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Update on Larry Lariviere, fromBernard Wooley:

My Dad is in a private room. Should you call, let it ring a number of times,it may take a bit for Larry to answer or Esther, if she is in the room. Dadwalked 80 feet today (with assistance) before he left the hospital inAmes.....he nearly walked to Nevada! Only another few miles! We are VERY happywith his progress.  Contact info: 

Story County Hospital
Room 3
630 6th Street
Nevada, Iowa 50201

Also some exciting news from the lostand found department, check it out, clickhere



Hi Folks,
A quick note on some developments.   Please read the following info that was sent to me from Bernard Wooley:

I don't know whether anyone has told you about Larry Lariviere: He and Esther (who live in Ames, Iowa) were in Des Moines on May 25th to view the movie *Pearl Harbor*. A TV Newscaster was there and Larry had just given a lengthy interview - he was walking back to his table when Esther saw him grab his leg and start to fall to the floor. Someone caught him and helped him down gently. 911 was called and responded right away. He had suffered a stroke. He was in a Des Moines hospital until yesterday and has now been moved to Ames. The doctors say his prognosis is good, but rehabilitation will take quite some time - he may be hospitalized for 6 weeks or so.  He has not been moved into a private room yet because of crowding at the hospital, but should be in one or two days. I will try to post you when we find out his room number, telephone number, etc. Larry cannot talk on the phone, but if Esther were there, she would answer it. If you wish to post something on the web site, I'm sure he would be motivated by receiving some cards from his shipmates. Cards and letters can be mailed to:

Winfred F. Lariviere
Mary Greeley Hospital
1111 Duff Ave.
Ames, Iowa 50010

Larry & Ester


There are Memorial additions, NewShared pictures, New crew photos, Newpoem



New Lost & Found items, Last day to get the Reign of Fireprint at the current price.



Mark Churms print  will have aprice increase as of May 30, 2001 !!!
Get your order in before then to take advantage of the current price and save$185.00 !!!

Your Pennsy Web email accounts can be accessedvia Web  mail using this link in a few days, it is being configured as wespeak.


New Tee Shirts are available at the shipsstore, check them out.  Everyone can where these !

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There are 89 Web pages, 10 sub webs, 710 total files, 564pictures (includes small GIF type), 522 linked files, 3258 Hyperlinks (2628internal links and 630 external links to other sites or addresses)


New Reunion info for 2001

Larry French's Album


There is new reunion informationand an online registration form


Once again, sorry it has been solong.  I have been extremely busy with the site and my work.  Here isa copy of the newsletter (The Keystone - The Pennsy Web).  If you are interestedin receiving this newsletter just clickhere and you will be added.

Newsletter for the month of June.

Hi Everyone, sorry it has been so long. Assome of you know I have been out of the country for a few weeks at the end oflast month and managed to get myself deeper in the hole with regards to thesite. I am getting caught up though, thanks to somehelp from some of you. I guess the first order of business is to say my"thank you's" to some people who havewent the extra mile. Since I have been involved with the Pennsy Web, I have metand talked with some of the greatest people I have ever known. There is not aday that goes by that I don't get little note or word of kindness that justmakes my day, you all are GREAT !!! I would like to thank the USS PennsylvaniaReunion committee for their donation to help with the costs of the web site. ToJess and the rest of the members I want you to know how much it helps and howmuch I appreciate it, thank you to all the reunion committee members and staff.There will be new reunion information on the site shortly. I also want to thankall the supporters who have purchased hats and shirts, withoutyou this site would not be what it is. A specialthanks to Albert (Cleo) Crabtree for his photo contributions to the site and hisFireTalk participation, you can count on him to be online to help with anyissues or just talk about the facts, the Pennsy facts. His Firetalk number islisted on the Pennsy Chat Page http://www.usspennsylvania.org/chat.htm.He has played a key role in sorting out some of the sequence of events in thePennsy history. Be sure to check out the new additions to Cleo's album http://www.usspennsylvania.org/AlbertCrabtree.htm. Cleo has been undergoing some medical problems lately and I am asking all ofyou to please keep this great man in your prayers. Cleo, hang in there guy, weare in it with you my friend. Grant Shotswell has moved to Washington fromArizona, what a change, he too has submitted someadditional pictures for his album http://www.usspennsylvania.org/GrantShotswell.htm. Tom Mussatto sent some Memphis reunion photos that arenow on the site at http://www.usspennsylvania.org/PennsyReunions.htm.Tom just had a knee replaced and is recuperating at home. He says all he can dois surf the web, darn........., get well soon Tom. While I am on this subject,we could use more photos of Memphis, how about it folks? 

