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These are just some of the photos on the site, see the Reader Contributions Page.

bb38_1.jpg (60106 bytes)

BB-38_Pennsylvania14_1.jpg (59957 bytes) BB-38_Pennsylvania2.jpg (48701 bytes) bb38_2.jpg (75250 bytes)
Aug 13, Salvage ops Leyte Drydock Aug 13 Salvage
aug12casualities.JPG (126217 bytes) pennsybroadside2.JPG (36204 bytes)
Causalities Aug 12 Lookin' for Trouble 1941 Crew Sick Bay ???
Atomic Bomb - Bikini Atomic Bomb - Bikini Pennsy Scuttled Going Down
crew1.gif (200134 bytes) bb38tn.jpg (133360 bytes)
R Division Kenneth D. Bailey S Division The grand old Lady
2_17_1911_pennsy1.jpg (53002 bytes) curtiss_bi_plane.jpg (77327 bytes) crew22.jpg (36122 bytes) BB-38_Pennsylvania5.jpg (12087 bytes)
Naval History First plane landing R division Going ashore
pennsyAirial.JPG (53825 bytes) 14inchprojectiles.JPG (73926 bytes)
Pennsy Bell Johnny Carson  Orote Peninsula, 7/21/44 14" 
ShirleyTemple.JPG (64208 bytes) BB-38_Pennsylvania,1944.gif (141042 bytes) pennscanal1924.jpg (80823 bytes) 14inchguns.JPG (137429 bytes)
Shirley Temple being "Piped"
 aboard the Pennsy, 1940
Sent by Charles Serr 
and his daughter Carol.
USS Pennsylvania, BB-38, 
USS Colorado, BB-45
USS Louisville, CA-28
USS Portland, CA-33
USS Columbia, CL-56
See Details
Panama Canal
 (2)14" Gun Batteries
 and Crews
bigguns.JPG (42468 bytes) R div crew.jpg (93470 bytes) R div crewBK.jpg (198785 bytes) cruiser Pennsy.jpg (18068 bytes)
Pennsylvania Big Guns "R" Division, 
by Don Richards
"R" Division, 
by Don Richards
Cruiser Pennsy
torpedoDamage.JPG (261745 bytes) early Pennsy.JPG (49025 bytes) SD Pennsy.JPG (81743 bytes) pennPanama.jpg (29833 bytes)
Torpedo Damage Early Pennsy Pennsy at San Diego Panama
ElizabethKolb&company.JPG (81453 bytes) Gov&Elizabeth.JPG (97936 bytes) GovBrumbaugh&Elizabeth.JPG (81400 bytes) honoredguests&Elizabeth.JPG (97300 bytes)
Elizabeth Kolb 
& Maids of Honor
Singmaster Family
Gov. Stewart of Virginia
& Elizabeth Kolb
Singmaster Family
Gov. Brumbaugh &
Elizabeth Kolb
Singmaster Family
Singmaster Family
19admiralsWEB.JPG (57461 bytes) champagne&Elizabeth.JPG (109046 bytes) laucharea.JPG (47834 bytes)
19 Admirals on 
board the Pennsy
Christening Pennsylvania
Singmaster Family
Launch Area
Singmaster Family

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