one of you for your support during his twilight years. He loved all of you and cherished his memories of service aboard the USS Pennsylvania. Bernard Eugene Wooley, Member: Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors.  Photo
456 Urban Robert Neff
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswains Mate 2c 5/25/06 40-45

We lost our hero May 25, 2006 at the age of 88. Urban Robert Neff passed away at this home in Marceline, MO. He loved his country and was an active member of the VFW honor guards. He enjoyed speaking to groups about Pearl Harbor and his days in the Navy. He especially looked forward to the Pennsylvania reunions and was able to attend his last one just a few months before his death. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren miss him dearly.  

455 Harry L. Phillips A
4/26/06 42-45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
454 Arnold Strang M
4/16/2006 42-45 It is with deep regret to have to inform you that at 1215am, April 16, 2006, Easter morning, Arnold Strang passed away while in a Hope Hospice. He was 84 years old. I would like to thank you for keeping the "stories" alive thru this great web site. Dad enjoyed seeing the new entries on his visits. Thank you again, Jim Harriott
453 Captain A.J. White Medical ?? 45 Fleet hospital #106 1945
452 Willis H. Kuhlenbeck
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Division (?)
2/12/83 39-43

My father's name was Willis Henry ("Bud") Kuhlenbeck and he said he was on the Pennsy at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7. 1941.  I believe he joined in 1939 and was in the Navy for 9 years.  His service record indicates action at Leyte Gulf and other S. Pacific battles.  I noticed his brother's name (Lloyd aka "Steve") and picture in the 1945 Crew Roster!  Another brother, Tim Kuhlenbeck, also served in the Navy during WWII.  Donna M. Lee

451 Kenneth A. Munro A  & MAA
7/25/06 42-45 I hoped this day would never come. My dad was a truly great man as are all the men listed here and I miss him every day. He inspired this site and it is dedicated to his memory.  You can read more by clicking on the link above.  My heart is broken and my life feels empty.  I know he would want me and all those who loved and cared for him to not grieve and to go on with our lives, I don't think he knew how hard that would be. God knows we and I love you Dad and we will always carry you with us in our hearts and minds.  No more wheelchair, no more pain. Rest in Peace Dad. We will meet again.  Legacy Guest Book
450 Wade Cunningham R
5/11/06 41-45 Wade will be missed by all, he gave so much to so many...  I will be creating a special page for Wade, please send any comments about him to me so that I can add them to the page. You can also post them on the Poop Deck Forum (here). My deepest sympathy to Ruby and all who loved this great man...  Ken
449 Alexis Brignac Jr. CS
3/2001 43-46 Submitted by Alexis K Brignac, Son
448 Russell W Haas CR
Radioman 3rd
5/6/06 43-45 Beloved husband, father and grandfather. Served from 1943 to early in 1945. Transferred to naval hospital stateside. Would like to contact anyone who served with him during this time.    Please contact me.. Submitted by David Haas
447 Charles I Bandy 1st
14" Guns
4/20/06 43-45 Charles I Bandy, he was a second class boatswains mate, in the 1st Division. He served on board the Pennsylvania from 43 to 45. He was very patriotic, and had a room full of pictures and metals, books about his service on board the Pennsylvania, was always wearing a USS Pennsylvania cap, very proud to serve the country and his service on the Pennsylvania. He was eager to share his stories with us, and will be missed by all. Submitted by Glenn C. Bandy
446 Arnold Strang M
4/16/06 43-45
Dad thought about his time on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania quite often, and remember the guys he was with, and wondered about them and their families.  He always felt it was a very special time in his life.  He always enjoyed his family and loved telling his stories. 
A special thank you to Ken Munro.  Through your efforts with this web site Arnold Strang had the opportunity to find his shipmate and friend, Nick Balserski, after more than 50 years. Thank You, Jim & Kay Harriott, Ruth Strang
444 Lucille Hill
Wife of Robert Hill
-- 2/17/06 -- Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
443 R.F. Smith R

2/27/06 42-45 R.F. Smith was a CPO. He was one of the senior divers aboard the Pennsy. Smitty was an outstanding individual. He was liked by those who knew him and served under him. When he was asked what he did on a project he would always answer by using the word we in what was done. Smitty wanted everyone to know that we worked together as a team. He was modest and nobody would know all that he accomplished. It is my pleasure to say that he was advanced from 1/c Shipfitter to Chief Petty Officer for meritorious service in an underwater project. He also received several commendations for various diving operations. His outstanding ingenuity and initiative was recognized by those who knew him. Wade Cunningham
442 W.R. Lockler CS
3/2/06 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
421 Edward Lincoln De Coito Sr. (Eddie)
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Petty Officer 4/3/06 40-43 Edward L De Coito Sr. was the greatest man I will ever know. Never have I ever met a person with so much love in his heart. and so much patriotism in his blood. My grandfather spent 33 years in the Navy. The first being on the USS Pennsylvania during Pearl Harbor. He never talked much about what he did in the Navy because the rest of his years were spent in Navel Intelligence and aboard the USS Midway, but he sure let everyone know that he was in the navy. For at least the past 15 years my grandfather (who was born in Hilo, Territory of Hawaii) Wearing his uniform decorated with 15 ribbons would go back to Pearl Harbor and talk to people who visit the USS Arizona Memorial. After retiring from the Navy, my grandfather began the next journey of his life. For the next 20 years he worked at Grossmont High School where he watched his son, grandson, and two grand daughters graduate. Upon his retirement from Grossmont, for the last 19 years he has volunteered 7 days a week at the school. Fixing things and guiding students to a life of patriotism. Grandpa I love you with all my heart and I am proud to say that you are my hero. You will always be missed. But never forgotten. I LOVE YOU
420 Gordon E. Nelson "I"
3/25/06 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
419 Allen Mills ?? 7/31/05 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
418 Howard Eugene Huddleston
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Band 8 Member
1/11/06 41-45 My father, Howard Eugene Huddleston, who served on the USS Pennsylvania when it was attacked at Pearl Harbor, a member of Band Eight, passed away on January 11, 2006. His ashes were inurned at Arlington National Cemetery on March 20, in section 48, reserved for musicians who played at Arlington.
417 Joseph Daniel Graves
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Warrant
?? ?? My father served aboard the ‘Pennsy’, but I am not sure of the time span…I do know most of the lifetime family friends were old shipmates and I remember growing up in LB, CA the folks used to attend the ship reunions. . The Pennsy’s picture still hangs on the wall in the family room.
Dad was career Navy and a Pearl Harbor Survivor. He was on the USS Ontario Dec 7, 1941.  His later years of service were aboard the USS Rochester.Vicki Graves Hierholzer, Daughter
416 Thomas Francis Quealy Jr.
QM3c 8/12/45 42-45 Killed in Action, August 12, 1945 when the USS Pennsylvania  was torpedoed. See HERE
415 Joseph Daniel Graves
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Warrant Officer 7/6/03 37-40 Joseph Daniel Graves was there that day. The USS Ontario, the Navy’s last coal-burning sea tug, had only been at Pearl Harbor for a few days, scheduled for conversion to oil. The 25 year old was having breakfast on the fantail watching what he thought were just our planes approaching the harbor… a practice bomb run as usual (they used flour sacks). He said he couldn’t figure out why the planes had a Rising Sun on them!!!!! The Japanese zeros flew so close he could see the faces of the pilots. He characterized that by saying he could have thrown the catsup bottle in his hand at the plane and hit it!!!! Dad’s guardian angel was definitely sitting on his shoulder that day! CWO2 Joseph Daniel Graves, US Navy Ret’d, a Pearl Harbor survivor, a defender of Kwajalein, the Gilbert & Marshalls and Okinawa with three battle tours of Korea served his country for 20 years. He served his proud family until July 6, 2003. His send off was fitting…buried in full dress uniform with his many medals and battle ribbons, a flag-draped military casket at Riverside National Cemetery, California, with full honors...bugler, honor guard and 21-gun salute…echo Taps in the distance as the flag was folded and placed in Mom’s hands…
“On behalf of the President of the United States, a grateful nation and a proud Navy, I present this flag to you in recognition of your husband’s years of honorable and faithful service to his country. God bless you and this family and God bless the United States of America.” Our Hero…our Dad, CWO Joseph Daniel Graves, USN Ret’d, September 11, 1916 – July 6, 2003
  By: Vicki Graves Hierholzer, Daughter
414 Melvin E. Girard
Pearl Harbor Survivor
MAA 3/20/06 40-45 Melvin E. Girard  (on the left, Ken Munro on the right) was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1918 and died on March 20, 2006 in Long Beach, California, due to complications of pneumonia. Mel joined the Navy when he was 19 years old. He was stationed aboard the USS Pennsylvania, a battleship that was in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. He would clearly share his first-hand account of that day with friends and family, the memory always vivid in his mind. Mel was an active member of the Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Association, serving as President. Mel worked for ARCO for a number of years, and, after his retirement, served on boards for the City of Signal Hill and taught organic gardening courses through Long Beach City College. Mel’s parents, Arthur and Johanna Girard, and his four siblings, Richard, Arthur, Jennie, and Paul proceeded him in death. Mel’s first wife, Jo Girard, and his second wife, Gayle Girard, the former City Treasurer for Signal Hill, also proceeded him in death. He is survived by his sons, David, Gregory, and Jeffrey of Phoenix, Arizona; his son Rogan of Signal Hill; and his daughters, Melody and Debra of Los Angeles. He was a loving grandfather and great grandfather as well.  By: Sally Martin
413 Willis H. Kuhlenbeck
Pearl Harbor Survivor
2/12/83 39-43 My father's name was Willis Henry ("Bud") Kuhlenbeck and he said he was on the Pennsy at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7. 1941. I believe he joined in 1939 and was in the Navy for 9 years. His service record indicates action at Leyte Gulf and other S. Pacific battles. I noticed his brother's name (Lloyd aka "Steve") and picture in the 1945 Crew Roster! Another brother, Tim Kuhlenbeck, also served in the Navy during WWII. Submitted By: Donna Lee , Niece
412 Harold B. Brown S
4/14/05 46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
411 John W. Franks ?? 5/7/05 41-?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
410 George A. O'Brien ?? ?? ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
409 Charles Jackson S
10/??/64 44-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
408 Robert Beck I
3/5/05 ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
407 William E. Hazel R
4/  /87 42-45 By: Dewayne Shaffer
406 John Joseph Rinehart B
4/15/91 42-45 My dad was a young man at the age of 17 almost 18 when he entered the Navy. He wanted to serve his country and did so. He told me he arrived on the USS Penn right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My God father was Danny Hough B Division. My father and Danny worked in the boiler room together for all of the time served I believe. He had many stories and he sent all of his money home to his sister which back then I'm sure many of the men took care of their families. Please write to me if you can share any memories and I thank all of you who have served our country and have left behind this legacy to be proud of. My mother made a wonderful frame with all of dads metals and stripes and pens. I miss him dearly he was the best father in the whole world and my best friend. His loving daughter Pam
405 Bernard Aloyisious Malloy
Pearl Harbor Survivor
11/70 40-42 Bernard Aloyisious Malloy served in Navy from 40-68 passed away in Nov 1970 was RM on duty onboard Penn on DEC 7 , I believe He served on BB 38 from 40 to late 42 .I have news paper articles about his career.. he went up to E-9 the made officer retired as Lt. Served in all 3 theatres of war got the soviet service medal. silver/bronze star was at Normandy, Served in Korea, Vietnam. latter became a CT worked on the Apollo program. By:
404 Delbert Dee Ray Jensen ?? ?? 45 The USS Pennsylvania was torpedoed and was put in dry dock for 30 days during WW ll. He stated that the time the ship was torpedoed that he and a buddy went up on the top deck that night and that when it was hit. They had to close the hatches locking the men in the lower levels to save the ship. He told of the men pounding on pipes and trying to have someone let them out and of course they couldn't or all would have been lost.  By: Shirley (Jensen) Smith
403 Jim Gerard F
6/4/03 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
402 Jodie Caraway 3rd
Seaman 3c
5/20/03 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
401 Walter Wayne Kirgan R
4/16/05 44-45 Grandpa passed away April 16, 2005. He served in R Division from 1944 - 1945. He was born December 3, 1925 in Pike County. Illinois. Grandpa never met a stranger, and always loved to laugh and tease his friends and family. Although he spoke very rarely of his duties on the USS Pennsylvania, his family is proud that he selflessly served his country. He is always in our hearts and if the wind is right, you can hear his laughter ring. Fair skies and eternal light, Grandpa! Thank you!
Tammy DelVasto, Naples Florida
400 Gordon D. Haines
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 41-42 My Father, Gordon D. Haines, was stationed aboard Pennsylvania on 7 December, 1941. He was an RM/2C at the time of the attack. He was volunteered for service aboard the USS Stingray shortly after the attack. By: Scott Haines
399 Johnnie Littlefield 5th
Gunners Mate
9/26/80 45 My daddy Johnnie Littlefield was just 17 when he decided to leave high school his last semester and join the war effort. He was graduated from high school as he was given credits even though he was not there. He joined the Navy coming from an Army town the choice of the Navy was obvious. He and 4 of his good friends joined together. Unfortunately they didn't stay together. He served during 1945. My father was so small when he joined the service that his family had to have his uniform made special for him so it would fit. Being a little guy he enjoyed duty in the Crow's nest. I grew up hearing the story of his trash detail. Apparently he forgot to let go of the trash, and he went over board with it! I don't know if that was on the Pennsylvania or another ship. He also caught the attention of the Captain who noticed that his leggings were on backward! His shipmates enjoyed hoisting him on the clothes line I believe he was a Yeoman First class. My daddy came back to Lawton Oklahoma went to college and graduated from Oklahoma A&M (now OSU) and then from OU with a masters in administrative education. He was an elementary school principal and then later a state worker at the employment office. He died an untimely early death at the age of 53 on Sept.26 1980 after touching many lives of many a young person in Lawton. By: His Son
398 Densel W. Dolph 5th
12/29/05 43-45 My father is Densel W. Dolph, he was in the 5th division and served from 1943 to 1945. I am his son Terry. He passed away December 29, 2005. He will be missed very much. Terry Dolph
397 Nile F. Newton
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswains Mate
4/6/02 40-45
Date of Service: 10/1940 through 1/1960 U.S. Naval Training Center Great Lakes IL., BB-38 USS Pennsylvania (Division Unknown) Duty Station, 5" Gun that did not get hit, Landing Force Equipment Depot  San Diego, Ca, Receiving Station Pearl Harbor, PC-572, AKS 30 USS Mercury, Atlantic Fleet Reserve, AGS-30 USS San Pablo, Naval Air Station, Millington, Tn. Service Number 287 45 93, Rank at discharge Chief Petty Officer, D.O.B. 4/2/1916, D.O.D. 4/6/2002  By: N. Newton
396 Thomas Byron Lilly Jr. Gunners Mate 10/5/05 43-46 By: Marcus
395 Roy C Vaught "R"
1/21/05 ?? Submitted by
394 Carl J Ryan
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? ?? 37-42 He assigned 1937 to USS Pennsy
He transferred to USS Massachusetts from USS Pennsy on Nov 1942. He served in the Navy for roughly 25 years. He participated in many operations and engagements of the Pacific Fleet. He did not speak of that part of the war. My father only talked about the attack on Pearl Harbor. His best friend on the Pennsy was Charles Braga. My father always spoke very highly of Mr. Braga & what an honorable man he was. My father was at the dedication of the Braga Bridge. My father also spoke admirably of all the sailors and servicemen who were present that terrible and fateful December day. They were all heroes. God Bless them all Barbara Ryan Suffredini
393 Emmett L. Ross "R"
1/22/78 42-45 Emmett L. Ross, served circa 1942-1945, died January 22, 1978. My dad was a welder. He could fix/repair anything. I'm not sure of his position aboard ship. Any stories, or contact with those who knew him would be GREATLY appreciated.  Leonard Ross
392 Edwin Wingfield