Here is some facts:

There has been 110 new files added to thesite in the last 30 days, there are 42 web pages of which 17 pages have beenupdated in the last month and 3 pages are in theconstruction phases, including Kenneth McQuine's Journal. There are 2004internal links (those are links to other pages or things on the site). There are380 external links (links to other sites or web pages), for a total of 2384hyperlinks. This number is going to double in the next few months. There are 837pictures (that includes the little flags and icons) on the site, and 934 files.No wonder I get very little sleep. :-)

New Pages: 

Les & Marie Blair 

David's Corner

If you think they had it made, thinkagain...

Art Wells, December 7th Official Report

There has been several emails added to the"Email Call" page, please stop by andhave a look. http://www.usspennsylvania.org/bb-38email.htm

Charles Serr has been a bit under theweather, his daughter Carol reports that he just came home from the hospital andwould probably like to hear from the Pennsy family, he was in 6th division.Please take a moment to send him a card or note:

Charles Serr
8585 Rockledge Rd
La Mesa CA 91941

And thank you for the Pictures of the 6thdivision reunion in Nebraska Carol, I will get them up soon. There is aninteresting photo that I came across and posted it at http://www.usspennsylvania.org/factsof.htm. Please take a look, it is very impressive. 

Henry & Lois Showers has sent somegreat pictures of "R" division and the Band, they are not on the siteas of yet but will be soon, thank you very much Henry!!!

John & Jeanne Strauss has sent awonderful story that will be up on the site this month, I am sure you will lovethis one. Thanks J & J. 

The original site www.inland.net/~ken/munro/bb38.htmis no longer available, it did have an automatic forwarding script on it to www.usspennsylvania.org.If you were using that link, you will soon find out it don't work anymore. Youwill need to update your bookmarks for the site. My original email address ofken@inland.net no longer works as well.

I received a very interesting email fromDolores Kaelin Hammer telling me about a former crew member, Paul A. Kaelin. Shewas requesting that I add him to the memorial page and also letting me know howthis former Pennsy crewman was honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission andwas awarded the Carnegie Medal for extraordinary Heroism. I sent some email toCHFC requesting any information on Paul and they sent the entire story to me.Dolores is going to help me with the typing of the award text and it will be onthe site soon. For further information of what Carnegie is, see http://www.carnegiehero.org/,here is a little portion of that email:

Paul A. Kaelin who is pictured on http://usspennsylvania.org/bb-38/Divisions/R1.jpg is my father. Would you please add his name to your memorial page. and whereever else on the usspennsylvania.org web site that you could put his picture andthe information that he received The Carnegie Hero Award after leaving the shiphe so proudly served. Paul A. Kaelin June 14, 1913 - Nov 7, 1982 He was 30 yearsold when he entered the Navy (making him the Old Man in his crew and was knownas "Pops". After the war he returned to carpentry and constructionwork in the Ft. Smith Arkansas area. On Dec 13,1955 he risked his own life in anattempt to save a fellow construction worker who was buried alive in a cave in.For this heroic effort he was nominated for and received "THE CARNEGIEAWARD FOR HEROISM" (case file # 43855) Paul and his wife Margaret raised 5children. Thank you for the web site.

 Dolores Kaelin Hammer 

Thank you Dolores, his picture isnot up yet but it will be soon.  I know I musthave missed someone or something here, if so, I'm sorry, but I do have 2 finalwords........Thank you

Pennsy Chat
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Please Contact me:
Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long.  In a fewdays the reunion in Memphis will be happening and I wanted to take a few minutesto wish all those that are going a safe trip.  I know you will have a greattime.  Mr. Bill Hogan stopped by the house tonight and was kind enough totake something that I wanted you all to see.  He lives near me and it ishis first trip to a reunion.  Be sure to see him and take a look at what hehas. I would ask if you would please take pictures so that we can continue withthe posting of reunion photos.  I wish I could be there.  Have funeveryone !!!! 

What's new.

I have been receiving lots of interesting stuff from DavidAkins concerning the filming of a Walt Disney movie about Pearl Harbor, ifyou are interested in this or other Pearl Harbor things you can contact him byclicking the link above. He is very knowledgeable and is the Director ofPearl Harbor History Associates, Inc.

Art Wells, (11th Division) has also submitted another series of reports thatwill be on the site soon.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the onethat is already posted then click here.

Martin Hoopes sent in a copy of his book with some great pictures and thingsin it.  Thank you Martin, I took the liberty of sending them along withBill Hogan as well, if you are going to the reunion you can see themthere.  I will have them on the site soon.

Once again I need to thank Jane McLeary for helping with the reunion photoID's, she will be at the reunion and will be taking pictures for the web site,so smile ;-)  Her suggestion for a name for the newsletter is what we aregoing with, The Keystone.  Jane will be receiving something in the mailfrom me in the next week or so.

For those of you that have not seen Al Crabtree's photos you can click hereto view them now.  Al (Cleo) has been the "Point Man" on theFiretalk program.  He is almost always online and is very knowledgeable ofit's operation, his Firetalk number is 350010858 and his "Handle" isElmer1.  If you just download the program and get your number set up, thenclick on the ADD/FIND CONTACTS button and enter his number or handle he willappear on your contact list.  Give him a call.

Late entry, Please check out this page if you think these guys had it made.
Click here

Pennsy Chat
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Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have updatedyou on the current changes to the site.  If you have been coming here oftenthen you already know most of the changes.  I have started on the earlyhistory of the Pennsy and have added some information to the first paragraph ofthe history.  This includes some new photos of the Pennsy being launched in1915 that were submitted by the Singmaster Family.  There is also a newreport about the attack on December 7, 1941 that was submitted by ArtWells.  Please take a moment to read this declassified document. I have also added a new survey to the Survey Page thatasks you to vote on what you would like to see on the Pennsy site, you can votefor five of the items every day or every time you log on to your provider. I need your feedback so that I can get the things you want to see on the site,please vote.  OK, what's the deal with Firetalk, isit too hard to configure?  We need to get more of the crew members andtheir families to meet us on Wednesday's and Saturday's.  If you need helpsetting it up please emailme and I will do what I can to get you talking online, it is FREE and fun.There has been another FOUND in the lost and found,I got real lucky here. I received several pictures from Al Crabtree's wifePhyllis of him and some of his friends during the war, they will be on the sitesoon. I want to thank everyone who has sent me things to be posted on the site,they will get there, I promise, it might take a while.  A special thanks toLes and Marie Blair, William Hutchings, Ed Snyder (CS division officer and laterskipper of the USS New Jersey), Art Wells and Al Crabtree.

Pennsy Chat
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Be there for the action !!!!

Late Request:

Ed Snyder, please contact me.


Some new pictures sent in by the Singmaster Familyof  the christening of the USS Pennsylvania in 1915.  You can see themon the "What's Here" page or following thelinks in the first two paragraphs of the history.  Don Richards sent aphoto of "R" division and it includes all of the signatures of thedivision on the back of the photo.  I have included several new picturesthat I have had also.  Be sure to read the current comments on the "Scuttlebutt"page and feel free to add to it.   Al Crabtree's wife Phyllis has sentsome great pictures of Al and some of his friends, they will be on the site in afew days, look for them at the "What's Here"page.  The Chat sessions are getting more participation, last Wednesday wehad Al Crabtree, Don Richards, Art Wells, Karl Buchholz, Ken Munro Sr. andmyself.  I left early, so I don't know if others joined earlier orlater.  If you are having trouble setting up this software please email meand I will help you get connected, it is a great opportunity for you to talk toyour fellow shipmates from all over the US and it won't cost a dime...  Icurrently have 141 names on my Pennsy Address book, all are relatives ofshipmates or shipmates.  I received email from Bernard Wooley who uses aMac and he informed me that the Firetalk does not have a Mac version yet, theirtechnical people tell me that it is in the works, hang in there Bernard..... 


I am having some major problems with the server I am on, you may be having ahard time connecting to the Pennsy page, they assure me that the problem will befixed soon, it is not your machine or provider, it is mine.  I am verysorry and I can assure you that I am doing all that I can to resolve it, pleasebe patient.