Pearl Harbor Survivor
Machinist Mate
?? 38-45 Submitted by
391 Byron L. Perry Seaman 1c
Gunners Mate
11/4/93 42-45 Submitted by Emma Perry Duncan, Sister
390 Wilfred F. "Larry"
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6B & 9th
8/16/05 40-46 Wilfred Francis Lariviere passed away on August 16, 2005 in Story City, Iowa. He was attended by his wife of 59 years, Esther. He lived a rich, full life as a husband, father, and grandfather. He was proud of his family, and satisfied with his life's work, but his service in the U.S. Navy and his nearly six years on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania affected his life profoundly and permanently. He was intensely proud of his service and his comrades. Reunions with the ever-diminishing circle of his shipmates were the highlight of his later years. He was, like so many of that great generation, quiet about his sacrifice, self-effacing, and modest. His character, integrity, and courage were inspirations to all who knew him. He was a genuinely good man, who must have been a fine and proud sailor. His family extends its gratitude to his fellow shipmates and their families who provided him with such warmth, love, and companionship throughout his life.  By Richard Lariviere
389 Vernon Grosenick "B"
7/26/99 42-45 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson & Wade Cunningham
388 William Elmo Smith Seaman 3c 6/57 31-32 Seaman 2nd Class W. E. Smith completed the Navy Training Course to Seaman 1st Class on 23rd of March 1932. J. H. Ingram U.S. Navy Commanding U.S.S. Pennsylvania at that time. Before serving on the Pennsy, Seaman 2nd Class W. E. Smith completed the Navy Training Course A to N on the 6th of Nov. 1930 on the U.S.S. Florida with W. S. Farber - Commander.  by Doug Smith, proud Son
387 Payton Lafayette   KIA
Fireman 2c 12/7/41 41 Payton Lafayette Vanderpool was born in 1919 in MO., probably Braymer, Caldwell Co. He served aboard the USS Pennsylvania and was killed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. His body was unidentified and was buried in Punchbowl Cemetery in Hawaii.  In 2003, his body was identified and sent home to Braymer where he was buried by relatives on Dec. 7, 2003 in a grave next to his parents. This story made the news and that is how I found out about him. Since my paternal great grandmother was a Vanderpool the story caught my attention. On checking my family genealogy, I found that Payton was my 5th cousin once removed. I have no idea what his division was but feel he should be included on the roster with his fellow servicemen. Thank you, Barbara R. Davis.  See HERE
386 James Emerson McDowell 3rd
?? ??-45 My father served on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania in World War II. There are so many details such as dates and things that I do not know. I do remember him talking of being torpedoed and how he lost a dear friend in the attack. He has passed away and I would very much like to memorialize him on your website. Will you please let me know what details I need and I will try to get whatever I can?  Tammy Booher
385 Harry John VanVorst ?? 2/7/57 16-19 I am writing in regards to my Grandfather, Harry John VanVorst. He was in the Navy. He enlisted in October of 1916. He served on the USS Pennsylvania as a QM3 during WW1. He was discharged, honorably, in Dec 1, 1919. I am unsure of division. He passed on Feb 7, 1957 in Carbondale, PA. He left behind 9 young and wonderful children. And many stories of his life on the USS Pennsylvania that he was so proud of.  Brenda and Don Green
384 Allen Mills 11th
(US Marine)
2145 hrs.
44-46 An US Marine who proudly served aboard the Pennsy. He was 81. He served on the Pennsylvania from 44 to 46 as a sea going Marine. He worked with the 40mm guns on the fantail. I am pretty sure that he was a corporal. There was not a day that went by that I do not hear stories about his days on the Pennsylvania. His buddies names are almost as familiar as the family names!! - Robin Goodrich, Grand Daughter
383 Robert Till "E"
?? ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
382 Robert L. Nickols 2nd
?? ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
381 Paul C. Nicklas "V"
8/28/03 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
380 Allen E. Johnson "CS"
8/1/04 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
379 Arthur Ivey
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6B & 9th
9/3/04 38-43 Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
378 John L. Miller "CR"
05/21/05 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
377 Loyal C. Heath 8th
?? ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
376 Homer H. Bishop ?? 4/26/05 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
375 Beverly Stone -- 4/12/05 -- Beverly Stone, wife of Louis Stone, 9th & CR Division  Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
374 Ira MacPherson Jr. ?? ?? ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
373 John L. Litton 7th
06/23/05 ?? Submitted by Stan & Gladys Solmonson
372 Charles T. Serr
Pearl Harbor Survivor
7/15/05 38-46 e-mail contact (for family):
Web page from Carol (his daughter) to follow
371 Charles W. Graham GM2c
Gunners Mate
"F" Division
7/10/05 42-46 Charles W. Graham , (Chuck or Charlie to his friends) rank GM2c, F division. He served in the US Navy from 8-4-42 to 10-25-46. I'm not sure of the dates, but he served the majority of his time in the Navy on the Pennsylvania. As most WW2 veterans, did not speak much of his time in service, they just did their duty to their country and then went back to their lives and families. His greatest regret is that after being the only battleship to be in all 8 amphibious operations, they didn't get to go to Japan after the surrender. His only story was, after pulling a double shift, he stopped to write a letter to his mother when a fire broke out in the area he was to be working, narrowly escaping death or injury. His greatest pride was seeing the USS Pennsylvania receive the Navy Unit Commendation. Before he passed away, he asked me what I wanted as a keepsake of his, and I took his Navy photo album. My father was truly a member of the Greatest Generation, as were all who served. Proud daughter of Charlie Graham, Mary Hudson
370 Hunter Hobson Johnson Jr Fire Controlman ?? 42-45 Hunter Hobson Johnson Jr,  Fire Controlman, 1941-1944 participated in every battle bares every battle star and Navy Unit Citation for firing more effective rounds at the enemy than any ship in Naval history.  Taylor Cook []
369 Leon Jackson Roberts Gunners Mate
2nd Class
8/20/67 42-45 Leon Jackson Roberts, Gunners Mate 2nd Class; served in the USN from August 29, 1941 to September 25, 1945; Served on the USS Pennsylvania from August 1942 until April 1945. Worked for the USN at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyards in San Francisco until his death at age 50 on August 20, 1967. Mr. Roberts received numerous commendations for designing management and maintenance systems that saved the Navy considerable sums of money.  He was dearly loved by his two sons, daughter and his wife of 26 years.  Submitted by his son, Kevin Roberts, Walnut Creek, California
368 Arthur Teddy Golembiewski "M"
11/11/87 42-46
367 Henry Douglas "Smitty" Smith
4th Division 2/17/45 40-42 I am looking for any information regarding my great uncle, Henry Douglas "Smitty" Smith who was a gunner's mate in the 4th division aboard the Pennsy from 1940 until mid-1942. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor but was wounded at Pearl. The injury forced him off of the ship in mid-1942 and while he stayed in the Navy ended up getting further training and eventually joined the U.S.S. Hidatsa as a gunner's mate first class. He was one of 8 men killed aboard the Hidatsa when she hit a mine in Mariveles Harbor, Philippines on February 17, 1945. Submitted by his niece, Paige Boston
366 Mike Hook
Seaman 2nd 4/6/44 42-44 See In Memoriam - Submitted by Richard Lutsic, Nephew
365 Ed Jose ?? 10/2004 21-24 Submitted by his son Ed
364 Grant Shotswell
5th & "B"
4/25/05 34-38 Grant Edgar Shotswell, age 90. Served on the “Pennsy” 1934-1938. He loved the Navy as well as his shipmates. He loved to talk about his many experiences in the Navy. Ralph Shotswell, son. Grant shared his album with many readers of the site and was truly a GREAT AMERICAN and a great friend, I will miss him, Ken Munro
363 Horace Ethridge 6th
12/20/04 ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
362 Clarence (Cy)Vilhauer
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"S" & 6th
3/17/05 38-43 Picture, Submitted by Wade Cunningham
361 Bernard George Schoen
Pearl Harbor Survivor
12/13/00 41-45 Bernard served from 1935 to 1965. he passed away on December 13, 2000 was a life member of chapter 7 PHSA of Central New York.
360 John R Coyne
Pearl Harbor Survivor
9/18/92 40-?? John R Coyne date of service 1939-1959. Don't know his division. He was a boiler tender. Robert Coyne
359 Herbert Ralph "Chief" Richards Chief
12/84 33-36 My father was on the Pennsy from '33 to '36. He was the youngest BMC in the US Navy. He became a 'revenuer' when he got out in 1936 in rural Tennessee, the re-upped in September 1941. He was then on the USS Sarsi, the Harry Lee, and was at Kwajalein, Buritari, a short stint in the Aleutians (I have his Bluenose card) and at the Makin Atoll. He was injured on the Sarsi in 44 or 45; he had a broken back and pelvis. He was told he's never walk again, but went on to be a policeman again in Jamestown and Crossville Tennessee and was a real roughneck. He was ran over the year I was born (1965) and had his back broke again and was told once more that he'd never walk again. He did have trouble walking but he never slowed down. He died in December 1984--the saddest day of my life. Signed, the daughter of an American Hero. Sarah H. Richards (
358 Julius Fernandez 3rd
6/03 43-45 Julius was injured during the Okinawa engagement when the kamikaze plane hit the ship. Before his death he was able to tell his grandchild of his experiences on the battle ship. Chris Fernandez (son)
357 Louis Grunder ?? 9/2/04 42-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
356 August Hennessey 7th
12/04 42-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
355 Anthony Bentkowski 7th
?? 42-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
354 Harold Logan
Pearl Harbor Survivor
1st & "R"
?? 41-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
353 Travis H. Stanton 6th
12/18/04 42-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
352 Leon Cooper 2nd
1/19/05 45-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
351 Michael J. Dougherty 3rd
Born 8/22/24