There is a new feature here, it is called PennsyScuttlebutt, it is a discussion forum that is on the site, it is a goodplace to post questions and comments as well as memories that you may have withregards to the history of this great ship, try it !!

Also, Let's try doing the Pennsy Chat on Saturday nights as well asWednesday, same time.  OK?


There is a new news letter from the reunion committee,more info will follow in the next few days.
See Mail Call


The first online chat session went pretty well, Al Crabtree showed upand told some great stories and had alot of information to share.  RalphShotswell, Grant's son, Rebekah Freimann & Karl & Faith. Art Wells made an attempt but we missed each other.  I would suggestthat you send me your FireTalk number via email and I will add you to my listand when I see you online I will help you get set up if you need it.  

Today I received something so extraordinary that the words to describe it arehard to come by.  The Ken Singmaster family have sent a personalAlbum that belonged to their grandmother, Elizabeth Kolb. Your firstquestion is "Who is Elizabeth Kolb", right? Let me be the firstto tell you, she was one incredible woman.  Elizabeth Kolb christenedthe USS Pennsylvania on March 15, 1915.  

I can only tell you that this is a historic piece of work and I can't wait toget it on the site for all of you to see.  The album contains mostly newspaper articles but also has some personal letters and other correspondence form Governors,Admirals, Secretary of the Navy, Captain Wilson and some I don't know what theconnection is, ....Yet. There is a few pictures and a lot of history and I, onbehave of everyone who is a regular part of this site and future visitors, wantto convey my heartfelt thanks to the Singmaster Family for sharing thiswith all of us, we are so lucky......

Next Pennsy Chat is Wednesday, same time sameplace. 



Ok, I guess we all made it through the dreaded Y2K thing and that isgood.  Now that all of us have a 6 months supply of food and water thebudgets should be in better shape for the next few months, enjoy your macaroni& cheese ;-)

You noticed that I have changed the background on this page to match theother pages and the reason why is because I have recently got some mail statingthat the black background made the page hard to read, we can't have that. If you see something that I can fix then please send me some email and and Iwill do my best to make the changes.  Bare in mind that it is pretty hardto have a web page that fits everyone's computer, video card, monitor, printerand browser, but there are many things I can do to help the readability of thesite. 


I am working all the time on the site and sometimes I loose track of thechanges that I have made but here are a few:  I have completed the Divisionpictures and I will be posting more photos on the same page from the samebook.  The crew rooster database is progressing very well, thanks to thehelp of Rebekah Freimann, a school teacher from Louisiana. You will be seeing astory about her family on the site soon, look for it.  

I have finished loading the reunion pictures and there is still some thatneed some identification, Jane McLeary has been instrumental in helping withthis, thank you Jane...

Lost and found had some interesting movement this past week, Don Dawson longlost friend may have been located by a friend of a friend.  For those ofyou that have read about my search for a William Bonneau and the eventuallocation of him, the same person is responsible for this find, thank you TomConklin and Ward Jennings.  If you have not read about this then Irecommend that you see the email page and have alook, this is a great story.  Actually, I am still waiting to hear from Donwith regards to this, but it looks pretty positive. 

I am still looking for more suggestions for the newsletter name, so far therehas one been one suggestion and it is a good one, the Keystone.  Also, Iwill be looking for reader contributions to the articles.  The format willbe flexible and I am open for suggestions as to departments or subjects (i.e.Reunions, Lost & Found, Email, Web Updates, Personal Stories, Pearl Harbor,Products etc.) There will also be a need for Department heads, they will be theperson that brings it all together.  Ambitious goals, but I think there isa need for it, whatdo you think?

Coming soon, the crew list database from 1945 and it will be constantlyupdated.  I am currently working on a voice chat page that may work out inthe future, take a look.  Also, I would like to thank Martin  Hoopes for sending me a folder full of printed pictures of the Pennsy and WWII, Martin is 80 years young and still dances 3 times a week, what a guy..!!!!

Need contacts from:  Don Dawson & Charlette, from  BaytownTx, about Marshall M. Platt.


Herewe go into the new Millennium.   HappyNew Year everyone !!!! .  We have ourfirst Newsletter name suggestion,  "The Keystone" .  Herwords are "Why not call it "The Keystone" just as the newspaper used to be calledon the Pennsy. "  Pretty good one I think.  We need moresuggestions so that we can vote on this.  Remember, there will be a niceprize for the winner, trust me.  Please look at the Division Survey on the Surveypage and put your division or your Dads division in the bottom of the formif you know what he did.  There is a new entry in Lost& Found .  Carol Serr was the 17,000th visitor to the Pennsy site,she received her certificate and a little surprise today.  If you are the18,000th visitor you too will win a special gift, email  me when ithappens.  Take care folks and again, Happy New year....


First of all I want to wish all of you a very HappyHoliday Season and my warmest wishes to you and yours for a prosperous andhealthy New Year.  

This past year has seen quite a change to the Pennsysite and none of it would be possible without your support and participation. I have added some new Division pictures and  hopefully will have them allup by the end of next week, time permitting.  I am receiving numerousrequests about what the divisions did and where were they assigned, I could useyour expertise here.  Please emailme  and let us know what division you were in and what you did. If you know about other divisions please feel free to send that as well, I willpost all info on the division page.  The contest went quite well and wecame in second in the "Best of Category", not bad for a little"upstart" page like this.  There were some problems with thevoting but all in all we done very well.  The main thing is that morepeople are aware of this great ship and her Crew.  

PLEASE see the survey Page and enter your division duties.

More to come in 2000....


We WON,thanks for all your votes.  That was the primary round, now we are in theBEST of GROUP round and the voting is from 12/15/99 to 12/22/99, CANWE DO IT AGAIN?.  Then on 12/25/99 through1/1/2000,  it is the finals, TOP GUN ON THE NET, the competition will bestiff there. Lets do itagain........!!!!!

 Category (Navy)

TopGun on the Net 2000, Gold Category Winner


Charles Serr's daughter sent another great picture, Iwill be creating a new Album for their contributions to the site, ThanksCarol.  I  received  mail today from a Gentleman named KenSingmaster, his grandmother Elizabeth Kolb christened the USS Pennsylvania andhe has a huge album of memorabilia that he has graciously offered to me to lookat and record.  I am really excited about this, look for it in Feb orMarch.  For those that have asked me about a book about the Pennsy, well Ihave great news,  the  second edition of the USS Pennsylvania book, isnow available to Pennsy Web supporters on the product page. There is a limitedavailability of this item, so if you are interested please let me know and Iwill reserve your copy.  The "Lost andFound" page is a new addition and we have our first entry.  Thereare several new entries to the Memorial page and I encourage anyone who wants toadd something to an existing entry or add a new entry to contact me and I willdo it as soon as possible.  There is also a new  SurveyPage and you may want to stop by and express your opinion there, Iwill  forewarn you that this page does not reside on my server and issometimes flaky, let me know if you have problems with it and I will look foranother site to do this kind of thing.  Do you have any suggestions for aquestion or topic?  Ok, one more thing, I mentioned it in the news letter,The site has been nominated (probably by one of you) for "Top Gun" inthe Navy category, as of this date there are about 380 votes for the site and weare in the lead.  This is the primary round, if we win this we will go tothe semi-finals and then the finals.  The voting ends for this round on the12th and then starts again a week or so later, I will let you know.  Thanksfor your support here, and I hope we make the finals.  I know I said"one more thing" but I just remembered that I am looking for a namethe Newsletter and I want it to come from all of you, we will vote on it when Iget a few suggestions and the winner will receive "Something Nice"(trust me on this one) and we will have a great newsletter.  Inaddition, I am looking for some help with it, any takers?



Boy have I got a picture for you, Charles Serr and his daughter Carolsubmitted a really great picture, a "must see" ,  Click HERE. Thank you Charles and Carol !!!!!!!!!!