42-46 My father was very proud of his time aboard the USS Pennsylvania although he was saddened at the tremendous loss of life during the war, especially those shipmates who were lost so close to the end of the war.. I enjoyed hearing him tell stories as I grew up. After his retirement he was so excited to reconnect with some of his shipmates at the USS Pennsy reunions. I will always remember with pride the service of my father and other men and women of WWII. Thanks Dad...  Submitted by Lea Dougherty (daughter) --
350 Curtis Richard Mandoske

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Band 11/30/78 42-45? My father Curtis Richard Mandoske was a bandsman aboard the Pennsylvania, and at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack. I do not know when his service began or ended on the battleship nor his division. He often talked about his experience at Pearl Harbor and the fact that a "Battle of the Bands" competition was held shortly before Pearl Harbor, and the Pennsylvania's biggest competition was from the Arizona band. He subsequently changed services to join the United States Army Field Band and retired from the United States Military Academy Band at West Point. He passed away November 30, 1978. I would be most grateful if he were included in your fine web site. Thank you. Kevin R. Mandoske
349 James Hudgens 8th
3/04 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
348 Lt. W.H. Gage Jr. "C&R"
8/03 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
347 Carl P. McCall "F"
12/25/04 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
346 Thomas J. Wheeler
Pearl Harbor Survivor
2/9/05 39-42 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
345 John R. Coyne
Pearl Harbor Survivor
9/18/92 39-46 John was at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, died 9/18/1992. He was wounded at Pearl Harbor. He was a boiler Tender.  His years of service were 1939 to 1959.  Sent by brother Robert Coyne
344 Frank Russell Swanson 10th
12/19/98 43-46 He made a promise to God that if he brought him through the war alive that he would serve him in anyway that he could. He went on to become a Sunday School teacher for the youth in the church for thirty years. He shaped so many lives, and touched so many hearts. I feel so proud, and so lucky to be able to call him, Dad. 
343 Earl K. Overla
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 11/92 42-45? My granddad, Earl K. Overla served on the USS Pennsylvania during WWII. He was aboard the Penn when Pearl Harbor was attacked. We lost Grandpa in November of 1992 and I was never privy to any details about his time on the Pennsylvania or anywhere else during WWII. Grandpa was born in 1920. Stephanie Bell
342 Rufus L. Russell "F"
5/6/04 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
341 Eugene Wilson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6b, 2nd & "R"
?? 41-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
340 James Wildin "F"
2/24/05 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
339 Al Ralston 6th
2/21/05 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
338 Homer Grounds 4th
3/16/05 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
337 Chester William Clotfelter Machinist Mate
1st Class
7/17/43 42-43 My Grandfather was Chester William Clotfelter, aka chuck machinist 1st class mate, on USS Pennsylvania, 26 years old, died July 17,1943 @ New Hebrides islands, He was survived with 2 daughter Hulda Clotfelter, Chester received noticed on the USS Pennsylvania Aug 31,1940 of birth announcement saying, daughter "Hulda" and mother doing fine. Chester had a younger brother Clifton Clotfelter which died 1 year later in battle to save are country also, Clifton wrote home searching to find his brothers graveside, before he died too. Chester is my Grandfather, please tell me where New Hebrides islands are so I can go see him. Thank you, Sherri Buckles, Hulda Clotfelters Buckles daughter. Email Reply
336 Johnny Carson C&R

1/23/05 42-45 Few people outside of the crew actually knew that Johnny Carson served on the Pennsylvania. He was an Ensign and took part in the clean up of bodies that were left in the area of the ship that was torpedoed in Okinawa Bay. Johnny was born in October 1925 and died January 23, 2005.I have attended every USS Pennsylvania reunion in Memphis, TN and the western reunions from 1992 on. I escorted a veteran Cecil King who was a GM 1st class or he wouldn't have been able to attend. I have spent much time in the last 13 years listening and digesting all the stories from the veterans. I have seen Johnny Carson's picture in the Pennsylvania's war pictorial that was given to each crew member after the war. I don't know which division, but Sharon Fontenot ( Frenchy) told me about standing watch with Carson and taking part in the clean up with him after the torpedo hit them. My name is Paul Mathes I am a State Trooper in Tennessee. I will be attending the reunion ( the last one to be held) this April in Memphis. Sometimes I feel as if I had actually been with all those guys on the Pennsy. in WWII. Thank you for your wonderful web site.  Paul Mathes
335 Charlie Eugene Kinser "B"
12/4/85 42-45? He was born December 3, 1926 and died December 4, 1985. He went by "Gene Kinser" most of the time. In 1951 he married my Mom, Ruby Payne. After eight years of marriage with out kids Dad and Mom adopted my oldest brother in Jan, 1959. In October of that year they had my other brother. Five years later I was born.  Like most veterans I know, not a lot was spoken about his days in service. I joined the Navy in 1984 due in large part to my Dad's influence. I am still in the Naval reserve today. It has been almost 19 years since my last visit with Dad. But his influence still affects me today. I have two sons, 6 and 4. I want to pass to them the heritage and legacy that the men of my Dad's generation left. Mark Kinser
334 Kenneth Collins Johnson Jr. "CR"
1st Class
3/29/89 41-45 "RD1 US Navy"  is on his headstone from the government. He told me he was a radar man. He was so proud of the time he served in the Navy. He told me about the time his ship was Torpedoed. He had a little box full of  Medals. I used to play with when I was little, he was so proud of those he would take them out for me to look at all the time he was proud of serving for our great Country.  Kenneth Johnson (son) & Maggie Kelly (Daughter)
333 Arnold Roy Seigfreid (Arnie)
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Yeoman 1st Class 11/18/04 40-46 Arnie served on the Pennsy from 1941 to 1943 as a Y1C. He was on board ship the morning of Dec 7th, 1941 shining a porthole with Everett Mayes when the attack occurred.  Dad was always proud of his Navy service and the time he spent on the beloved Pennsy, hardly a day went by that we weren't blessed with a memory of his tour on the Pennsy.  Information provided by his loving daughter.. Janis Page
332 Willis K. Burns 2nd Division
#2 Turret
08/15/04 45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
331 Arnold Greene "E"
08/15/04 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
330 Earl Hicks "B"
11/2004 42-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
329 John Takacs "B"
?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
328 Benjimen F. Maxfield
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 3/1986 41-45? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
327 Jack Neese "R"
09/27/04 45-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
326 Allen E. Johnson "CS"
08/01/04 41-42 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
325 Warren Ray Smith
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 6/1982 41-45? Warren Ray Smith. Pearl Harbor Survivor. Died June 1982. Served in the Navy from 1941-1960. Was on board the USS Pennsylvania Dec. 7, 1941 but I'm not sure how long he remained stationed on board. Dad was a bit of a bad boy but he was proud of his military service. He was 17 when his folks signed him up in the Navy. He served in WWII and the Korean War. Dad was born in Texas but considered himself a Cajun. If anyone has any info on him I would love to see or hear it. Thank you, Daughter, Teressa Fraser,
324 Melvin Foster "V"
?? 43-45 He was a great man and was very proud of his service as are all of his family. If anyone ever heard a story about one of the sailors who caught a shark while fishing on the boat boom, well that was my Grandpa.  Joe Foster
323 Frank Huber "A" & "M"
Machinist Mate
7/16/04 43-45? This is to inform you of the death of my father, Frank S. Huber - A Div./ MM2 Dad, expired on Friday July 16, 2004 from complications of the respiratory system. Services were private and the family asked in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the local Ohio Veterans Association office. Dad was proud of the Pennsy and of the many friends he made during his time on board, including your father Ken. Submitted by Max Huber , Proud Son
322 William Felsing "M"
Machinist Mate
?? 43-45 He  made it to the 40th reunion in Hawaii. I joined the Navy in 1964 because of him and my son is now in the Marines.  I never dreamed that almost 40 years after watching those Marines workout from my boot camp (Camp Nimitz) in San Diego that I would be sitting in the USMC bleachers crying my eyes out as I watched my son graduate from boot camp. He is home on leave now and leaves soon on the USS Denver for Iraq. Thanks again  Dean Felsing    More reading
321 George E. Woodard
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Petty Officer 1987 43-45? He was born and raised in Tennessee, was a Chief Petty Officer on the USS Pennsylvania, and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. He is pictured on the Pennsylvania's website in the group picture of the Chief Petty Officers. He is the 6th from the left in the second row. I'm not even really sure if I have the year of his death correct, it may have been 1990 or 1991. I would like very much to find out more about him. Daughter Barbara
320 Charles Pennebaker "CR" 7/1/04 43-45? The best Grandpa in the World. He is loved by many. Submitted by Randy Wear
319 Chester (Chet) John Ijames ?? 1989 44-45
318 Thomas Troy Blanscett ?? 12/18/91 30-34? My Grandfather, Thomas Troy Blanscett served sometime in the 30-40's. Died 12/18/91. If anyone remembers him I would love to here from you. Pamela Nelson
317 Prentiss Gormley "R" 6/17/04 43-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
316 Basil Southerland Seaman 1st Class 6/19/04 43-46 Submitted by Dennis D. Smith, Sr. A Friend SMSgt. Dennis D. Smith, USAF RET Instructor Boom Operator, KC-10 / KC-135
315 William W. (Bill) Carpenter 4th 6/20/04 43-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
314 John Philip Gormley "R" 11/28/02 43-46? Submitted by The Gormley's
313 Herbert (Jim) Wheeler "M" ?? 43-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
312 Ben H. Vesley 6th ?? 43-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
311 Russell W.  Head
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 5/18/04 43-46? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
310 Fred Chezem "F" 5/28/04 43-44 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
309 Edward Gorenc "M" 5/10/04 44-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
308 Michael C. Bushwack "R" 4/9/04 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
307 A. B. Hunter 10th 4/25/04 43-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
306 Woodrow W. Bailey "M" 2/4/04 43-45 ? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
305 Philip Kanat "F" 9/1998 44-45 My father, Philip Kanat, passed away in Sept. 1998.  He served aboard the USS Pennsylvania in 1944/45 as a Fire Control Technician in "F" division.  He often spoke of his friendship with shipmate George Kroetzer who is also listed on this memorial by his son. I would appreciate being contacted by interested members of the Kroetzer family. Terry Kanat, Berkeley California.
304 Paul C. Nicklaus "V" Division 8/28/03 1945 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
303 Ben Vesley ?? 4/2/03 ?? Submitted by  Claude Griffith (Cosmo) []
302 Harvey Douglas Jones
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Gunners Mate 2nd Division 4/3/04 38-42 Left the Pennsy on December 6th, due to an accident on board where he crushed his fingers in the gears of one of the big guns - missed the Pearl Harbor attack the next day because of it.  In some ways was grateful for that but was always sorry he wasn't there for his buddies.  He loved serving on the Pennsy and was extremely proud to have done so.  Submitted by his daughter Mary Molliconi. More info {Please see it and write something in his book...Ken}
301 Elmer Saft 4th & "E"
9/30/00 36-? My father, Elmer Saft, served the USS Pennsylvania ("Pennsy") with his older brother, Woodrow Saft, who is still alive.  Colleen Saft Clark
300 Richard (Dick) McFarlane 11th
(US Marine)
2/22/04 42-? Richard E. "Dick" McFarlane, who served aboard the USS Pennsylvania in the Pacific as a member of the 11th Division, USMC Detachment, died Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004 in Wichita, Kansas, of Parkinson's Disease. Condolences may be sent to his family via
299 Pete Forte
Pearl Harbor Survivor
1st Division 3/30/04 40-42 Submitted by Wade Cunningham 
298 Robert T. Thiess 10th Division 12/25/03 ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham 
297 Dave Loggans ?? 2/25/04 42-? Submitted by  Claude Griffith (Cosmo) []
296 Nickolas Gugino ?? 11/28/03 ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
295 Donald Richards "R" Division 11/11/03 42-? Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
294 Ernest Lord "CS" Division 11/19/03 42-? Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
293 Robert Becker "I" Division 1/21/04 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
292 Joseph Merle Kightlinger (Knightlinger) 5th 4/28/03 42-45?
My grandfather was on the Pennsylvania during WWII.  He recently passed away, and I was just curious if anyone remembers him. He was an amazing grandfather, and I miss him a lot.  If anyone can share stories, I would appreciate them!  Sarah Platz
291 Lt. Cmdr Vernon Alvin Lileks
Pearl Harbor Survivor
#1 14" Turret
11/26/85 41-45 LT.CMNDR Vernon Alvin Lileks served on the Pennsylvania in 1941 during the Pearl Harbor Attack.  He was in the Navy for 25 years and retired in 1962.  He died in 1985.
290 James P. Owens
Radioman 12/7/41 41
James P. Owens was killed while on board the USS Pennsylvania on December 7th 1941. He was a Radioman 3rd and was USNR.  That day he was taking the place of a buddy that was having his child Christened.  Any additional information would be appreciated. Jack H
289 Calvin Emory ?? 11/6/03 43-45?
Assigned (est) Jan/Feb 43, possibly played the Boatswain pipe, highest rating COX(T). Navy records also indicate he was on the USS Shipley Bay. Is it possible he returned state side at end of war on this carrier? Division unknown.  Trying to put together his Navy experience for his family.
288 Lester "Les" Greenwood
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Gunners Mate 1st Class
1st or 2nd Division
5/7/64 41-45 My father, Lester "Les" Greenwood, was a Gunners Mate First Class on the USS Pennsylvania, December 7, 1941.  He was assigned to one of the forward 14" guns (1st or 2nd Division).  In viewing your site I noticed Kenneth J. Ryan listed.  Kenneth J. Ryan "Rusty" and my father were best of friends.  Our families have remained friends to this day.  I would like to correspond with anybody that may have known my father.  John Greenwood
287 Bud Jordan
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 2000 ? 39-45 I came across your great site. My neighbor Bud Jordan died a few years back. Time fly's and I don't remember exactly but I believe he passed in 96. Bud told me many stories of his days in the "Old Navy" as he'd say. I remember he entered the service in either the late 20's or 30's and was Chief Bosons mate on board the USS "P" at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Bud would on many occasions mention his fondness for Captain Saddler (not sure of spelling). I new Bud as a man of integrity when it came to his family and neighbors which I can proudly say I was one. If you'd like to know more please let me know. John Woodworth  
286 Alan W. "Bo" Wilson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
7th Division & 
Print Shop
12/22/73 41-45 Alan W. "Bo" Wilson was on board the Pennsylvania on December 7, 1941.  He was my father and died on November 22, 1973 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Bo was a national Vice-president of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association and a lifetime member of the organization.  The Nebraska Chapter of the PHSA was renamed in his honor following his death. Jeff Wilson
285 Clayton A. Hanson "B" Division
Fireman First Class
7/11/02 43-46 My Father pasted away July 11 2002. Fargo, North Dakota My Father, Friend and Hero. I miss him so much. Ron Hanson, Son
284 Charles Covello S1c
3/72 18-22 Charles Covello 213 68 06, Service date was September 5 1918 to September 4, 1922. He was Honorably Discharged S1C Quartermaster. Jim Dale - Son
283 Carl J. McCoy "F" Division 07/22/97 42-45