Hope everyonehad a great Thanksgiving, we did.  I want to thank all those who sent cardsand emails.  I have put some new photos on the site.  I have linkedthem to their appropriate spot in the History document.  They can also beseen on the new page "What's Here?", hopefully it will make it easier to look around.  I am open for suggestionson making changes to the site.   Talked with Charles Serr today abouta story that came to me from Ernie Pina.  He was telling me that there is apicture of Shirley Temple being "piped" aboard the Pennsy in 1940 inthis months "Military" magazine and it was submitted by Charles. I asked him if he would mind sending me a copy and he graciously said hewould.  He called me back a few hours later and said that his daughter wasthere and that she would take care of it.  So, be looking for this in a fewdays.  The history project is going great, I have received 10 completedforms, they are all excellent...thank you everyone.  If you  wouldlike to fill out the form you can do it online by clicking HERE,the project is due in February.  One more thing folks, Ernie Pina is theWebmaster of the Kenneth D. Bailey website. He has given me several great links related to Major Bailey (CongressionalMedal of Honor Recipient and USS PennsylvaniaMarine) and I will be putting them on the site soon, until then if you wouldlike them please email me. 


 I am looking for Jim and Kay Harriott email address, I just realizedthat I don't have it anymore, another lost in the shuffle thing.  Thingsare going pretty good with the site, there will be lots of stuff coming verysoon.  If you have things that you would like to see on the site you needto get with me so that I can do the prep work for it.  As you have probablyseen there is a couple of new pages, the first is the Memorial page and thesecond is a special request page and a Grant's Scrape book page.  If youhave a name that needs to get on the Memorial  page please let meknow.  If you stop by the Special Request page, would you take a minute tofill out the form for the history project and be sure to see Grant's album, over100 pictures from 1934 to 1938, he is a Prince and a great guy, thanksGrant..........more to come


Please checkout the new page, Grant's Album


Added a newpage, USS Pennsylvania Memorial Page, feel free to email if you would like me toadd names.


Added the October '99 letter from the chairmanand it sadly includes many crew members that have pass away, my heart goes outto their families and friends.  They will always be at the right hand ofGod and forever in our memories, may God Bless them all..........America'sGreatest.  Late Item, my father just called meand told me that Sam Sandell has passed away.   


Sorry for thelack of info here folks but things have been busy.  Again I would like tothank all the people that have purchased Pennsy Products for their support,without you this site would not be possible.   OK, what's new...?, Ihave added more pictures to the reunion page and I need some help with identifyingeveryone.  Feel free to email me if you can help.  Also, I was sent agreat story by a Dr. Sarah Thompson, it isworth reading, there are some interesting links that I found as well.  Morepictures will be added to the reunion page in the next few days.  Comingsoon, complete listing of the Battle History of the USS Pennsylvania as depictedin the Cruise book, including division pictures.  Later in 2000 I will havea complete crewmen's listing from that book.



Just returned from the Western Reunion and it was great!!!!.  I willhave the photos and info about the three day event in a few days.  I metsome of the people that I have been emailing and made some great friends. A special thanks to Bud and Marky for all their hard work in putting thistogether again..,  More later...


Well we doneit, The History of the USS Pennsylvania has found it's place in CyberSpace.  Thanks to all who made this possible.  I look forward to your continuedsupport and working with all of you to post all the info that you have sent meand continue to make this site a tribute to America's Greatest Generation. 


It is a done deal folks, usspennsylvania.orgis a reality.  I want to thank the people who have ordered hats, shirts andSweat shirts for their support.  A special thanks to Bill King, BernardWooley, Dick & Betty Mingus, Phillip Middleton, Michael Higgins, Ed Spilmanand Charles Jackson.  With the continued support of all of you this will bea great addition to the story of  "America's GreatestGeneration".  Hopefully the site will be moved in a month. Coming soon....art work by Mark Churms


Added newphotos of shirts and hats.  Thanks to all who have responded to my firstset of emails, your orders are on the way or in the works.  Click on theHat to see the new photos.


Added the picture
Folks, a friend of mine showed me this site a week ago and the great dealthey are giving right now, I ordered it and it is exactly as they say it is,Click  Here to seethis deal.  Also, the Hats are being made as of today and will be availablein the next week.  All proceeds go to moving the site to it's own domain (usspennsylvania.org)and the monthly  fees charged by the provider..., this includes the setupand maintenance of an E account in the future.   The Hats willbe in the $20 range and a picture of them will be posted on the page when theyarrive.  They are Navy Blue, with the words "USS Pennsylvania"arched across the top and "BB-38" under the arch, a picture of thePennsy (in gray) under that. There are 8 gold Stars below the Ship.  Thelettering will be Gold .  Your name can be put on the back of the hat for asmall additional charge.  There will be Shirts and anything else that youwould like a same logo on. They are embroidered and very nice. Gold on Navy Bluewith a gray ship.  If you are interested click hereto send me some email, more details later.....Thanks  



Today I received a wonderful surprise from Mr. Ed Spilman, it is a paintingof the U.S.S. Pennsylvania going under the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937, it isBeautiful and it will hang in my office where I can admire it everyday. Thanks you so much Ed,  your  kindness is overwhelming. 