Division? Carl J. McCoy, 42-45, died July 22, 1997, at Joplin, Mo. (age 73). Dad was a Yeoman 2nd Class and was 18 or 19 when he began his service on the Pennsylvania. I know he was in the Aleutian Islands campaign, Leyte Gulf, and was present during the torpedo attack at war's end. I would be grateful to hear from any of his shipmates who might remember him. -- Son, Max McCoy.

282 Malcom McGinnis 10th Division 09/08/03 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
281 James R. (Bob) Nuzum "V" Division 09/02/03 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
280 William (Bill) Stephens "I" Division & Radar 02/25/03 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
279 Robert A Alspach Sr. Gunners Mate & "B" Division 4/14/80 42-45 Michael Alspach
277 Anthony Gerace Band 4/03 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
276 Chester L. Haynes 
 Pearl Harbor Survivor     
5th,1st, R, 7th 08/01/03 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
275 Stephen Gasperwich ?? ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
274 John L. Evert
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 08/01/03 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
273 Thomas Mitchell Jr. Gunners Mate 1976 42-45 My Dad served aboard the USS Pennsylvania during WW II sometime after Pearl Harbor. He was a gunner on the 20mm I think. I have some old pictures of him, one with a buddy named Trevino. Some in Hawaii later and one in the Aleutians. He died in 1976 in his hometown of Anniston, AL. due to cancer. He never talked much about his experiences during his service. I would like to know where to find this info. and would love to hear firsthand from his buddies he served with. Hugh Mitchell,
272 Parker Wesley Proffitt ?? ?? ?? Unfortunately Dad never talked much about the war. I know he was on the USS Pennsy, when he got older (before his death) he talked of the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. I am very proud of my Dad, may he rest in peace. If there is anyone who remembers my Dad, I would love to hear from him. God rest his soul and the souls of all. Donaglee Proffitt-Lovegrove,
271 Angelo R. Volpe
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswain Mate 3rd  8/29/79 40-45 He was my father I think what he went through at Pearl was sad all those lives lost I was very proud of him. He was a BM3 on the Pennsy during the attack. I believe his name belongs on the list with the rest of his ship mates. Ronald Volpe
270 Robert A Herman "F" Division 9/2/03 9/17/1942
My father served on the USS Pennsylvania during WWII.   He just recently passed away and I thought as a tribute to his life I would have his name added to the Pennsy Web site if I may.    He boarded the ship 9/17/1942 and served thru 2/25/1944 in the F Division.    He later was transferred to the J. William Ditter and served on that ship from 1944 thru his discharge in 1945. Mike Herman,
269 H. Martin Morgan 2nd Division 5/12/66 34-38
Discharged after the war with the rank of Chief Boatwain's Mate, died May 12, 1966, a few sailors he served with who signed his album: R.R. Burch - 1935 - Boytown, TX, - E.F. McKinney - 1936 - Rison, AR - R.W. Lacy, Jr - 1937 - Prairie Home, MO - D. M. Smith - 1938 - Harris, MN - Jerry Critchlow - 1938 - Medford, OR...  Thank you, Becky Morgan Cheney, Daughter
268 Edwin Watts Boatswain Mate Chief 1/81 19-46 His love for the USN led me to choose the Navy  as  my branch of service as a young boy and that decision turned me into a young man. Lynn Southwell Son
267 John Emmitt Deen
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 1/16/02 38-42 Billy Deen (photos)
266 John F. C. Kania

Pearl Harbor Survivor

"M" Division
Machinist Mate 
1976 40-42

am looking for anyone who may have known my father, John F. C. Kania, a machinist mate who was a crewmember on December 7, 1941 .  I think that his main duty was in the desalination area.  He was from Southington , Connecticut and enlisted some time in 1940 or 1941.  I believe that he was reassigned to the DE USS England in 1943.  My father passed on in 1976 but was very proud of his naval service. He wrote his own epitaph on his memorial stone which reads “A native son, on the burning decks of the USS Pennsylvania, Flagship of the Pacific Fleet, December 7, 1941 .”   He kept a scrapbook which I’m sure many of his shipmates had, but I don’t know as much as I would like about his time on the Pennsylvania .  Any responses would be appreciated.  John F. Kania, Jr. NoSpam_