Reunion Information is updated.


Western Reunion 1999 Info is posted, there willbe more detailed items in the next few days.


Ed Spilman "In his Own words" is worth reading andthere are some new photos sent by Mike Riggins (user page), please take a minute and lookat them, we need to find out what they are.  Also a great poem sent by Mike Rigginsas well, click here.


OK, some great news from Ed Spilman, he has sent some great pictures, check themout.  A special thanks to Tom Conklin,
he has a friend who has done some digging and has found William Bonneau, he passed away in1988.., many thanks Tom.


A couple of items I need to get out of the way, would John T. McShan please send me email,the address in the guest book is incorrect.  I am back working on the Crew databaseand it will be on the site soon, if you have any comments or questions
feel free to write me .  No personal info will bedisclosed, just names. 


Check out the "E-MAIL CALL"page, there is some answers to the question from Bill King and some interesting tidbits.Clifford Holley who was a signalman aboard the Pennsy remembers what happen.  Way togo Cliff, thanks.


OK, I know...What's up with the site?  Well I have ran out of web space again andit took a while to get things
back together, sorry for the delay.  Some new pages on the user page, check out Arnold Strang's story.  Also received
some great mail from John Curry and Charles Jackson and I am looking forward to hearingmore from them.  I would like to
thank William King for the date correction.  There will be more new stuff posted inthe next week so keep checking
back.  William King asked a question about the Pennsy being shelled off of WakeIsland, does anyone remember
if the Pennsy was hit?


There is new postings on the user page as explained on the 6/9/99post.  But more importantly, I just received
a email from Tom Murtagh and it is worth seeing, thanks Tom.  There are those whosometimes feel that
the younger generation may be unaware of the tremendous sacrifices that "America'sGreatest Generation" made
during these times, you my friend, have rekindled their faith, that those who gave so muchmust and will never
be forgotton, the torch will be pasted to you someday.  Read hisemail


Received several things in the mail this week and some greatemail.  First, I will be posting Bill Lindsey's
letters as soon as I can retype them, thanks Bill.  Second, I received a great storyfrom a
Pennsy Crewman that dovetails into the Richard Pryor story, thanks to Jim Harriott and his
father-in-law Arnold Strang (BB-38), check backand it will be posted this weekend. And last,
but certainly not the least, I received Pictures of the Pennsylvania's Ship's Bell fromTom Murtagh at Penn
State.  He is inquiring about the damage to the Bell and if any of the readers knowsthe story,
Thanks Tom and to all who have made this page possible. 
Ken Munro


With the Memorial Day holiday here again, I would like to thank allof those who gave so much
for this great country that we live in. Without their sacrifices and  commitment toFreedom,
this world would be a very different place.  To those that have served in W.W.II andto the
relatives of these brave men and women, I and our nation thank you.  For those whogave their lives,
your sacrifice will be remembered, God Bless you.
As Tom Brokaw has said in his new book,  this is "America's GreatestGeneration".

Ken Munro


I   received a great picture from Tom Godwin again and once again I thank you Tom. Besure to check out this very nice addition to the Pennsy site on the User Page.

To Fred Lipsey, I hope your Mom is doing well and makes a speedyrecovery...


I finally got my Dad  hooked up on the net, I built him acomputer and took it over to his house yesterday and set it up, he is ONLINE !!!!!. Still in the learning stage that we all have went through but it's a start, Drop him aline ...

Kenneth A. Munro ("A"Division & MAA)


Congratulations to Margaret & Mike Riojas on their NewArrival, Mason Michael Riojas,  Margaret's uncle was

Franklin Johnson who waskilled in action Aboard the Pennsy


There are some new photos at the User page from  TomGodwin and links to the Medal of Honor text of K D  Bailey.