265 Albert  M. Selman 3rd Division 6/1/03 34-38 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
264 Jim R. Yakes
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? ?? ?? Submitted by Wade Cunningham
263 Oliver Duhe Jr.
Pearl Harbor Survivor
3rd Division 10/15/88 40-42 He served aboard BB-38 from 1940-1942, not sure of the months, in the 3rd Division. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He died on 10/15/88 in New Orleans, La. During the war he also served aboard the Enterprise, Barrow and the Bushnell, but the Pennsylvania was his favorite. By his son Curtis
262 Charles A. Beckham      10th Division
Gunnery Officer
4/26/03 44-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
261 Robert Spangler
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? ?? ?? By Son-in-Law William Cody
260 Lt. Sylvester W. Neary ?? 5/1/03 43-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
259 Charles Earl Ewing Water Tender ?? 1930 Water Tender,1st Class, USS ASHEVILLE, sunk on 3 Mar 1942, was present for duty on the USS PENNSYLVANIA when the 1930 US CENSUS was taken. CHARLES EARL EWING he was lost at sea on 3 MAR 1942 when the USS ASHEVILLE was sunk. Thanking you in advance for your outstanding service. I am HARRY EWING
258 Calvin S. Pugh 9th Division 5/22/02 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
257 Alfred Lee Fischer 10th Division 5/12/84 42-45 He was a great Father, a Quite man, loved nature, he is missed. He had 6 children 4 daughters & 2 Sons.  Submitted by his Oldest Son at
256 Lloyd W. "Chub" Wright
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6th Division
Gunners Mate
3rd Class
3/1/03 38-45 He lived in Seal Beach. CA for many years, but had lived with his sister the last few years, in failing health.  He will be missed by his good buddy Charles Serr, also a Pearl Harbor Survivor on the Pennsy. Submitted by Carol Serr
255 Charles Braga Jr.
See here
12/7/41 41 Yeoman Charles Braga Jr.
Killed in Action Pearl Harbor Attack Dec. 7, 1941 Charles was my great uncle.  He was the first reported casualty from Fall River and  there is a memorial bridge in his honor in Fall River, Ma.  I have enclosed it as a link.  Click here: Bridge Information Sheet - Charles M. Braga, Jr. Memorial Bridge
254 Louis H. Farra
Pearl Harbor Survivor
5th Division 4/17/03 42-45  He was also a Pearl Harbor Survivor. He was very proud to have served his country and also very proud to have been on the USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) he talked about it all the time. He had a book about it and showed it to all. He is sadly missed by his family and friends. He was a very proud and loving man to his family. Charlotte Guenther (daughter)
253 Al DuBois
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6th Division 3/29/03 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
252 Robert Bruchez
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"I" Division 4/21/02 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
251 John Thomas Shields
Pearl Harbor Survivor
3rd Class Commissary Steward 4/2/88 41-45 Retired Navy in 1960 after 20 years. Escaped to galley seconds before the bomb exploded in it on Dec. 7, 1941. Carol Morgan
250 Clarence L. Willis
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswain Mate 1/c
5/8/74 41-45 Clarence L. Willis served on USS Pennsylvania during Pearl Harbor bombing. He retired Navy 20 years.
His Daughter Sandra Willis Hutson
249 Calvin L Palm "CR" Division 3/3/02 43-45 Calvin L Palm was a classmate and friend, Don Murray
248 Robert Yates 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 2002 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham 
247 Edward Modine 11th
(US Marine)
?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
246 Carl Burhoop
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Band 6/29/02 40-43 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
245 Charlie Burch
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Officer 11/11/01 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
244 David Cooke  Officer "L" Division 6/6/02  42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
243 Leo Bewley
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"E" Division 10/9/02 41-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham  
242 Allen Dewey Cayten 8th Division 3/14/01 43-45 Thank you for your service to our country and for all of the love you showed each and everyone of us.  We treasure every memory that we have of you and miss you very much.  Love, Your Family
241 Lt.  Archibald D. Sheeran Medical Officer 9/19/87 42-45 I saw your wonderful memorial to the men who've passed away and were on the USS Pennsylvania.  His name was Dr. Archibald D. Sheeran and he passed away at age 70 in Charlottesville, NJ on September 19 1987 after raising six kids in Princeton, NJ. He was a lieutenant and physician on the ship. I do not know when he served but knew he was in he Pacific Theater. I remember looking at all the photo books of the ship and its men. I remember was my Dad pointing out Johnny Carson in the photos of the men on deck, who he said was an 18 year old ensign who told jokes a lot. "Did everyone think he was funny?" I asked, and he said, "Nah..." My dad didn't speak about the war much and I know he felt a lot of pain about it. But he was such a proud man to have served on the USS Pennsylvania and his kids are all very proud of him, too. Lisa Sheeran, Hercules, CA
240 Herbert Morton ??
5/28/80 44-45 My father served on the USS Pennsylvania.  I am trying to find out what division he was in.  Herbert MORTON was from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I believed he was drafted.  I was told he was on the USS Pennsylvania when it was torpedoed after the war officially ended.  I have an article from the paper called, "Pushing Japs Back" Grand Rapids and western Michigan men on the USS Pennsylvania. By his daughter Pat Rohwer
239 Albert L. Fickle
Pearl Harbor Survivor
3rd & "M" 10/16/02 41 - 46 Al joined the Navy Sept. 1939 and retired after 20 years.  He served the entire war on the Pennsy and was one of the last crewman to leave the Pennsy at the decommissioning prior to the Atomic bomb testing at Bikini in 1946.  He was very active in Veterans groups including reunion activities.  We will miss you Al.  
238 Charles Sullivan "E" 7/12/02 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
237 Allan H. Armstrong "E" 9/28/02 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
236 Owen Lerley Musgrove
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 1/14/97 41 - 45 Ron Musgrove (
235 C.E."Pappy" Dunn 6th Division 9/23/02 41 - 45 Our love and thanks to all of you for all you have done to preserve the freedom we all enjoy. Kathy and Ronnie Dunn (Poem) (
234 Leo Hamilton  Band 9/13/02 43 - 45 Leo Hamilton was born in Youngstown, Ohio 1920. He was raised in the country outside Beaver Falls, PA. (Pittsburgh area) with horses, farms, coal mines, coal trucks, and a model T. He joined the Navy in 1942 and was assigned to U.S. School of Music, Navy Yard, Washington, DC. He reported aboard the Pennsy 10 June 1943. He was in the band aboard ship but stood some watches with the 6th division. We will miss you Leo..
232 Jerome J. Halbach "R" Division Sept. 2, 2002 42 - 45 My father was my hero. He has left this world with having lived a full and wonderful life. I, as well as my mother and 5 siblings will miss him greatly. I am proud to say he served his country on what I consider the greatest battleship to have ever set sail. Dad was laid to rest in his home town of Stacyville, Iowa where he spent his entire life. Per his request, he was given a military funeral. Mark Halbach, proud son.
231 Charles Ray Jensen 4th Division June 11, 2000 43 - 46 Loretta Jensen, Wife  (
230 Commander
  Roe Thomas
"R" Aug. 1946 42-45 Grandpa served in "R" Division during his service.  He died August, 1946 (killed by drunk driver), leaving a wife and 4 month daughter.  We know little of his time aboard the USS Pennsylvania.   Ray Chilcote (Grandson) []
229 Parker Wesley Proffitt
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? June 25th 1999 41-45 This man is my uncle. He was 14 when he enlisted. I have done extensive research on this subject and find that my Uncle is nowhere to be found. But I know this to be true as he did go on to guard the men involved in the bombing of Hiroshima and also guarded Adm. Nimitz on the USS Missouri when they gathered to sign the Peace Treaty. Some information may be fuzzy, but I am dedicated to finding the truth and honoring my uncle for his part in World War II. Vicky Kennedy []
228 Nick Balcereki
"M" Division Nov. 2001 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham    
227 John S. Horvaths ?? Mar. 16, 2001 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
226 James T. Langston 11th
(US Marine)
Jan. 24, 2001 42-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
225 Paul L. Anderson 8th & "B" Divisions ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
224 James S. Dye ?? ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
223 Fredrick Schollmeyer ?? ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
222 George Goetz "F" Division July 1, 2002 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
221 Bernard "D" Brown (Red) ?? Aug. 16, 1981 ?? I remember my dad telling funny stories about WWII when I was a kid, but I also remember one not so funny.  That was the day of the bombing.  He and others were diving for bodies, dead or alive I guess.  I never realized the significance of this, how amazing it was that my dad was there as history took place!  I wish  he was here now to share every detail of his experience with me, but at least I will have some of his fun Navy pictures and uniforms to cherish.  He was a devoted husband, loving father and proud American and it was my privilege to call him "dad". 
220 John C. Burkle "B" Division ?? 41 - 45 My Grandfather was a proud and great American, I will always miss him. Troy Burkle []
219 William H. Lillie "E" Division June, 2002 40 -45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
218 Norman "Gene" Green  "S" Division Nov. 4, 1992 42 - 45
Loving Father & Husband ,Died Nov. 4, 1992 of long illness - Ed Green (Son) []
217 William Franklin Baity
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 11/72 42 - 45 William Franklin Baity , Pearl Harbor Survivor was my father, he died November of 1972 massive heart attack. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have known my father. They can contact me at  Subject Pennsy
216 Calvin S. Pugh 9th Division 5/22/02 43-46 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
215 Donald T. Ridgley

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Gunners Mate 6/4/2001 41 - 45 My grandfather, Donald T. Ridgley, was a seventeen year old gunners mate first class (division Unknown) aboard the USS Pennsylvania during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He fought in the Aleutian Islands and New Guinea Campaigns, serving aboard the ship throughout his active service (1941 - 1945) His brother Ralph moved to the Pennsylvania from the Arizona one week before the attack. Grandpa was very proud of his service to our country, and he imparted these values, especially to his grandsons, with the refrain, "remember Pearl Harbor." He was a towering, larger than life figure in the lives of his grandsons. One served four years active duty Navy, and another re-enlisted in the Army National Guard after 9-11 to attend Officer Candidate School. Grandpa died on June 4, 2001. He loved us and we loved him deeply. We miss him so very much. Respectfully submitted, Greg Ridgley[]
214 David O. Cutler
Pearl Harbor Survivor
CR Division 8/2/86 39-45 My Father's name was David O. Cutler (nickname "DOC");  he was in the "CR" Division.  He died on August 2, 1986.  He entered the US Navy on May 10, 1939 and was discharged on October 28, 1945.  Read more   Patricia  Arie - Daughter of an American  Hero 
213 William (Bill) Hogan 8th Division 4/7/02 41-45 Bill will be missed by all of us.  He was a pilot and Scuba diver.  He and his wife Felicia started the largest Macadamia Nut farm in Costa Rica in the 1970's. In addition he was an accomplished business man and inventor.  He was so much to so many, Bill, William, Guillermo, Sweet William, Wild Bill Hogan, Padre, Pop, Grandpa, friend and more... Another American Hero is gone, but not forgotten...... 
212 Harry O'Connor "E" Division 1/24/02 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
211 Freeman Andres Unknown 2/2/02 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
210 Kenneth J. Ryan ?? ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
209 Louis Trantalas ?? ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
208 Donald Van Hoorbake ?? ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
207 Cletus Leaming ?? ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
206 Mac Brown ?? ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
205 Charles White ?? 1999 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
204 Sam LoFasso "R" Division ?? 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
203 B.R. King
"L" Division 2/25/02 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
202 W.B. Walker 4th Division 3/6/02 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
201 Orville Hellie "S" Division Storekeeper 3/17/02 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
200 Wayne H. Hill "R" Division 3/29/02 41-45 Capt USNR (Ret.). Reported aboard the USS Pennsylvania in May 1943. Served as R Div. and bomb disposal officer until Dec. 1945. Separated from active duty Dec. 12, 1945. Remained Active in Navaj Reserve, retiring in 1977. Respected, loved and appreciated by many.  Submitted by Wade Cunningham
199 James T. Langston 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
(US Marine)
1/24/02 41-45 United States Marine, stationed on the USS Arizona till 12/5/41 and then transferred to the Pennsy on the 6th of December 1941. More to follow... 
198 Joseph L. Pike
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6th Division 9/15/01 40-45 He entered the Navy at age 20 and was a survivor of Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. From there he fought in the Pacific Campaign at Midway, Attu & Kiska, Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands, Wake Island and Guam. Like so many others listed here, he was tremendously proud of his time on the Pennsy and of his shipmates. Dad died on 9/15/01. We miss him. Pat Pike, son.
197 Don Cornele "R" Division 3/25/97 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
196 Lt. Cmdr. J. Philip Bromley "I" Division ? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
195 Asa Lakey,   "F" Division 12/01/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
194 Marvin C. Hansen "B" Division 10/04/00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
193  James E. Craig
Lt. Cmdr. Dec. 7, 1941 1941 My grandfather was Lt. Cmdr. James E. Craig who was killed at Pearl Harbor after securing the dry-dock gates to prevent the Pennsylvania from being pushed into other ships in the dry-dock. He was killed on Dec. 7 , 1941. Today as always I am very proud of his service and he will always be an inspiration in my life. John Jakob 
192 Robert Devon Hill 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Gunners Mate 1983 42-45
Robert "doc" Hill was my father.  He lived through W W II to go on and raise a large family.  I am truly grateful to be his son and to know that dad served on such a great battleship in the history of our country.  If anyone knew my father please e-mail me at Mark Hill
191 Joseph Wilson Pace
CR Division
Dec. 7, 1941 38-41 Thank you for adding Uncle Joe's name to the list. He was the first casualty of the town of Saugus, Massachusetts. He died at Pearl Harbor and was awarded the Purple Heart. This means a lot to our family to have Uncle Joe recognized. On Sept 11th the flag which draped his casket was hanging outside my home. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Laurie
190 Carl Million Starnes Fireman 2nd Class 12/28/87 43-45 My father, Carl Million Starnes, entered into the navy on 9/16/1943 for 4 weeks basic training at Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, Illinois. He was then assigned to the US Pennsylvania and served as Fireman, Second Class, U.S.N.R. until June of 1945, when he was transferred to NTC  in Newport R.I. for reprocessing in engineering, fire fighting, damage control and water testing. In February of 1946 he was transferred to Navy Small Craft facility in Boston, Massachusetts where he performed duties as overhaul and upkeep of gasoline and diesel engines on small crafts and fire fighting equipment. He was Honorably discharged on April 17, 1946 from the USN Personnel Separation Center in Boston, Massachusetts. He received the World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Area Ribbon, 4 Bronze Stars, American Area Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon (2 Bronze Stars) I do not know what Division and am unable to find it on any of the papers I have. He died from cancer on December 28, 1987 in Tullahoma, Tennessee at the age of 62. If you know of any other information, please contact me. Debbie Cook
189 Jerome Sullivan Jesuit Chaplain, LtCmdr 1/81 42-45 My uncle, Jerome Sullivan, served aboard the USS PA from 1942-46. Military Position: Jesuit Chaplain, USN  First Assignment: 12th Naval District; 5 Mar - 27 April 1943  Term of service: 10 Feb 1942 - 11 May 1946  Overseas service: USS Pennsylvania (BB-38): 29 May 1944 - 22 Jan 1945   Released from active duty: 11 May 1946 (rank: LCdr).  Dan Sullivan, Lt Col. USMC
188 Joe Bestresky
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Gunners Mate 10/25/01 40-45 Submitted by Ken Owen 
187 Lewis William Frost
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"E" Division, EM2 3/18/96 43-46 We lost our Dad on March 18th, 1996 very unexpectedly. He was a wonderful father and a remarkable man and we miss him every day. He  was so proud of his Navy Service and learned many valuable skills as an EM2C. He went on to work at various power companies and retired after 35 years with Pacific Power & Light as Area Systems Control Superintendent. I wish he had a chance to use the internet and find these sites. He would have loved reading about his ship and friends. We'd love to hear from anyone who knew him or served with him. Jessica Rumble
186 Robert Thomas
Pearl Harbor Survivor
1st Division 1997 41-45 My uncle, pearl harbor survivor....Robert Thomas...1st division .....assigned to the Pennsy from 1941 to 1945..... manned gun turret #1 as the turret pointer ..., rose to the rank of chief boatswain's mate...discharged in 1946.  Tom Morgan
185 Rockwell (Swanny) Swanson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"M" or "A" Division 1983 40-43 My dad was on the Pennsy from when it left the Philadelphia ship yards in 40 or 41 and was on board on 7 Dec 41. He operated as part of a gun crew that morning...something to do with the air supply??? They sailed from Pearl back to the US (Alameda) where he met my mother while on leave New Year's eve. He stayed on the Pennsy until sometime in '43. He retired as a CPO in 1958 or '59. He died in '83. Rock Swanson, Son... Rockwell Electric, San Diego, Ca
184 Henry George Booske "N" Division ?? 44-45 Submitted by Marijean
183 Frederick Allison "H" 
Pharmacist Mate
4/1/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
182 Duane Griffin ?? ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
181 Carl Ryan "CS" & "F" ?? 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
180 Bernard Schoen
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswains Mate
2nd & 4th
12/13/00 36-43 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
179 Arthur Yates "F" 8/20/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
178 Paul William Kavlick 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
?? 9/20/85 40-42  My father was Paul William Kavlick.  I don't know his division or the dates he served on the Pennsy.  He was on board during the attack on Pearl.  He joined in October of 1940 and was on board until some time after Pearl.  He died September 20, 1985  Vanessa Gall
177 David M. Wilson 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"F" Division 1984 41-45 Dave was a proud man and extremely proud of his service and ship and of what his generation did to make this world a better place. Dad you are always in our hearts and minds. Your son. Bill Wilson 
176 Claude R. Ballard "E" Division 12/12/87 42-45 Submitted by Claude R Ballard Jr. - Son
175 W. H. Gibbons, Jr. "H" Division 9/21/93 42-44 Dental Officer, Submitted by Michael K. Gibbons Sr.
174 Edward Groenhout Jr. 6th Division Seaman 1c 4/10/95 43-46 Hi Ken, been meaning to do this for a while. I also have a picture of the past captain Martin, and their current commander Duke, standing on the bridge under pictures of the planes they shot down, and the islands they bombarded. Mark Groenhout
173 Rudolph G. Pina Deck Force 6/30/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
172 Andrew Marze

USS DOBBIN GM 1c 12/7/41 Unknown My mother (now deceased) was at Pearl Harbor with her first husband, GM1c Andrew Marze, a crew member of the USS DOBBIN. Marze was killed aboard the PENNSYLVANIA during the Japanese attack. They lived at the time in Navy housing in the Navy Yard. Do any of the survivors know of non-crew members coming aboard during the attack? James Lee
171 Marvin Reece 10th Division Gunners Mate 10/85 43-45 My father , Marvin Reece, served on the Pennsy from 1943 - 1945.  He served in the 10th division, I believe as a gunner.  He died of lung cancer
(possibly caused by asbestos from the ship) in October 1985.  My birthday is Pearl Harbor Day, and my oldest sister's is Veteran's Day - Go USA! A memory that always brings a smile is remembering when I would ask my dad "What boat were you on?"  He would answer, "It's a not a boat, it's a ship."  As a child, I didn't see much difference!!  But even my daughters know the saying and the love with which I remember his response.  He was so proud of his participation in the U.S. Navy.
170 Robert E. Jones Pearl Harbor Survivor "B" Division Boatswains Mate 5/6/96 37-42  On the morning of December 7, 1941, my father and some shipmates had prepared a "nice" lunch to take on a hike in the  Oahu hills.  My father heard loud explosions from an air base near the harbor.  Next, he saw planes with the rising sun on the wing tips.  He was gun captain on an anti-aircraft gun during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I have a wonderful letter written by my father to an aunt that describes his account of the bombing.  Thanks for this web site and the opportunity to memorialize our Heroes.      Wendy Jones Johnston
169 Ralph E. Pertell
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Unknown- Quartermaster 3/76 41-45 Our father was on the Pennsylvania during the Pearl Harbor attack. I know that he was a Quartermaster, but not sure of the exact grade. He didn't speak much about his war experiences so we were hoping to find out more about what it was like for him during this time, maybe even find someone who knew him them. Donna Ambrosino
168 Leon Fergus 7th Division 5/31/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
167 Sam Wolfe
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Gunners Mate 1st Class 4/12/89 41-45 My dad whose father, my grandfather, was on the Pennsylvania during the bombing at Pearl Harbor. He was asleep in a forward gun turret when the attack began, he ran to his assigned gun and began firing.  My grandfather's name is Sam Wolfe, he survived the attack but has since passed away a few years back.  I believe he was a gunners mate first class.  Well thank you again for the shipment, you have a wonderful site and I have forwarded a link to my father who I'm sure will be very interested.  Christi Wolfe
166 Floyd Wood
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Unknown 1990 41-45 Floyd Wood is my grandfather.  I looked through the little bit of written family history we have here, but didn't come up with too much.  I don't know what division he was in or what his duties were.  The few military records I could find listed his rating as BM 2/c, and I remember him telling me that he was "in the crow's nest" during the attack on Pearl Harbor. James L. Hicks 
165 Robert H. Cook Sr.
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Gunners Mate 1997 39-45 My father was Robert H. Cook Sr. He joined the Navy in 1939 and was a gunner's mate on the Pennsylvania. On Dec. 7, 1941, he was in his bunk, on the Pennsylvania, reading when the bombing began. He gave me a Naval Ordnance book that was damaged in his locker during the bombing. He was on the Pennsylvania for most of the war. During the last year of the war he was on the Beatty. Dad stayed in the Naval Reserve and retired as a CWO4 around 1970. He passed away in 1997. Rob Cook, son
164 Roscoe Taylor
Pearl Harbor Survivor
(US Marine)
8/17/98 38-42 He was acting quartermaster raising the Colors on the deck of USS Pennsylvania when the attack began on 7 Dec 1941. When I ask what he did, he replied , "I drew his side arm and shot at the Japs." Since then I've had in my mind a picture of this John Wayne-sized man standing on the deck of a battleship shooting at Jap Zeroes with a .45. He was wounded but never sought medical attention because he said there were too many others that needed it much worse. On 4 Dec 1950 south of Chosan Reservoir in Korea he was again wounded. He retired from the USMC in 1959, but was a Marine to the end. David Taylor, son
163 Anthony (Tony) Luensman 6th Division 7/14/97 42-45  The prior Christmas I found a few copies of medals that he had not received from the Navy. I still remember the look on his face. He just sat in the chair and looked at them for what seemed hours. He never forgot his ship or the war. He always talked about going back to Pearl and some of the islands they shelled to see what they looked like but was not able to do so. I'm sure since he has passed he has visited them many times. God bless Dad and that great generation of men.  Steve Luensman, son
162 Eugene M. Gorsage "M" Division 3/8/01 41-45 He was a Navy veteran, serving aboard the USS Pennsylvania and the USS Augusta, where he witnessed the Atlantic Charter meeting before World War II. He was chief petty officer aboard the USS Grady, DD 445, serving in the Pacific for the rest of the war. He served for more than five years.
161 John Kenneth Madden
Pearl Harbor Survivor
"CR" Division 1966 41-45 My father John Kenneth Madden was on the USS California at Pearl Harbor. He was a radio man. According to his discharge papers he then went to the USS Louisville and later served on the USS Pennsylvania. He was a radio man throughout the war. We know little about his service except that he attained the rank of Chief Radio man. He never spoke of the war. We have wanted to know more about him. He died 35 years ago in 1966 of a heart attack. A survivor of the USS California attack on Pearl told us this week that maybe someone on the Pennsylvania might have known him. I thought I would try. Thank you, Kathryn Madden 
160 Chester Johnson "R" Division 5/6/01 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
159 J.J. Munger "A" & "B" Divisions 4/24/01 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
158 William M. Gittleson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Chief Quartermaster 6/18/84 39-45 We lost our Dad on June 18, 1984.  He was a remarkable person  and was proud to serve his country. We miss him every day of our lives and  would dearly love to hear from anyone who knew him. Julie Molloy
157 Henry Richard Johnson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Electricians Mate
"E" Division
11/11/93 41-45 "Richie" was my brother and I was only 4 years old on 12/7/1941. I do remember later on my parents speaking of hearing the news on the radio and the agonizing wait to hear of his fate. God blessed our family by returning him to us. He never spoke of that day, but to his death on 11/11/93 (Veterans' Day) a picture of the USS Pennsylvania hung in his apartment and as I write this, it hangs here on the wall of my den. Rest in peace dear brother. Kathleen Johnson Graham
156 William Harry Stockton
Pearl Harbor Survivor
PhM3c "H" Division 1/30/84 41-46 My name is Richard Stockton and I am his son.  I love and miss my Father very much. I would like to talk with anyone who served or knew him, please email me.
155 Albert  E. Curry
Pearl Harbor Survivor
8th Division Boatswains Mate 1982 41-45 My name is John Curry, and I am a Chief in the Naval Reserve. I spent 6 years of active duty aboard the USS Constellation CV-64 (1976-1980) and USS Iowa BB-61 (1983-1985). I am a member of the USS Iowa Veterans association. However, the reason I am writing you is because my father was stationed on the USS Pennsylvania BB-38 from 1940 until her final days at Bikini Island. He earned a Purple Heart at Pearl Harbor and left me many mementos from the Pennsylvania, such a menu's, photo's and newspapers. Regretfully, he passed away in 1982.  SHC John Curry
154 William Frank Long

 3rd Division Gunners Mate 3rd Class 2/11/44 43-44 My brother, Gunner's Mate Third Class William Frank Long, was killed on the Battleship Pennsylvania in an explosion in gun turret number three on February 11, 1944. "You are long gone, but not forgotten Billy. Although many of your family now living never knew you, we honor you and what you died for. Yours was truly the greatest generation. You saved the world." Your brother and living sisters, Steven, Virginia, Joyce and Rene.
153 Fred Byron Campbell Fireman 1st Class 1/17/80 17-19 Fred served in the Navy from August 23, 1917 to January 01,1919, and served on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania, as a fireman, 1st class. Submitted by Glen Campbell
152 Valleon Sylvester "CS" Division 10/24/44 34-35 Valleon Sylvester died on the Japanese hell-ship Arisan Maru along with almost 1,800 men.  There were only 5 survivors.  He is memorialized at  World War II Tablets of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Manila, Repllublic of the Philippines. See This story, submitted by his daughter Maxine Stanley
151 Virgil D. Stewart "S" Division 5/27/93 42-45 Submitted by Brenda S Harrison 
150 Glen A. Robinson "M" Division 1/14/96 42-45 I miss my grandfather very much. He did not talk about Pearl Harbor much. He did however start to talk about it near the end of his life. I learn more and more from my grandmother and my father every time I see them. If you have any info, please feel free to pass it along. Grandson Kevin
149 Otto Herold Jr.

7th Division 10/80 43-45

My father "Otto Herold jr." served on board the Pennsy from mid 1943 until 1945. Dad was a seaman 1st class in the 7th division, he was a loader on the forward port side quad-40mm mount. Dad passed away in October 1980.  He won a Purple Heart for the Leyte Gulf operation.  Rodney Herold, proud son.

148 Albert (Cleo) Crabtree 2nd Division Boatswains Mate 1st Class 2/2/01 4:00 pm 42-45 Cleo will be missed by all of us. My deepest sympathy to all of his family and friends.  Cleo was our Firetalk "point man" and many of you had a chance to know him. May you rest in peace my friend. If you haven't seen his album click here.  
147 R. Rushing 1st Division 1/15/01 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
146 George Krater Pearl Harbor Survivor "F" Division 1978 40-45 Submitted by his son.
145 Edward Dow Nicholson 11th
(US Marine)
11/1/96 42-45
My father, Edward Dow Nicholson, was a marine stationed aboard the USS Pennsylvania. He died November 1, 1996. His service aboard the Pennsylvania (and in the Marine Corps) were among his proudest memories. I would like to hear from anyone who new him. Roger Nicholson, proud son
144 Maxwell K. Merritt "R" Division 2/27/96 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
143 Roy Maechler "R" Division 11/2/97 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
142 Hugh Gibbons Radio 12/21/97 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
141 Arnold Panzer "R" Division 3/3/95 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
140 Connie Kirby "R" Division 8/4/83 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
139 Donald W. Broome Communications Officer - Ensign 4/63 1918-19  I don't know much other than in the roster of officers from 12/1/18 for the USS
Pennsylvania Donald W. Broome was listed as an Ensign  USNRF  Radio.  My grandfather died  in April of 1963.   Ginny Schroeder,  granddaughter
138 Dencil Jeffery McIntosh

Pearl Harbor

Unknown 12-7-41 1941 My uncle, Dencil Jeffery McIntosh was on the Pennsylvania. He was killed at Pearl Harbor. If anyone knew him please e-mail me. Also would like information on Carl Bryant Johnson or Bob Joiner who served on the ship with him. Marilyn Mcbride
137 Coleman M. Trout
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Unknown 1984 41-45 My dad passed away in 1984 in Dallas TX. He was aboard Pennsylvania  when the
Japanese attacked Pearl  Harbor.   Robert  Lee Trout, proud son
136 Kenneth M. Long "CS" Division 9-1-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
135 Jack Ryan 1st Division 8-23-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
134 Robert Wheeler "M" Division 4-2-00 42-43 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
133 Gerald G. Miller Unknown 11-27-86 41-42 With honor and love is the hero of the sea remembered.  Your loving son,  Skeeter  
132 Hugh Westfall Livengood 10th Division Gunners Mate 12-16-00 42-43 My father Hugh Westfall Livengood served aboard the USS Pennsylvania during WWII from about '43 to '45. He was a Gunners Mate in  10th Division. He was very proud of his service and we will all miss him very much.  Gary Westfall Livengood, proud son....
131 Scott Sears, Jr. Unknown 12-23-91 41-43 "On Dec 31, 1941, I sailed on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania and touched various ports in the Pacific Area.  I remained on this ship until we returned to the United States on March 15, 1943.  Upon return to the States, I was transferred to the San Pedro Naval Base and on April 3, 1943 I again went on foreign duty, having been assigned to the U.S.S. Lasalle, AP 102.  I remained on this ship, sailing all over the Pacific Theatre of Operations until June 15, 1945 at which time I returned to the States again and was stationed at the Receiving Station, Pier 90, Seattle Washington where I remained until after VJ Day." submitted by his Niece Jennifer Sears Gilbert
130 Dean Edwin Hootman "CS" Division 11-14-84 42-45 Dean served on the Pennsylvania during WWII, he was in the CS division , a signalman who taught me the International Code when I was a young boy in the mid fifties.  The last time I saw him was just prior to his death, he and my sister were passing thru Arizona, on their way to Mexico for treatments not yet authorized in the U.S. I can tell you, he fought that as hard as he fought the Japanese, but unfortunately lost this battle. Too soon will all our real heroes be gone and sadly today's generation for the most part do not realize the sacrifices made in their behalf. When I visited the memorial page for those that served on this great fighting ship, I could literally feel the presence of their spirits. For me, they, along with all those who served our country in times of extreme peril will never be forgotten. John Adams, Brother-in-law
129 Robert Earl Dykstra
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Boatswains Mate, Division unknown 11-1-98 41-46 He was aboard the USS Pennsylvania when it was hit in Pearl Harbor. He was an active member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors and attended the reunions that they held every year, going right up till the last when he just couldn't make the trip anymore. Anyone that knew Daddy knows what a wonderful man he was, and probably remember the beautiful smile he had and his sense of humor. I am so thankful that God let him come home from that terrible war to be my Dad. I will always cherish his memory. I miss him so much, but we had a great family and he will always be missed by all who knew him. He was an wonderful husband of 52 years to my Mother, Betty Dykstra. And my brother, Robert Ralph Dykstra and myself were truly blessed to have him as our Father. And he was the world's best Grandpa to our children.  Marsha Lee Dykstra Merritt, daughter.
128 Claire Robinson Unknown 11-3-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
127 Donald Kerling 3rd Division 1-1-00 42-45 Submitted by the Kerling Family
126 J.D. Gentry Pearl
Pearl Harbor Survivor PHSA chapter 6
Unknown 9-11-00 41-45 MY Father J.D. Gentry served on the USS Pennsylvania  Dec 7 1941 I do not know too many details but he passed away in Sacramento Ca Sept 11,2000  I have been trying to get as much info as possible. Karen L Campbell
125 Clarence Werkhoven S Division 11-30-00 42-45 He was my uncle. He went by the name Bud. I just learned of his service on the USS Pennsylvania today at the funeral home.  He was a wonderful man, but he did not talk about his past much. Scott Woudenberg
124 Charles Williams
 Pearl Harbor Survivor
B Division 11-89 41-45 Devoted husband, father, and grandfather. A Pearl Harbor survivor who served till the end of the war. He was very proud to have served on the USS Pennsylvania, as we are all so proud of him. Anyone who knew Charlie, please let me know. Tom Williams, Grandson.  more here
123 Robert V. Lennep Gunner's Mate 3rd Class, 9th Division 6-22-84 42-45 I can't tell you how very proud I am to have found this site. I always knew that I somehow would find my daddy's ship family. My father was at war when I was born 7/26/43. His Daughter Lillian Wall
122 Leyton Rogers 11th
(US Marine)
??  42-45 Retired Marine Lt. Colonel.  He was the one who pulled me inboard twice when I leaned out a window in Secondary Aft to better follow the flight of Jap planes during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A fine officer.  Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division
121 Kenneth M. Long "CS" Division 9-1-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
120 Jack Ryan 1st Division 8-23-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
119 Robert Wheeler "M" Division 4-4-00 42-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
118 Robert (Bob) L. Ridlehuber 7th Division 8-1-91 42-45 My grandfather Robert (Bob) L. Ridlehuber, served in 7th Division USS Pennsy. He was in Philippines and Okinawa. He used to tell story of going back to bunk to get my grandmothers picture after torpedo hit. When I was 9 or 10 years old I made him a plastic model of the Pennsy.  Kelley R. White, grandson
117 Elbert Forrest Sybert "M" Division 12-15-90 42-44 My father was born in Jonesville, Virginia on august 5th, 1918. Died December 15th, 1990, in Redding, California. He eventually was promoted to MM1C.  This is truly an honor for all of our family, most of whom are vets.  Steven Sybert, Son
116 Daniel J. Hough "B" Division 4-27-83 42-45 My Grandfather was a very proud Navy man and USS PENNSYLVANIA Crewmember. I would have enjoyed swapping Navy stories with him. I would love to hear from anyone who served with Danny. LTjg Patrick Hough - USN
115 Kenneth G. Malenfant  "F" Division 9-94 42-45 Thank  you for a wonderful look at my grandfathers past.  It was his stories that encouraged me to become a US Navy Sailor. Shawn R. Horvath, SK3 USNR 
114 Harry B. Gamble 11th 8-5-2000 1942 84, Aberdeen, Idaho, He retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant. My uncle Harry was on the Pennsylvania during the Pearl Harbor attack, thank you, Carl H Morris -  Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division, additional info by Carl H Morris
113 Robert E. Cushman, Jr. 11th
(US Marine)
1-2-85 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Surviver Captain commanding the Marine Detachment on the Pennsy during the Japanese attack. Among his multitude of high commands was Commandant of the Marine Corps in the early 1970s. He also served as Deputy CIA Director during some of the Nixon years. Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division
112 Horace W. Card  Jr. 11th
(US Marine)
??  1941  Pearl Harbor Survivor Retired as a full colonel. He went aboard ship the same time I did and was a PFC at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. After retirement, he commanded the Marine Cadet School at Harlingen, TX. Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division
111 Russell Simpson 11th
(US Marine)
 ?? 40 -41 Corporal who left the ship a shortly before the attack, retired as a Major (USMCR). Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division
110 Warren Simpson 11th
(US Marine)
 ?? 40-41 Corporal who left the ship a short time before the attack, retired as a Lt. Colonel USMC. He commanded Camp Butler, on Okinawa, during the Vietnam era. Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division.
109 William Eugene (Gene) Bull  11th
(US Marine)
6/00  ?? Vacaville, Ca.  Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division.
108 Horace W. Card Jr. 11th
(US Marine)
??  42-45  Harlingen, TX. Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division.
107  - - - - Submitted by Art Wells, 11th Division
106 Charles R. Spencer 9th 4-13-94 41-45 Pearl Harbor Survivor In memory of Charles R. Spencer, husband, father, and World War II veteran. Sadly missed by his family.  Sherry Spencer Oxley Daughter 
105 Joseph Juneau "I" 12-12-90 42-45 My father's name was Joseph Juneau. He is listed in the I Division on the Crew Roster. He passed away on December 12, 1990. He was the best father anyone could have. He is missed very much. But the whole family learned many things that we are passing on to the grandkids. He is with GOD now. He couldn't be in a better place. Chari Juneau Bellow
104 Robert Anstett "B" 1982 44-45 My father - Robert Anstett served on the Pennsy. He was in "B" division in 1944 &45 until the end of the war. He had 5 children and many grandchildren. He died in 1982. We miss him.   Joe Anstett, Son
103 Sam Sandell "R" 10-99 41- 45 We will miss you Sam.  Personal note & Last Picture
102 Richard Pryor "M" 2-24-87 42 - 45 Sharon Pryor, Daughter
101 Ernest Wiebe
Pearl Harbor Survivor
6B & 9th Division 6-99  42-45
I was checking names on new memorial. The name Ernest Wiebe in ninth division came up. He was second class boatswain mate . He swam to the Pennsy from the Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. Bill Hutchings, Crewman
100 Merril Eugene Riggins "S" Division 8-6-83  42-45 Was born April 15, 1924 in Hammond Indiana, and died in Hume Missouri.

Kenneth D. Bailey

Medal Of Honor 

(US Marine)
10-13-42  42-45  Learn more about KD Bailey, Click here
98 Marshall M. Platt  8th Division 9-16-99 42-45 We would like to say that my father was very proud of serving in the United States Navy and aboard the "USS Pennsylvania", and that we are very proud of him serving and fighting for our country so that we can be where we are today. We love and miss him very much and there will always be apart of him in us that will never subside. Joe Platt, Son
97 Paul V. French Lt.Cdr. Gunnery 4-76 41-45 "Thanks Dad, we love and appreciate what you did."  Larry French (son)  Larry's Album
96 Robert J. Anderson
Pearl Harbor Survivor
 ?? March 21, 1996  42-45 My father and Ernie Wiebe (#101) were best friends and both were on board the Pennsy at the same time. My father was on board the Pennsylvania when it was attacked on December 7 1941. We will always miss and love you, Brooke Anderson - Bates, Daughter
95 Claude R. "Buck"
 "E" division
12-12-87 41-45 We Thank you for all that you were and all that you done, We miss you. George Ballard, son
94 Richard P. Keane Gunners Mate "F" division 8-25-98 44-45 He was so proud of the ship. Always in our hearts, Mom, Janet, Joe, Theresa & Mike Keane
93 James E. Lipsey "R" Division 3-24-96 42-45 We will miss you Dad, Fred Lipsey, son
92 Karl F. Buchholz Gunners Mate, 4th Division 3-20-88 41-45 We are so proud of you Dad and miss you very much.
91 Drew Carter 11th
(US Marine)
??  41-45  
90 Herbert Ralph Richards  ?? 12-6-84  42-45 I love you Daddy, Sarah
89 Ralph Dilcher Gunners Mate 4-94  36-41 God  bless the memory of one of the finest ships that ever sailed and her gallant crew.   I miss you Dad, Diana Dilcher, daughter
88 James Greer 10th Division 8-3-98 42-45  He was very proud of his naval service, Joe Greer, Son
87 P.E. (Mac) McLeary
Pearl Harbor Survivor
4th Division 8-23-91  41-45 His lovely wife Jane, click here to email her
86 Billy Miller Boxing Champ,
1998 42-45  Light weight Boxer, Golf Pro
85 Aldon Ray "Pinky" Morris Chief Boatswains Mate 2-12-99 40-41  I would like to hear from anyone who may have known him. Brian A. Morris., Nephew 
84 William G. Gibson, Jr. 1921-1992  1st Division 3-23-92 41-45 I never tired of hearing his "war stories"--he was very proud to have served on the Pennsy...Joann J. Jordan, Daughter
83 Paul Joseph McGuire  B Division and Chief Petty Officer
9-27-86  42-45 One of three Family members that served aboard this great ship, Rebekah Freimann
82 Robert William McGuire     Boilers 8-76  42-45 One of three Family members that served aboard this great ship, Rebekah Freimann
81 Otto C. Wenberg Gunners Mate & Shipfitter 1963 1920-21 Re-enlisted by special request 1942. 1st class Shipfitter, assigned to the Pennsy again.  Carl Wenberg , Son
80 Albert Blazejewski 
Pearl Harbor Survivor
2nd Division 11-7-98 41-45 I cannot begin to tell you how proud he was to have served his country aboard the Pennsy, as he called her. Pearl Harbor Survivor. Glenn Blazejewski, Son
79 T. Bartley 9th Division 11-83 41-45 Submitted by Tom Bartley, Grandson
78 William C. Anderson MAA 1988 41-45 My grandfather was an MAA on the USS Pennsy. I am very proud to see his photo on this web site.  Heather Urich
77 Roland William Wilson Yeoman 2nd 12/22/99 43-45 He always spoke of his love of the Navy
and the Pennsylvania. His family is proud of him. Craig Wilson, oldest son.
76 Howard H. Branyon

Pearl Harbor Survivor

 ??  ?? 41-45 He later won the Navy Cross at Guadalcanal, retired from Navy in 1948 as a Lt. Commander after 33 years of service.  Started as a "mustang",  He may have been a Chief Boatswains Mate at the time he was aboard the Pennsy. Niece Rilla Hartsoe
75 Clarence Blackburn F Division 1979 42-45 My dad served on the USS Pennsylvania from 1942-1945 in the F Division, he always talked about J. Mysen, R. Bell, Forrest Blakely, Robert Anderson, E. Swartz, and Frank Duncan, daughter Janis Blackburn Brady
74 Homer Nefzger Radioman Chief 1998  ?? Homer and his wife Anna were both WWII veterans, Nephew Charles Moss   Pic
73 William (Bill) E. Meek 5th Division 1970 42-45 He was knocked off the ship by an explosion, we miss him.  His grandson Jeff Creemer
72 Henry Frank  ?? 3/19/99 41-45 He was aboard during Pearl Harbor.  His son Kerry Frank
71 Ralph Emerson Higgs  ?? ??  1941 Pearl Harbor Survivor, he passed away when I was12, so I don't know much about his service, any help would be appreciated. His son Lawrence Higgs Proud Son of a Great Sailor, and Father.
70 William Debo Cocanougher 4th Division 11/23/85 41-45 He was born 10-30-26, After getting out of the service he married and had three children. He was a farmer until the day he died. Grandson Dennis Cocanougher
69 Thomas Gibson & Arlien Gibson Both were Navy  ?? 34-38 Submitted by Grant Shotswell
68 Paul A. Kaelin "R" Division 11/7/82 41-45 On Dec 13,1955 he risked his own life in an attempt to save a fellow construction worker who was buried alive in a cave in. For this heroic effort he was nominated for and received "THE CARNEGIE AWARD FOR HEROISM" (case file # 43855) Paul and his wife Margaret raised 5 children. Submitted by Dolores Kaelin Hammer
67 George Henderson "A" Division 3/16/00 41-45 George and my father were the best of friends, here they are at the Tucson Reunion. Our deepest sympathy to Dot and all of Georges Family and friends, another American Hero gone.  Submitted by Wade Cunningham, Ken Munro
66 Charles M. McDermed "H"  Division  ?? 41-45 Pharmacists Mate 1/c, he was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. He was one of the best corpsmen I ever knew. I lost track of him a few years ago.  I do not know when he died, but his name was listed in the Pearl Harbor Gram a few issues ago. Heber A. Holbrook, CWO2, USN(Ret).(Crewman)
65 Clarence J. Martin  ?? Anaheim, CA 42-45  May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
64 Leyton Rogers 11th Division Florida  42-45 May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
63 Emeron W. Kasmer  ?? San Diego, CA  42-45 May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
62 Emmett C. Howard  ?? Oak Harbor, WA 42-45  May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
61 William Adamson  ?? Napa, CA  42-45 May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
60 Glen H. Berg  ?? Kirkland, WA  42-45 May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
59 John W. Fordemwalt  ?? San Francisco, CA  42-45 May issue of the Pearl Harbor-Gram, submitted by Charles (John) (Chiefpopp) & Pat  Popp, "5th" & "S" Division
58 Henry A. Lachenmayer
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Pearl Harbor Survivor 12/9/99 41-45  My father was so proud of belonging to BB-38. I miss him so much... I am not sure of when he started his tour on the Pennsylvania... I do know that he was assigned to that ship when Pearl Harbor occurred..... being a musician. He told me many stories about the battle of the bands the night before Dec. 6. The Pennsy won the contest against the Arizona consensus of the band gave the trophy to the men of the Arizona.... I believe its at the memorial at Pearl Harbor as we speak.  Lisa Lachenmayer,  Daughter
57 Hans Schott Boxer (Champ) 3/10/90 1930's Hans Schott, b.Oct. 18, 1902 Elberfeld, Germany, d. Mar. 10, 1990 Huntington, MA.. Son of Henry Schott/Anna Louise Wuthe. May have been living in Longmeadow, MA. at that time. If you have any information, it will be helpful. Thanks, Roberta Schott Cyr, Springfield, MA.
56 Norm Zizer "M" Division 1985? 42-45 Norm Zizer and my father where best of friends and our families were always together.  I can remember going camping and fishing with them and spending Holidays together.  Norm & Mary had a successful machine shop business that is still ran today by his son Richard, if you see this Richard, email me, Ken Munro
55 Mitchell (Bill) William 1st  Division unknown 12/29/41 to June '43 Submitted by Al Crabtree, Bill's picture is on Al's Page
54 Donald Leavitt 2nd  Division 12/12/94 1941 to March 15, 1945 Submitted by Al Crabtree, "Don's picture is on Al's Page
53 Mervin W. Bean Prtr 1c (Printer) 4/22/92 41-42 My father was assigned to BB-38, 5 months before the Dec 7 attack. Prior to that he was on the Oglala and Dobbin. After the attack, he was reassigned to the Litchfield, and then to the West Virginia. He retired from active duty in 1947, with 22 years active an went on in the Reserves. During the Dec. 7 attack, he left liberty in Honolulu, and reported to his battle station on the Pennsylvania, in time for the second wave of the attack. His son, Mark W. Bean
52 Ed Spilman  ?? 5/30/00 Memorial Day 41-42 Ed took the last members of the crew off the Pennsy following the scuttling. See his story .  He was a part of the Smithsonian Institute for 30 years following the Navy and in charge of maintaining and restoring America's history.  A supper guy and I will miss him, another American Hero gone... Ken Munro. More About Ed
51 Cecil Butterworth    4th & M Division 6/9/00 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
50 William F. Cooper   M Division 4/4/00 41-45 Submitted by Wade Cunningham
49 Robert Horner 1st Division 8/83 41-45 My father Robert Horner of Johnstown, PA passed away in August of 1983, if anyone remembers him please feel free to contact me.  Robert Horner, son
48 William  Ramborger Pearl Harbor Survivor 10/23/93 39-42 He passed away Oct. 23, 1993 wearing a USS Pennsylvania hat. Tim Ramborger, son
47 William E. Meek 5th Division ??  41-45 My grandfather William E. Meek was aboard the Pennsy & was in he 5th division. I never knew him. But though my mother his memory has lived on.  Jeff Creemer, grandson
46 Chester F. O'Hair "R" Division 9-21-90 42-45 Life long friend of Frank Emmick of 4th & "R" divisions, he introduced Frank to his wife Phyllis.  Submitted by Frank's Son & Daughter-in-law Craig &Gayle Emmick  
45 James M. Berry  ??  ??  ??  More info needed
44 William "Happy" Blake   R Division & The Band 2-22-99  ??   More info needed
43 Edwin L. Conry, Jr.  MAA & 2nd Division  ??  ??   More info needed
42 Hollis B. Francis  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
41 Alfred E. Gallant  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
40 Gillis 0. Goodson  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
39 CL,"Pat" Goodwin 10th Division  1-18-99  ??   More info needed
38 Norman W. Hailicka  5th Division 8-24-98  ??   More info needed
37 Henry J, Heinz  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
36 Carl Holmes
Pearl Harbor Survivor
CPO   ?? 39 - 42   More info needed
35 IT. Jines  ?? ??   ??   More info needed
34 Elton C. Keifer  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
33 Henry A. Lachenmayer  R Division & The Band  ??  ??   More info needed
32 Don Lark ??   ?? ??    More info needed
31 Paul H. Maul ??   ?? ??    More info needed
30 Charles M. McDermend ??   ?? ??    More info needed
29 Ottwell Meader  C & R Division  ??  ??   More info needed
28 Ralph W. Palmer A Division 12-17-98  ??   More info needed
27 Stanley Parrish  C & R Division 12-27-98  ??   More info needed
26 Milton Travis Shirley  2nd Division 8-7-99  ??   More info needed
25 Robert J. Sholtis  ??  ?? ??    More info needed
24 Howard J. Skehan  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
23 Floyd Stamps  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
22 Ike Tallman 5th & 10th Division 4-16-99  ??   More info needed
21 Rev. William E. Dudack  ?? 1998  ??   More info needed
20 Donald Duffy  ?? 1998  ??   More info needed
19 Harry Happ  ?? 1998  ??   More info needed
18 S.S. Kienker  ?? 1998  ??   More info needed

K.S. Masterson
Pearl Harbor Survivor

Gunnery Officer
1998  42-45   He was a Lieutenant on the Arizona on Dec 7, 1941. He hoisted down the American flag from the burning ship that day. He transferred to the Pennsylvania in early 1942 as a Gunnery Officer. When the Pennsylvania went into the naval yard to be modernized he did the engineering work and physics behind mounting the 8- 5inch 38 turrets that were the state of the art anti aircraft guns at the time. Making the Pennsylvania as formidable as any of the newer Battleships. I talked with him in Memphis in 1996 and thank God had my picture made with him. By the way he retired as an Admiral.  Submitted by Paul Mathes
16 Mitchell Raffanelli  9th
4-18-98  42-45  He was in the 9th division. He was in Cecil King's Div. The 9th was the starboard aft anti aircraft Division. 40mm
Submitted by Paul Mathes
15 Earlen Seaman ??  1998     More info needed
14 Alex F. Zawila  ?? ??   ??   More info needed
13 Rosie Bremer-Wife of Harry 6th Division 12-98 ??    More info needed
12 Fred Autrey 5th Division 9-19-99 ??    More info needed
11 Harry Bass  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
10 Woodrow W. Board 11th
(US Marine)
 ??  ??   More info needed
9 Judson B. Camm "M" Division 7-31-99  ??   More info needed
8 Bruce Giley  ??  ?? ??    More info needed
7 Harry Glenn "S" Division 11-98  ??   More info needed
6 Louise B. Johnson "M" Division 1998  ??  see # 506
5 Emerson W. Kassmere Radio 10-12-99 ??   More info needed 
4 Augtino Passasume ??  ??  ??    More info needed
3 Clayton R. Scheualen  ??  ??  ??   More info needed
2 Katherine Kindy Wife of Verlin  ??  ??   More info needed
1 Donald Wright Band 9-26-99 42-45   More info needed